Entries by Dan & Kat In the City

In Summer Heat

It was hot! Sometimes the city heat can be overwhelming and inescapable. This was one of those nights. We had the windows open and the fan on, but the thick heat just hung in our apartment. Kat and I were sitting on the couch drinking some ice water, trying to stay cool and enjoy one […]

A Morning Stretch

Dan is a very disciplined person. Every morning he starts his day off with prayer, meditation, and yoga style stretching. He loves his routine and the focus he has to start each day. This morning was no different. I was lying in bed on the computer catching up on some emails and browsing around. As […]

Apartment Guests

Kat and I live in NYC and we often have people visiting and staying with us in our apartment. This weekend is no exception. We used to try to not have much sexual interaction while people were here so as to not make people feel uncomfortable, but the visits are so often that it means […]

A Messy Kitchen

It’s Monday and we have the apartment to ourselves. After enjoying sleeping in for a bit, you slide out of the bed and head toward the kitchen to figure out something for breakfast. I watch as you walk out of the room wearing nothing but a snug pair of panties that have ridden up in […]

The Dark Shower

The alarm goes off at 6:00. Neither of us jumps out of the bed quickly. Instead, you roll over and snuggle your body up next to mine, lean in and whisper in my ear, “come join me in the shower.” I feel you move out of bed and with the light of the city shining through […]

Morning Shower Surprise

Kat and I usually run on different shower schedules. She likes to shower at night and for me there is nothing better than starting your day off with nice hot shower. This works out great because it gives each of us access to the bathroom by ourselves. We usually let the other person have their personal […]

Home is Where the Hard on Is (L)

I hate being away from Kat, but I absolutely love coming home to her. We find ways to stay sexually connected to each other when we are apart. But the best part of being away is the welcome home sex! This past Friday, I got home from a 4 day trip and was looking forward to […]

2am Wake Up Call

I was sleeping pretty well last night until Kat woke me up at 2 am by climbing on top of me and demanding sex. My wife is usually a pretty sound sleeper and doesn’t like to be woken up. But for whatever reason that night she woke up all hot and bothered. She told me later […]

Sex Three Ways (Part 3) (L)

Is there any better sight than looking down on the bed and seeing your wife lying there naked and fully satisfied. I love the glow on her face, the steady rise and fall of her chest, and the slight sheen of sweat on her body that tells me just how much her body has been […]

Sex Three Ways (Part 2) (L)

So that you know, my wife Kat is not usually the aggressive type. Although she thoroughly enjoys sex and the pleasures surrounding it, it is not often that she lets that ‘animal instinct’ take over. She doesn’t often allow herself to be consumed by the idea of needing sex at that very moment no matter […]

Sex Three Ways (Part 1)

More times than not when Kat and I have sex we have to keep the noise level a little under control. With teenage kids in the house and recently with relatives visiting, loud, screaming sex might create some interesting topics of conversation. However, when we do have the place to ourselves, we like to make a lot […]