Our Weekend: Part 3

After I finish my shower, I put on a black sheer chemise that almost covers my butt, the matching black satin g-string, and the matching satin thigh length robe. After I dry my hair, and brush my teeth I open the door to the bedroom I see you laying under the blankets and the light off. You look like you’re asleep, so I walk around to get in on my side. When I snuggle up to you, you notice what I’m wearing and ask to see it. You tell me to stand up and take off whatever you ask me to.

You turn on the bedside lamp next to you. I crawl to the foot of the bed and stand up. You tell me to take off the robe. I happily comply, although I take my time with it. Once I drop the robe to the floor, you can see my g-string through the material of the chemise and ask me to spin around for you. I do a little dance/spin. When I am facing you again you tell me to take off my panties. They very quickly drop to the floor. I ask if you want the chemise off, too, and tell me that you just want me now.

I kneel down with my knees straddling your chest and start to kiss you, until you tell me that you want me to go down on you first. I readily oblige–anything to make you as happy as you make me.

I take your head in between my lips; I gently suck on it, then begin to lick from the base to the tip like a lollipop. I take as much of you as I can fit into my mouth, bobbing my head up and down. I can’t fit all of you in, so I use my hand for the rest of your shaft. I move my hand and mouth up and down together. When I feel that you’re hard and slippery enough, I scoot back up to ride you.

This is something I’m still working on. I bounce my hips a few times. I’m not getting the results I want, so you put your hands on my butt to help me. That’s better. When I stop for a break, you thrust your hips up to meet me, which is SO much better. I have a list of favorite things that you do, and this is definitely on it. After a few times of this, I can feel an orgasm building.

When I come back down from the orgasm you just gave me, I ask you to scoot down farther on the bed as I move up just a bit. The result is that I’m squatting with your face directly under my dripping kitty. Because we’ve never tried this position it takes you a second to figure out what I want. You very quickly realize that I want you to eat me out, and you readily get to work. It doesn’t take long before another orgasm begins to shake its way through my body.

I lay down next to you and pull you on top of me. You hold my ankles on your shoulders, and ram your sexy rod into me. Your stomach and your balls keep slapping against me as you thrust in and out of me. I can feel my grip tightening on you.

You pull out of me yet again. You scoot backwards on the bed and lean down until your head is back in between my legs for the second time tonight. You suck on my clit, until I ask you to gently bite it. I can already feel my body tensing up. I’m holding your hand and I start squeezing it tighter and tighter. The closer I get to cumming, the tighter I squeeze your hand. I know I would never be strong enough to hurt you, but I still try unsuccessfully to loosen my death grip on your hand. You lick along my slit, before diving into me as deeply as you can with your tongue. By now my hips are bucking wildly, but I don’t want to you to stop what you’re doing because you can’t keep up with my hips. To solve this problem, I use my free hand to hold your head in place as you move with me. As I feel my heart rate returning to normal, I also feel my cum oozing out of me and down my butt crack to pool underneath me. I reach down and briefly put my finger inside me so I can taste me. (You’ve kissed me several times after eating me out, but I wanted to know exactly what you tasted.) I was surprised to find that I didn’t seem to have much of a specific taste–a bit salty, but not too strong.

You hold my ankles by your shoulders again (this is our go-to position) and pump yourself in and out of me several times, giving every last bit of energy you’ve got left. Within minutes, you explode inside me. You lean down and kiss me as you tell me how much you love me.

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4 replies
  1. Obelix says:

    Sweet story Mrs. Rose, loved the way you devoted time to please your husband. Loved the part he ate you out till you came and especially how you got to get a taste of your juices. More stories please. God bless and merry Christmas to you both 😊

  2. Tulsa says:

    That's hot!
    I love it when my wife gets a taste of herself….an after oral kiss…a lick of a finger or two….whatever.
    Makes sense….she is turned on when I get a taste of myself too!


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