Sexiest Hike Ever

A couple of weeks ago, I sent you a list of new sexy things that I wanted to try. I also have a sex bucket list. On my bucket list is sex outside and sex in the desert. By “outside” I was thinking of a private fenced in yard or something, and by “desert” I was thinking in a tent or something of the sort. That’s not at all how this played out, but I’m so happy it happened this way!

You had been telling me for months that we were going to go hiking, and this weekend we finally went. I had not planned for this at all though, so I had to wear a pair of your basketball shorts. Once we hiked up the mountain and across the ridge, we stopped to enjoy the view. We could see the entire base. Anyone who looked up could see us. Really they would only see my pink shirt against all of the sand. Everything else we were wearing more or less blended in.

“Come here babe, sit down for a second.”  I sat next to you, and we talked for a bit. Then you suggested something I never thought I would hear from you. “Do you want to do things up here?” I looked at you, kind of shocked. “You’re always looking for some sort of adventure and you’re always thinking about sex, so I thought you might want to try it up here.” I still couldn’t believe I was hearing you correctly. “Do you want to babe? It will have to be a quickie, but…”  “Definitely! We’ll have to find somewhere so that people coming up here can’t see us.” I found a spot and backed up against a rock, pulling you against me and kissing you. I look down and could see your penis getting hard in your shorts.

You reach up the leg of my shorts and pushed my panties aside. I adjusted them to make sure they stayed to the side. At first, we tried to make this work standing, but the angles just don’t work like that for us. After some effort, we gave up and I move to half sit, half lean against another rock. You immediately slide into me.

This is absolutely the sexiest thing we have ever done. We can see everything, and there seems like the possibility of being walked upon. We would be able to hear and see people before we were found though, so we were safe.

After several minutes you came inside me. I didn’t have anything to clean up with, so I just had to walk the rest of the way to the car with cum dripping down my leg. My legs got slightly raw from that part but it was totally worth it.

Every time you hike that mountain with your unit now, I hope you see it differently!

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    • Larry1052 says:

      My wife and I have had sex on 4 different hiking trails. once we ducked into a small cave, another time there was snow on the ground so we both drop our pants just enough she braced herself against a tree and I plugged in doggy style. Hiking can have memories if you just go for it.

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