Our Weekend: Part 1

EDITORS NOTE:  MH contributor, Mrs. Rose, and her husband are both serving in the military and currently live apart while they are working.  They are able to get together and reconnect as a married couple as often as they can.  We felt that this may need clarifying in this submission.


I told you before you picked me up from the bus station that I already knew that I was going to almost constantly want sex the whole weekend. I also told you that although I would want really want sex in the moment, that the thing I missed most when we were apart was the day to day moments. Because of this, I told you to not give in to my advances during the day. I wanted to have time for other things like walking Oreo, cooking, watching movies, etc. and I knew if we had sex whenever I wanted it, we wouldn’t have time for much else. I told you all of this before you picked me up, and you went along with my request.

Once we got to the house, we started trying to put the bed together. (You had just moved into a new apartment with two friends from work and began buying furniture.) Damian was helping us, and Richard was in his room. You kissed me and put your arm around me a few times, but the main focus at the moment was putting the bed frame together. We needed something that we didn’t have at the house (a screwdriver, I think) but Damian happened to have one in his barracks room. He agreed to run to the base and grab it–this left us alone for 15-20 minutes.

Almost as soon as he left, you turned on your music. Little did I know, that this was partially to drown out what was to come next, as Richard was still in his room. You gently kissed my lips. When I kissed you back, you deepened the kiss. Although I had said I didn’t want anything to happen during the day, we hadn’t seen each other in a month and I had missed making love to you as well. We also couldn’t do anything else until Damian came back, so I was completely ok with breaking our deal.

Due to the fact that we hadn’t put the bed together yet, the mattress and box spring were leaning up against the wall. I backed against the box spring, pulling you with me. With one hand holding me against the box spring, you used your free hand to push my panties and sweats down in one quick motion, before peeling off your tank top too. You began fingering me as I frantically unbuckled your jeans. Once I had them unzipped, you took them off and kicked them to the side.

You were already hard; I had been really wet since you first picked me up from the bus station. You tried to find a way to make free-standing sex work, but out height difference wouldn’t let that happen. Instead, you held me against the box spring, wrapped my right leg around your waist, guided your throbbing penis into me, and then wrapped my left leg around your waist. You thrust in and out of me, but the box spring behind me started to tip over, making us lose balance. You pushed it back up before carrying me to the wall. Balancing against the wall was easier, but it still wasn’t working out the way I had fantasized.

We decided to just take things to the floor. I laid down with my knees bent and wide open. I pulled you on top of me. We picked up where we left off. After a few minutes, we switched places. I rode you for a bit before you came inside me.

You apologized for not lasting very long but told me that it was only because you’re out of practice and that the weekend would be better. I didn’t mind because I just wanted anything with you, but also because we didn’t know when Damian was coming back. As you pulled out of me, I saw a string of your cum dripping off you, which really turned me on. As we started to clean up, I noticed that the blinds had been left open. You have never really been much of an exhibitionist, so I thought this was even sexier. You probably didn’t even realize that they were open. I knew if someone had seen anything, we both would have been horrified, but the fact that it was something different was so sexy.

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