Nostalgic Erotica – Part 2

I had a beautiful dream, one of many where I was making love with my husband during our younger days. This one was where I dreamed about us having some incredible sex in early 1987. I could feel it so vividly, the tingles, the orgasms, everything. As I dreamed about us cuddling in the afterglow, I woke up, feeling my husband embrace me from behind, his slightly sweaty body pressed up against mine.

I saw the bright view of town through the curtain gaps, before feeling my husband’s hand cup my breast. I turned around to embrace him, and he kissed me so tenderly.

He went hard immediately, kissing me everywhere including, of course, my breasts, intermittently bringing his tongue out to gently play with my nipples, which gave me the orgasmic tingles. I caressed his back as I wrapped my arms around him, his kisses making me wet.

He climbed over me, entered his hard cock into my soaking wet ladyplace and started by thrusting gently at first. We shared passionate French kisses, enjoying and savoring the sweetness of the kisses. My husband took a moment to view my body, while I massaged his lower back, and caressed his manly arms.

My husband kissed my neck, causing me to have the tingles again! I felt like making love again, I wanted to have him inside of me again. He rolled on me and I spread my legs, ready for his man-part to re-polish itself in my wet ladyplace.

My darling husband kissed me so tenderly while he thrust inside me. He cupped my face and stroked my hair behind my ear while kissing me. He caressed my breast while kissing my cheek, and I got slight tingles from that as I rubbed his back, and of course, his shoulders before I squeezed his sexy biceps. We’ve developed quite a few “classic” erotic penchants over the years!

Our arms were wrapped around each other right as he thrust deep, and I watched his butt flex while feeling the throbbing pleasure in my ladyplace. A huge orgasmic rush swept through me, and I moaned softly while clutching my sweet husband, as he too, climaxed and made jerking movements inside of me while moaning pleasurably.

When we came down, we took a moment to hold each other tight before my husband rolled off me. We snuggled as I lay my head on his shoulder, and rested my arm across his sexy body. He caressed my arm and kissed me, stroking my hair with his other hand, making me feel special and cherished. We fell asleep again for a few more hours before waking up to another beautiful, God-given day.

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10 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    Hot story Mrs Harper, I love how you described how your husband's hard cock entered your wet pussy, it made my mind wonder and my cock hard and hungry for my wife, nothing better than a horny wet pussy ? Thank you for sharing and God bless you !

  2. Eroticcouple says:

    Mmmm…very erotic & very inspirational. Time for me to send my wife a sext at work, so her pussy is ready for my now hard cock – thanks to your story. I will serve my wife some delicate, passionate love making tonight.

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! May I ask you something? After your story Bending over in the Bathroom took place (hot story by thew yaw) did something special after she came back from work? God bless you too

  4. OneCouple says:

    Sure, ask anytime Mrs Harper, nothing happened after work that night, however, I wanted to repay the favor and gave her a special treat a couple of days later. I had a few candles burning in our bedroom and gave her a nice back massage with some oil, I then turned her around and also massaged her big beautiful tits, I sucked on her nipples and used some of her favorite warming lubrication to rub her hard clit, her pussy got soaking wet and she managed 2 powerful orgasms. Thank you for asking and thanks again for sharing this HOT story, it inspired a daytime sex appointment for my wife and I later today, my cock is already rock hard thinking about it, I'm stroking and edging, exited and getting ready for later ! Blessings !

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple you go get her! I hope you have a great time. Any chance you're going to be posting that as a story? Because that was HOT! We love massages too, and my hubby also loves my breasts. I tell u that was like reading about us! You gotta tell me about the sex you have with ur wife later today. Btw, please excuse the typos. God bless you two

  6. OneCouple says:

    Hi Mrs Harper, it happened yesterday afternoon, a midday sex session, it was awesome ! We had a long slow fuck, my wife was on her back with her legs spread wide apart, I grabbed her ankles while she stroked her own pussy, she got very wet and came hard. I enjoyed watching my cock go in and out of her hole until I was almost over the edge, she asked me how I wanted to cum, I asked her to suck my balls and stroke my hard cock at the same time, let me just say I had an unbelievable powerful orgasm, cum shot out of my cockhead, flying all over the place ! We were both satisfied and just cuddled lovingly for a while, I LOVE hot marriage sex with my wife, such a blessing !! Thanks for asking, wishing you lots of erotic sex this weekend ? God bless.

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Wow, thank you for sharing that was HOT stuff! And i love hot marriage sex with my husband, also a blessing 😀 Thank you, I'm sure there will be, although we don't usually have sex on Saturday nights because we have to get up for church fairly early in the morning. But on Sunday night it gets busy between the sheets!

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