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Sexiest Hike Ever

A couple of weeks ago, I sent you a list of new sexy things that I wanted to try. I also have a sex bucket list. On my bucket list is sex outside and sex in the desert. By “outside” I was thinking of a private fenced in yard or something, and by “desert” I […]

Our Weekend: Part 3

After I finish my shower, I put on a black sheer chemise that almost covers my butt, the matching black satin g-string, and the matching satin thigh length robe. After I dry my hair, and brush my teeth I open the door to the bedroom I see you laying under the blankets and the light […]

Our Weekend: Part 2

“Babe? I’m going to take a shower, and then I’m going to bed.” “I’ve got to get something from the bedroom. I’ll take my shower when you’re done.” “Are you sure that you don’t want something in the shower instead?” I smile coyly. You look at me with a confused expression for a second. When […]

Our Weekend: Part 1

EDITORS NOTE:  MH contributor, Mrs. Rose, and her husband are both serving in the military and currently live apart while they are working.  They are able to get together and reconnect as a married couple as often as they can.  We felt that this may need clarifying in this submission. —————————————————————————————————————————————– I told you before […]

Questioning Self-Image

My husband never believes me when I tell him how sexy he is, how much I love his body or anything of the sort. He is extremely camera shy and is convinced that he is ugly. I tell him all of the time how hot he is, but he thinks I’m just trying to make […]

Our Wedding Night

We walked into the hotel and dropped our things in the corner. You had been teasing me for the past week that you peeked already and saw my lingerie. (My best friend bought me two sets and mailed it to you because that was faster than her mailing it to me.) After telling me that […]