The Dark Shower

The alarm goes off at 6:00. Neither of us jumps out of the bed quickly. Instead, you roll over and snuggle your body up next to mine, lean in and whisper in my ear, “come join me in the shower.” I feel you move out of bed and with the light of the city shining through the window and my sleepy eyes I can see your naked body walking to the bathroom. My eyes focus on your tits as they gently sway back and forth with every stride. I feel my cock begin to stiffen.

You turn the bathroom light on leaving the door slightly ajar. I hear the water turn on, the shower engaged and the curtain pulled. I give you just a moment in there to wash before I slide out of bed and head that way. My cock is already feeling heavy hanging from my body as my mind is filled with the image of your tits and specifically those wonderful nipples. You hear me come into the bathroom as I close the door. You slide the curtain slightly back and beckon me in to join you. I reach over and turn the lights off and the bathroom is plunged into complete darkness. I use my hands to make my way to the shower and step in to join you.

Even with my eyes wide open, I can’t see a thing but I can feel your body next to mine already hot and wet from the shower water. In the darkness, my mind is working off of the mental imagery of your body that has been etched in my thoughts from years of personal exploration of your flesh.

I reach out, put my hands on your hips and let them slowly slide up along your torso. As my hands reach your breasts my thumbs catch underneath each globe and my fingers slide over the top of them. I’m careful not to touch your nipples yet instead just focusing on the soft flesh of each amazing mound. As I slowly and continually massage your tits you can feel the warm water hitting you and trailing its way down your body. Little rivulets of water are running down your flesh, between your breasts, down your stomach and meeting in the amazing crease in between your legs.

Except for the sound of the water, the shower has been quiet up until now. I hear you whisper “suck them.”  I obey without question. I use my hands to slightly lift your breasts and lean my head down and take your left nipple into my mouth. My lips encircle the beautiful bud and I use my tongue to gently brush over the tip of your nipple while my hands continue to massage the fullness of your breasts.

Your right hand goes to the back of my head and presses me into you more. “Suck it harder,” you say; I obey. I start sucking your nipple deeper into my mouth and am now swirling my tongue around the entirety of your areola.  Yet I am careful not to allow my teeth to touch you yet.

“The other one now,” you whisper. I slowly pull my face back while keeping your nipple in my mouth as long as I can until it comes out with a pop. I immediately plant my lips on your other breast and begin the process over again. You bring your other hand up to the back of my head and press me even harder into you. I take my hands off of your tits and reach around and grab your ass. My lips and tongue are now in full control of your tits as my hands massage your ass cheeks. I’m alternating back and forth between each breast as you guide my head from one to another. Your breathing grows heavier and moans of pleasure start to escape your lips.

While the darkness in the room is blinding us to seeing one another it has no impact on my ability to consume your body. As my hands knead your ass and my tongue manipulates your nipples you say “Bite them!”  On your command, I suck your nipple deep into my mouth and lower my teeth around them. From your response, I can tell that the sensation quickly traveled from your nipple right down to your clit. The pleasure streams over your body like the water rushing down from your breasts to your cunt.

As I continue to suck and bite each nipple your moans turn into cries of pleasure. “Harder!” I hear you demand, and I obey. I take my teeth and grind them onto your hard nipple. I clamp onto it and pull them forward and lick the tip with my tongue. Your body is almost shaking with pleasure. Your pussy wants to cum, to overflow in orgasmic bliss. Your hands slide off of my head one hand grabs a hold of the breast that isn’t being devoured by me and the other makes its way quickly between your legs.

I release you from my mouth for just a moment to catch my breath. “Don’t fucking stop!” you demand. You take your hand, grab the back of my head and crush it back down onto your breast. I begin to feed on it again. I bite your nipple hard. You moan. I twist it with my tongue. You groan. I flick your nipple up and down between my teeth. You scream.

The sounds of you rubbing your pussy furiously and me sucking your tits fills the shower. You start to cum. In between your breaths of pleasure you say “suck me, bite me, feed on me.”  And I do. Neither of us is sure exactly how many times you came in the shower that morning. You just eventually collapse into me and say “no more.” The water keeps slowly running down our bodies as we spend just a moment enjoying the memory of the pleasure we shared together. You step out of the shower, turn on a light. I glance down and see that my cock looks like it is about to explode and think “now what should I do about this?”

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16 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Oh my that was HOT! It got me very wet! I love breast play stories, as they remind me of how my husband plays with them and I get the pleasurable tingles! When my husband gets home from work in a couple of hours, I'm so showing this to him! Loved this story lots, and I'm sure he'll love it too! Thank you 🙂 God bless you two lovebirds!

  2. OneCouple says:

    WOW Dan & Kat in the City, that was hot, it made me hard and wanting to jump in the shower with my sexy wife right NOW ! Thank you for sharing and I hope you write more stories, God bless you two !

  3. Dan & Kat In the City says:

    Thanks HST and OneCouple. It is good to be writing again. Thanks for the encouragement and reactions. So excited to see our sexual adventures impact others like reading other’s stories impact us.

  4. Old Lover says:

    What a beautiful breast loving encounter! My Anne loves leisure breast time that ramps up to insatiable desire for me to suckle harder and harder and drive her to an ecstatic orgasm as I give her pleasurable nipple pain. My old cock is hard as a rock as I write, and tonight my Anne will be treated to a heavenly breast suckling and hard nipple play time!

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Dan & Kat In the City you're more than welcome. Oh it's impacted me, alright! And my husband will be home very very soon, so I'm excited! Btw Kat, I was hoping to ask you something… if I may?

  6. hornyGG says:

    Dan &Kat in the city,
    This story was really hot! I love when my husband Ben loves on my tits, it drives me wild. What did you do with your erection? Did you and your wife enjoy a sensuous fuck? Or did you just jack off as you watched her slowly dry herself? Maybe she gave you a satisfying blow job? Don't tease us, horny minds must know! Lol. Anyway, God bless and stay horny always!

  7. hottyflygirl says:

    I’m with hornyGG… we need the end of this story! It was so hot… I could imagine all that being done to me… I couldn’t keep my right hand from wandering down under my panties as I read! One of our fav things is for him to use his mouth and tongue on my clit and nipples as i play with myself as well. After I’ve had an orgasm or two we both love for him to unload his hot cum onto my breasts. So sexy to see him spurt into me. I’m sorry this post is all over the place.. I can’t really think clearly after reading the last few stories on this site!

  8. Dan & Kat In the City says:

    HornyGG – thanks for the feedback so glad you enjoyed our experience. To answer your question about what I did next, after Kat dried off and headed to the kitchen to get our coffee ready, all I did was squeeze some conditioner in my hand (my favorite shower lube) and spent a moment pleasuring myself thinking back on our encounter. I had a very quick and intense orgasm and then finished my normal shower routine and joined my wife for our morning coffee.

  9. hornyGG says:

    Dan & Kat in the city,
    Thank you for your reply! That is sweet and hot. Did you tell Kat about your solo fun after she left you? I love it when Ben tells me that he jacked off thinking about me. To me it is a loving compliment. Stay horny!

  10. Dan & Kat In the City says:

    Harper, I love having my nippled bitten, but not chomped on. A little pressure with the teeth can feel magnificent. Dan has learned exactly how much pressure I like. Sometimes if things get a little heated then I like more and sometimes my nipples are so sensitive I can't take anything. Give it a try.

  11. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Thank you for your reply! Oh, and when my hubby came home, I showed him this before wen went to bed and I think you can guess what happened after… 😉 ur story inspired a STEAMY night! 😀 Thank you! God bless

  12. Happy Husband says:

    Did not have much time to act on this steamy story because my wife had to leave for her church job this morning, but she did invite me to join her in our glass shower, soap her up and shave her bare pussy to a smooth sheen. She then bent over and let me shave that hard to get spot between her pussy and puckered hole. That was a delight. She has promised to let me ravish all of her tonight. 🙂

  13. Eroticcouple says:

    Dan and Kat in the city
    I smiled when you said you grabbed the conditioner in the shower to stroke your cock. I must agree with you – that is exactly what I do when I need to masturbate in the shower. Nothing feels better then your hand stroking your hard cock with that creamy conditioner all over your cock and personally it makes easing a finger in my ass so easy as I stroke and shoot cum all over the shower wall

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