Pre-Wedding Pastoral Pleasure

The wedding was to start in 45 minutes. I was officiating. And yet here I was, dragged in a private room with a woman bent over in front of me, suit pants around my ankles, plunging her pussy from behind with a pre-wedding orgasmic celebration.

As a pastor, I’ve had the pleasure of officiating about 40 weddings. Most are at the church, but the one on this day was at a wedding venue in the wine country of California. My wife traveled with me, and as we drove the 45 minutes to the ceremony, she sat in the passenger seat alternating between reading Marriage Heat stories and playfully stroking her pussy with her fingers. She was needy and wanting a cock to fill her. She loves to touch herself as I watch. She put her feet up on the dash, lifted up her skirt and continued her circular movements over her clitoris. This woman drives me wild. But there was nothing I could do as I drove onward to the wedding.

Arriving at the venue, we went our separate ways. I went to visit with the groom and make last minute preparations. She went to explore the grounds and wait for the ceremony. As I walked away from her I playfully texted her, “I need you to come fuck me now!” But with the wedding starting in about 1 hour it seemed that I would have to wait and indulge in my pussy later.

As I visited with the groom and groomsmen, my phone received 3 rapid texts from my wife.
“I found a family bathroom.”
“Come and fuck me.”
“I NEED YOU more than they do.”

My cock bulged precariously in my suit pants. Was this happening? Should I go tend to this woman’s needs? Usually, my wife and I have hot sex after weddings to celebrate the newly married couple. But never had I had the opportunity to plunge deep in her folds before a wedding ceremony. It had to be done!

Casually taking my leave, I walked to the other facility and after searching the building I caught a glimpse of my wife, with a burning passion in her eyes. All of her excitable Irish was coming out in sexual foreplay. Taking my hand she led me to our ‘bridal chamber’ where she wanted to be fucked.

Locking the door, she slid her panties off, unzipped my suit pants which dropped to the floor and raised her skirt up. Turning her ass towards me, she faced the mirror where we could each gaze into the eyes of pleasure. Her pussy was wet with juices. My cock was throbbing with anticipation. She bent over, reached around her and stuffed my dick deep into her pussy. We gasped with pleasure. The ceremony was starting in 45 minutes and here I was screwing the hottest woman at the party. I pounded as she moaned. My pelvis was smashing into her backside with rapid movement. The sound was pure sex. I grabbed her hip with one hand to draw her forcefully toward me. With my other hand, I reached around and grabbed her magnificent tits. The pleasure rose quickly as the cum had been building through the entire car ride. “It’s coming. I’m cumming,” I moaned in pleasure. She responded, “Give it to me, Pastor. Give it to me.” With one final assault of her pussy, I unleashed a load deep inside of her. I convulsed with repeated ejaculations. She received it was glorious perfection. Her orgasm would wait until later. For now, all she wanted was to give the pastor a good screw before the ceremony.

Cleaning up the mess, we went back to our wedding duties. I performed the ceremony of two young virgins who would eventually discover the pleasures of sex. And my wife sat innocently in the back row with cum leaking out of her, making her panties soaked with pastoral pleasure.

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10 replies
  1. Old Lover says:

    What a picture of matrimonial bliss! At the next sacred Christ-centered marriage ceremony my thoughts will be on the virgin couple experiencing a build up of holy, marriage heat. There they will stand before a pastor that just took his wife in holy marriage heat. A perfect God ordained and honoring picture!

  2. Eroticcouple says:

    Wow – I loved this story – I loved the raw heat & intensity of needing each other. Reminds me of a walk in the woods with my Mrs. – I'll need to write about that one.

  3. Silk Lovin Man says:

    Loved your smoking hot depiction of pre-marital (married) sex!!! My wife and I have a similar memory that maybe ill share later. But for now ill share a similar "sex after text" tale that I shared on an older post. Sorry if it's a rerun for some:
    My wife once sent me a text while I was in a meeting. "Hurry home. I'm waiting for you. In bed!" You better believe I moved that meeting right along! Walked in and she was lying on the bed wearing a favorite of mine, a beautiful silky white Erika Taylor lace-trimmed chemise! She had it pulled up to her waist and fingering herself! But before I could start anything she said let's get into the hot tub! (We often start our silky sex sessions with some naked time together in the hot tub.) But tonight it was just me naked. She kept the silky white goddess-maker on! Of course when wet, it was totally see through and very clingy. I loved it! She made me sit over on my side of the tub and just watch as she played with her erect nipples through the sheer fabric and fingered her pussy in a brazen cock-tease show just for me. Finally I stood up, the water dripping from my rock hard cock as she motioned for me to come closer. She began licking and sucking my erect penis till I couldn't take any more! We got out, stripped off her wet see-through night gown and tumbled into the bed still wet. She straddled my face on her knees and continued the blow job she had begun in the tub while I went to town with my mouth on her hot wet cunt. Good sex!

  4. professor dude says:

    This is a great story! Married sex is underrated. People always say that when you get married you have less sex. Love this site for it's encouraging stories.

  5. HV450 says:

    We were once the two young virgins standing before the alter just wanting to be alone naked.
    When we go to a wedding now we always know we are going to have hot sex as soon as we can and all the couples around us will too!

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