In Summer Heat

It was hot! Sometimes the city heat can be overwhelming and inescapable. This was one of those nights. We had the windows open and the fan on, but the thick heat just hung in our apartment. Kat and I were sitting on the couch drinking some ice water, trying to stay cool and enjoy one of our favorite shows before bed. We had on very little clothes and as much as we enjoy touching each other, we were doing our best to keep our distance as to not share any body heat. While I was into the show, I could tell that Kat was getting more and more uncomfortable in the heat. She finally said, “I’m just going to bed and see if I can sleep through this heat!” She got up and headed toward our room. I stayed in the living room and switched shows to something that we don’t watch together.

After about an hour I headed to join Kat in bed. As I walked in I was greeted with a beautiful site. I could see that she had shed all of her clothes before getting into bed and while she usually enjoys being covered by at least a sheet, the heat of this night had made her forgo any covers and was simply laying naked on the bed. She was on her back, head slightly tilted, and one leg slid up with her foot against her opposite knee giving me a nice full view of her pussy. I could see her breasts rising and falling with her rhythmic breathing and a slight glean of sweat covered her body as it was illuminated by the moonlight coming through our apartment window.

I’m not sure how long I stood there admiring her beautiful form but it was long enough for me to shed my clothes and find myself stationed at the foot of the bed staring longingly at my wife. I allowed my eyes to slowly scan every inch of her exposed flesh and it began to fuel my unbridled lust and desire for the sexual pleasures we only experience with each another. I thought about what it would feel like to slowly slide my hands up her legs or to slide a finger inside of her while my tongue laps at her clit. I began to image my lips sucking her nipples into my mouth while my teeth lightly bit them. I could see my hands sliding over the sweaty flesh of her breasts as I massaged them and squeezed them together. I thought about what it would be like to walk up next to her, slide my now stiffening cock in between her beautiful, pouty lips and fuck her mouth until I came. My mind was filled with fantasies of what I could do and what I have done to this amazing, beautiful, sexual body lying in front of me.

The heat of the night and the desire of my flesh literally had me dripping in sweat. I could feel it running down my back and chest. I was breathing heavily and my crotch felt like it was on fire with all the blood streaming to fuel my raging hard cock. I continued to stare at my wife and play multiple fantasies in my head as I reached down and began to stroke myself. My quiet moans and the sound of my hand stroking my sweat soaked dick did enough to rouse Kat from her sleep. She slowly turned her head, looked down to where I was standing and quietly asked, “What are you doing?”

I didn’t answer. It was obvious what I was doing. I just continued to stare at her in the moon light darkness and slowly stroke my cock. Kat slowly slid up in the bed resting her head on a few pillows giving herself a better view of what I was doing. For the next few minutes, she just watched me as I watched her. Then the heat overtook her as well.

She slowly slid her legs up and spread them wide, placed both hands on her breasts and slowly began to squeeze them together. I could see the sweat running down her beautiful torso, her whole body was glistening. Kat then took one hand and let it slide down her stomach to her pussy. She cupped her entire pussy in her hand and slowly began to rub up and down, placing just the right amount of pressure that she likes. I’m keeping a slow and steady pace on my cock, she is pinching a nipple and beginning to slide fingers inside of her soaking wet cunt.

Without warning she slides down, arching herself off the bed supporting herself with just her feet and shoulders pressed against the mattress. Her pussy is now almost eye level and I have a front row seat to see her fingers plunging in and out of her wetness. My dick is HARD. I want to cum, but right then I wanted to bury my face in between her legs splayed out in front of me. I step toward her, place my hands on the top of her knees and before I can make any further moves she screams, “Don’t fucking touch me. It’s too damn hot. Keep your hands to yourself!” I do as commanded, stepping back and stroking my cock again, but this time with more force and more purpose. Kat is in a zone, her legs start to quiver, her stomach muscles tighten and I can hear from her moaning that she is moving toward orgasm.

The view, the sounds, the heat push me over the edge. I cum standing at the foot of the bed. I never take my eyes off of Kat and as I’m cumming I tell her, “Cum for me, fucking cum for me now!” She picks up the pace, moves her other hand from her breasts to her clit and within seconds her body begins to convulse with the pleasure of her orgasm tearing through every fiber of her body. She collapses back to the bed, I fall down beside her. Both of us are close to the point of experiencing heat exhaustion. Our labored breathing fills the room as we both lie there in our sweaty, sticky and sexually exhausted state.

As I drift off to sleep I think, “This must be what it means to be in heat!”

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10 replies
  1. Eroticcouple says:

    Fantastic, erotic, cock hardened story. My wife and I also enjoy adding mutual masturbation to our love life. Some nights it's just the perfect remedy for a good release from a stressful day. I instantly get hard watching my naked wife touch herself to orgasm. Nothing is sexier then watching the one you love masturbate just for you. – which in turns makes my cock explode forcefully all over her.

  2. OneCouple says:

    Loved your story Dan & Kat in the City, and awesome comments by Eroticcouple, couldn't agree more with you guys, my wife and I love watching each other and mutual masturbation is a big part of our sex life, God bless you all !

  3. Dean316 says:

    I don't know what was hotter. The temperature or this. Loved reading you and Kat masturbating together. Can i tell my cock got hard reading about you two touching yourselves, led to me doing the same thing so thanks! Makes me excited out having mutual masturbation sessions with my future wife. Very sexy and erotic story, Dan!

    God bless you and your wife, always be horny and fucking,


  4. hornyGG says:

    This story got me so hot and wet! I loved it! This has happened many times with me and my love. I would wake up and find my loving husband stroking his cock as he gazed upon me. He would be fresh from his shower and the unmistakable look of love and lust on his face. This really turned me on and I can't help but touch my hot cunt and finger myself. Sometimes we would fuck, other times we would just masturbate to orgasm together. Thanks for sharing and God bless. Stay horny!

  5. Sarge says:

    My wife and I so loved to watch each other maturbate. When I read these stories I’m reminded of her and I love to jack off while imagining her and I being the couple in the tale.

  6. drew t says:

    Nyceteris-such a great way to wake up! Just the other morning in fact, my wife was still asleep and I didn't want to wake her, but my cock was so hard thinking about what we had done the night before. I pulled my shorts down and started stroking my cock under the covers. I reached over to my nightstand and pulled out some lube, squirted it in my hand and went back to thinking of my wife's pussy juices still all over my cock from the night before. I moved my hand to my face and I could still smell her sweet scent. I stroked it very slowly because I didn't want to come too fast. With my eyes closed and thinking about Sally bouncing up and down the previous night, I heard her say "whatcha doin' over there?" with a smile. I looked over and smiled and told her how I was thinking about last night.

    "Don't stop-I want to watch you stroke your hard cock," she said. She pulled down the covers so she could watch me. I could tell she was getting excited. Our eyes locked as I continued. As I neared orgasm she motioned for me to come closer, sticking out her tongue and opening her mouth. I sat up on my knees right next to her, and told her I was about to come hard. Stream after stream of hot of come shot out on her face, her tongue and in her mouth as she licked her lips.

    "Your turn," I told her as I kissed her sticky face. I licked her cheek, her lips, and kissed her deeply tasting my own come on her. I slowly inched down, kissing her breasts, biting her nipples and eventually down between her legs. I licked her clit, and her pussy lips. I moved her legs further apart and licked the very bottom of her pussy. "Lower," she whispered. I knew exactly what she meant. I pulled her hips up and moved my hands under her and slowly licked around her tight asshole. I looked up at my come covered wife and saw her reach for her vibrator next to the bed. She pulled it out and went to work on her clit as I continued licking her butthole.
    "I'm going to come so hard baby. Oh yeah, oh yeah," she moaned.
    She bucked hard into my tongue before pulling her magic wand away from her clit. I saw her body quiver, her fists clench and her legs tighten around my head. I pulled back away with now her come all over my face and chin.
    "Good morning," I said, and we both smiled.

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