Worth the F – A Role-Play Fantasy

Most people have a ‘bucket list’ of things they would like to accomplish before they die. I’m no exception. But I also have a ‘Memories’ list of experiences that I like to revisit from time to time. These are the most erotic times I have had with my wife, my Top Five that I mentally go to when I masturbate. I’ve relived these many times while rubbing myself when I wake up in the morning or while taking a shower when my beloved and I are away from one another. I even got a hard-on as I thought of and typed each one here. They still get me off; I imagine they always will! In no particular order, they are:

The first time I touched my wife’s asshole while we were fucking at my parent’s new home.

The first time we went skinny dipping, and I held her against the jet of the pool while she got off! Or anytime we have been in a hot tub doing this same thing.

* When we were staying at a hotel in Vegas, and we had the most passionate sex in every square inch of the hotel room. (The shower was where we both came all over one another).

When she bends over and masturbates for me. There was one time she was pretending to be my personal, hired stripper for the night and she handed me a card from an adult deck of fantasies that said, “watch something together that gets you turned on.” That view is what I chose. Thinking about this even now, I have to type with one hand. 🙂 I can’t tell you how much I love looking at my wife’s ass and watching her losing her inhibitions.

* Fucking her from behind! When I masturbate, I have a treasure trove of memories with my wife from which to pick. But when we are apart, and I am pumping my cock, the most erotic thought is of me fucking my wife doggy-style. It might sound tame compared to some of my other memories – but it is not!

I try to let my wife know that one of the hottest things about her is her sexuality. She is not reserved in the bedroom! In the words of Usher, she’s “a lady in the street but a freak in the bed.”

But what about the items still on my ‘bucket list?’ Sure, there are a few typical dirty daydreams that you might have guessed would be on there. But when it comes to the most exciting sex fantasies that we have not yet tried, you might be surprised to find out that we are starting to share those with one another.

The best thing about fantasies is that they don’t depend on our ability or willingness to ever actually carry them out. Many of them are things we never would. But we are each willing to visit “fantasy land” and, through role-playing, fulfill all the other’s wishes without judgment.  For us, marriage is the safe place to express those thoughts and desires, rather than bottle them up and let them fester. In this way, pretending functions as a safety valve for us. We can ‘experience’ anything with the one God gave us.

Below is one of my fantasies. I’ll write about my top five individually as my wife and I check each one off the list. (Hopefully, we will include some of hers in there). Here is one I think we will try soon:

[Editor’s Note: What follows is a fantasy in which the author and his wife play the roles of an unmarried couple engaging in sexual activity. MarriageHeat has, in the past, published such stories with the understanding that the material is not appropriate for or acceptable to all readers. As always, use your discretion and do not proceed if the subject matter may cause you to stumble or judge.]

Student/Professor Role Play

JILL:  “An ‘F’?” I exclaimed in a text. “Dr. Jack, how could I have gotten an ‘F’ in this class?” Text messaging isn’t the most professional way to communicate with your professor, but I wasn’t all that concerned about professionalism at this point. Besides, he and I were on friendly terms.

JACK:  “Jill, you have missed some key lectures for our Sex Ed class. That resulted in a zero on the quiz for each of those days. Would you like an opportunity to make those up?” I usually had a stricter policy than this. But for some reason, sitting in my office thinking about Jill getting frustrated was turning me on. Frustration meant passion. And Jill getting passionate was a most intoxicating prospect.

As I waited for her reply, I imagined her in one of those button-up shirts with her black bra showing through like she often wore. And how, every time she would laugh at one of my jokes, I could picture her red lipstick leaving traces on my shaft and her tongue swirling around the tip of my cock as she created the perfect mixture of her saliva and my precum. I conjured up an image of me holding her against the chalkboard and fingering her, of her throwing back that luxurious head of hair as she came. Two things happened to me as I thought about these things: my heart softened while my member stiffened. That’s why I had to give her another chance.

JILL:  “I would love to make those up.”  I would have agreed to do anything that resulted in the two of us being alone. Every time I’m around him, I am so damn horny! My pussy doesn’t get wet like that for anyone except him. I’m a good girl at school. But for some reason, seeing him in tight pants that outline his ass and cock drives me wild! I sometimes have to go straight to my room after his class to plunge a dildo into my dripping cunt, imagining it’s him. Just for some relief. Any relief.

So when his next message suggested he tutor me privately, I crumbled. My legs were already quivering at the thought of “making up” for the time I’d missed in Sex Ed.

“Can you send me some material to study?” I asked. “I want to be prepared to give you my A… I mean earn an A, this time.” Did I really just text exactly what I was feeling? Did I desire his sex so much that I had abandoned all inhibitions?

The jumping dots popped up; Dr. Jack was typing. My body reacted to this text conversation in a way it never had before. I was aching to find out what he would say next.

JACK:  “How about you earn your A with hands-on tonight? It can be your final,” I proposed. Then I added an attachment that I hoped would inspire her mental preparations.

JILL:  Apparently I wasn’t the only one dropping reservations. All of a sudden, a video attachment came through. It was a close-up shot of a man’s cock; he held it loosely and stroked. Was that Dr. Jack? The college ring on his hand sure looked familiar.

“Oh, my!” Looking around quickly, I jabbed the pause button and scurried to my room.

We texted back and forth throughout the rest of the afternoon. As I prepared for the evening’s activities, I was so turned on I couldn’t help but touch myself. My soft whimpers morphed into words like, “Oh. Yes. Fuck me harder.”

JACK:  Six hours later, I was as eager as a puppy for her to arrive. She rang the doorbell, and only seconds passed before I answered. Get a grip, Jack. I offered her a beverage, but she, too, was eager to begin her private lesson.

JILL:  Dr. Jack started his Powerpoint presentation, but that didn’t last long. Twenty minutes into it, the two of us were devouring one another. My cunt was still dripping from earlier; the crotch of my pants was damp before he ever touched me there.

JACK:  My dick hadn’t drooped for a second all afternoon. Now here she was. The attraction between us was electric. I had wanted her for so long, and I couldn’t keep my hands off of her for another moment. I pulled Jill to her feet and pushed her against the wall, sliding my hands up her arms as I lifted them over her head. My cock was flush against her sex. Dry humping while standing up had never felt hotter.

JILL:  His tongue searched for mine in a way I had never experienced before. I reacted with moans, sighs, and a body willing to serve my Doctor. It wasn’t about earning a grade. We both needed each other!

My lips left his as I started unbuttoning his shirt and kissing down his chest. Pausing to lick his nipples, I realized I had entered an erogenous zone. I could hear Jack groaning one word over and over.

JACK:  ”Fffuuccckkk…”

Jill’s lips soon ran down my stomach and on further to my crotch.

JILL:  His bulging crotch! Precum was soaking through his snug khakis, and I wanted a taste. My mouth covered the outline of his member as Jack worked on unbuttoning his pants. Without warning, his long, hard cock slapped me in the face, dripping and pulsating for more. And I loved it!

JACK:  Jill’s hands cupped my balls as I held the back of her head and guided myself into her mouth. She sucked, licked, rubbed…

JILL:  I did everything I could to make him as swollen as possible. The bigger I could get him, the more he would fill me; and the more he filled me, the more pleasure I would feel. Bobbing my head back and forth, I started lightly grazing the crack of his ass with the nails of one hand while I massaged my clit with the other.

JACK:  “Jill… you have to stop. I’m about to spray cum all over your face, but I want to fuck you.”

JILL: With that, I took one last hard suck then rose. I met his hungry lips with mine.

JACK:  “Take your pants off,” I demanded against her hot mouth. When she fumbled blindly with the button of her jeans, I dragged myself away from trying to swallow her tongue to help her. Then I knelt and started feeling my way around her vagina opening with my tongue, penetrating her and then sliding it up to tease her clit.

“Your love button is quite firm,” I announced, “and you taste amazing!”

JILL:  I knew my juices were making him even harder. He continued working my clit with his tongue while his hands explored under my shirt. They manipulated my tits, stroking, pinching, and pressing.

My nipples tingled and hardened; I was in ecstasy! A massive orgasm began to shake through my whole body.

JACK:  I cocked my head sideways and held her entire labia in my lips so I could enjoy the fruit of her spasms. As she started to cum, I grabbed her ass cheeks firmly in my hands. My fingers dug into her butt crack as I forced her harder against my face and drank the wine of her pleasure. Then, with my pants around my ankles, and her juices running down my chin, I bent her over the couch for the fuck of her life!

JILL:  My pussy was dripping with invitation as Jack placed the head of his dick against my opening. Without warning, he slid his entire shaft into me, but I took every inch. Each time he pulled out, the head of his cock stroked my g-spot. Then he’d ram himself into me again, grabbing my hips and pulling me back to meet him.

JACK:  The sight of her perfect ass bent over in front of me was so exciting.  I touched it, rubbed it, and stared at it while Jill’s screams filled my apartment.

JILL: “I’m cumming again! FUCK ME, DOCTOR!” Another wave of pleasure overtook me and I convulsed around him. When it finally subsided, I spun around and, receiving his cum-covered cock in my mouth, sucked him some more.

JACK:  But I needed, craved, to be back in her pussy. I wanted the most intimate part of our bodies to exchange juices. Lifting her off her feet, I carried her to the kitchen. There I placed her on my counter, opened her legs, and made love to her again.

JILL:  It was the kind of sex that is sweet and rough. We wanted more of one another, but there was no more to have! With his hands twisting my nipples and his cock buried deep inside me, he growled what I’d wanted to hear all night…

JACK:  “You are so fucking hot! I’m about to cum!”

JILL:  “Cum inside me! Do it, Jack!”

JACK:  At that, I coated the inside of her pussy with stream after stream of hot semen. I must have cum for a minute straight. All that foreplay throughout the day built up more cum than I had ever released at one time. I collapsed to the floor and drew her down with me. We lay there, clasping one another.

JILL: “Dr. Jack?”

JACK:  “Yeah, baby?”

JILL: “It was worth the ‘F’. I’ll take an ‘F’ from you anytime.”

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  1. John Thompson says:

    I believe it’s good to store up those precious sex memories. When I travel on business and find myself alone in a hotel room I almost invariably masturbate. But rather than thinking about other women as I masturbate I relish erotic memories of my wife. One is of the delicious hand jobs she gives – me on my back, her kneeling beside me naked, breasts swinging above me, thighs and bottom perfectly placed for my hand to explore as she expertly tugs and strokes my stiff penis. Another memory is of the first time she stripped naked for me, the morning after our wedding, and I joined her on our bed with the stiffest erection I’ve ever had, and we wrapped ourselves around each other naked and I felt all of her soft smooth body against me first time. But one more is of a pre-marital experience, cuddling fully clothed on a bed, and for the first ever time I ran my hand up her bare leg, under her skirt and felt her bottom through thin cotton panties. She’s my wife and I don’t feel any guilt when my penis strains hard over thoughts of her and I jerk my load over my favourite sexual memories.

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