Cabin Quickie

It was nice to get away for a holiday long weekend recently, my wife and I were both excited to have a good time, and end the summer off having some quality time with friends before getting back into the swing of things at work.

It was a 7-hour drive one way and after 5 hours on the 1st day, we decided to pull over and spend the night in a hotel as it was getting late. We grabbed some take away food and headed to our room. We were both pretty tired, had a shower and hit the sack. As usual, I woke up first the next morning. I turned around and cuddled up to the love of my life, reaching over and cupping her one breast, her breasts are so big and soft and I love touching them. We haven’t had sex for a few days so my ball sac was fully loaded and my stiff morning cock was pressing against her sexy ass cheeks. It was wonderful just to be together and sleeping in, I was appreciative of the multiple blessings from our Heavenly Father, He is so faithful! We woke up in each other’s arms after a while and got up slowly, it was awesome just to be close, we took it real easy and didn’t depart from the hotel until 11 am. The tone was set for a lovely weekend of fun.

After a short ride on day 2 we arrived at our destination, checked into a big cabin we would be sharing with another family, and the weekend was off! I spent the whole day horny but realized that it would be very difficult getting intimate time with my hot wife. However, the weekend was great, we visited, dined, danced and laughed with friends and only got to bed at 2 am the next morning. I woke up that morning, and now by day 3, I had a raging hard cock, but unfortunately, again, the opportunity did not present itself for a release. The weather was great and the day continued very much the same as the previous, but then suddenly, a quick turn of events orchestrated by my sexy horny wife took place!

We found ourselves alone in the cabin for a moment, we stepped into our bedroom and she locked the door behind her. We both knew exactly what was happening, without a word being spoken we undressed and seconds later we were both completely naked in front of each other. My cock was sticking out, semi hard and erect in front of me. My wife wasted no time at all, grabbed it firmly and started stroking me hard and fast. I wanted to cum so badly, it only took a few hard pumps and I was rock hard, full and thick with my purple cockhead pulsating with pleasure. “Let me enjoy your beautiful big breasts,” I said as I gently touched my wife’s hungry hanging breasts. I continued by sucking on her nipples, first one, then the other. There would be no time to bring my wife to orgasm, so I spun her around to enter her from behind with my pulsating cock that was in urgent need for more stimulation. She held her hands up high against the wall and stuck her sexy ass invitingly out towards me. Her big breasts perked up with her nipples hard and erect and her legs spread wide. I was overtaken by raw lust as my big engorged head slowly entered and parted her pink pussy lips, her hole was tight and juicy as my large cock slid balls deep into her vagina.

“Aawww, fuucckk, this feels sooo good baby” I moaned as my cock was getting what it so desperately needed. We stroked to a fast rhythm as my hands kneaded both her breasts, she gasped as I banged her harder and faster until she squealed in ecstacy. We both looked to our left, into the full length mirror, what an erotic view we had, watching my hands rubbing her nippels, my long rod going in and out of her, and our bodies fucking hard. “You look so hot baby,” she uttered, as I kept ramming my dripping cock into her now soaking pussy. My wife was almost completely upright, just her ass tilted out. I grabbed both her hips and fucked her with reckless animalistic abandonment, moaning and groaning as I felt my balls tightening and rising up, my cockhead throbbing, racing to an explosive and powerful cum release that I craved. “Aawww, aawww,” she moaned every time a slammed into her, “Ahhh, fuck me, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” I cried as spurt after spurt of hot sticky semen pumped deep into my wife’s pussy. My cock and her pussy were both drenched in cum, dripping down our legs as I stayed inside her clenching hole for just a while longer, then slowly withdrawing as we both still stared into the mirror in awe of our hot and hard fucking. It was all over in a short but very intense time, we cleaned the cum up off the floor, got dressed and ready for the rest of our weekend, unfortunately we never did get another chance for some private time, however, I was blessed to repay the favor by rubbing my wife’s hard clit to two powerful orgasms when we got back home again! Praise the Lord for a hot wife and some exciting quickies!


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17 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Amen! Praise Jesus! Will you tell us more about how you made your wife cum twice when you got home? You're stories are always such a treat to read. Forgive me for asking this time and time again, but… have you got more? Love you both lots, and God bless you two!

  2. OneCouple says:

    Glad you enjoyed the story Mrs Harper, I actually do have a story about when we came home and my wife enjoyed 2 awesome orgasms, she got really wet and came HARD, not sure when it will be posted. I think there are a couple coming up soon though, blessings to you two as well !

  3. OneCouple says:

    Thanks Mrs Harper, feelings are mutual regarding your stories as well, I love the fact that I can read them, and those of all the other great writers here on MH, as I think of intimate times with my wife and stroke my big hard cock ! I bring myself to the edge and wait till my wife and I can get together to connect, it leads to awesome, hot marriage fucking ! When I'm working away from home (like I am currently), MH is always a safe place to cum to, I'll do the same except masturbate until I cum all over my tummy and chest, fantasizing about my naked wife. Glad you and your husband both enjoy the stories, do you read stories together before having sex, and does it get you both turned-on, if I may ask ? God bless you two !

  4. Dean316 says:

    Good thing you could find the time for love, OneCouple. God will always gift time for love in marriage. Though it was a short fuck, it sure was sexy to read. Intrigued to hear about your wife cumming twice!

    God bless you two and always be horny,


  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Usually what happens, OneCouple is that I read the stories in the afternoon as it's afternoon here locally, when a new story gets posted before I go to pick my granddaughter up from school. Then after my husband comes home, we have dinner and all that, we then read stories, sometimes I read them alone, and sometimes I show him while I prepare myself for some lovin' (most often) or sometimes even together 🙂 later in the evening I work on our stories while my hubby rests while watching television (this is in our bedroom) but that doesn't mean don't interact, on the contrary – we talk during that time, before having some sweet, orgasmic sex! If there are questions for men on this site, I ask my husband and he's happy to answer 🙂 I write it for him. It absolutely gets us both turned on, in fact the other night, I read one of your other stories just the other night while my husband was bathing, and then he came out and dropped the towel! 😉 I'm sure you can guess what happened next! God bless!

  6. OneCouple says:

    That's sounds like an awesome routine for HOT, erotic marriage sex Mr+Mrs Harper, thank you for sharing, and may God continue to bless your marriage bed with tons of orgasms !

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Oh well, Mr Thornton still knows how to get me going! Yes, it's a great routine. We like the routine, plus it's in my nature to like routine. I pick her up, we go shopping, I make dinner, my Henry and I have sex most days. Weekends are fun too 🙂 We live a simple life, and we like it that way. Thank you so much for your wishes, and may God bless you in the same way! 😀 Btw, I was hoping to ask you something. Have you ever been into "kink" as we know it?

  8. OneCouple says:

    Mrs Harper, nothing wrong with that routine at all, we also tend to enjoy the simple stuff the older we get. I would love to try "kinky" stuff, as mentioned earlier, I will try anything, at least once anyway, without any inhibitions ! My wife will probably be more conservative and take more time to consider what she likes and dislikes – what do you (and any other of our MH members), have in mind spesifically as far as KINK is concerned, I would love to hear any suggestions that I can slowly but surely introduce to my sexy wife for some HOT sexy play if you don't mind !!! It makes me hard just thinking what me and her can do together. Thank you and God bless !

  9. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi OneCouple. I was mainly thinking about BDSM, spanking, that kind of kink. The reason I ask, (And I hope I won't make the admins mad by expressing this) is because my husband and I have had something on our minds lately. See, the things is, we were never into kink ourselves. We never understood it. We grew up in a generation were we didn't really talk about that stuff. There was no "50 Shades of Grey" back then, and my husband and I never talked about it other than to agree that we felt it was something dark and disturbing. That's how we always thought of it

    We would think "why would you want to hurt the one you love at all, let alone during an act that is so intimate, and always involves at least some degree of vulnerability regardless of whether you're newly married or have been married for decades like we have?"

    Don't get us wrong, we're not judging anyone, if that's what they like, that's fine. We don't see it as "wrong" it's just not for us, that's all. And we're read some stories on here that had kink that were actually pretty good ("Daddy needs a spanking" I liked that one) But we were really hoping that the lovely couples on here that are into it could maybe educate us more, educate us about how it works, and how can that bring pleasure? God bless you all

  10. OneCouple says:

    Mrs Harper, I fully understand where you're coming from, unfortunately I won't be of much help in the BDSM department, my wife and I have never participated in that sort of thing. However, I must admit that I would love to explore the kinky side of role playing with the dominant/submissive stuff, no bondage or spanking, but I think just playful roleplaying would be SUPER HOT ! I sure hope you or any of our other MH family could provide some ideas as far as this is concerned ? Thank you and God bless !

  11. OneCouple says:

    Funny Christian, I'm so glad you posted and enjoyed the story. You are so right, what a great feeling to release after holding back that pent up horny feeling, we actually just experienced that very situation last night ! I came back from a week long work trip yesterday, soon after I got back my hot wife showed me her freshly shaven pussy, it had very little (almost no), hair on it, it looked awesome to say the least and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.. I also shaved my cock and balls smoothly in the hotel the previous night, and while doing so edged and stroked my hard cock as I fantasized about fucking my wife when I would get home, I did not orgasmed and saved all my cum for my beautiful wife, as per her request. Needless to say, my cock haven't been so hard and full in a long time ! We both had that pent up lust and it all came out in massive orgasms as I fucked her aggresively, she couldn't keep her hands of her own pussy, I sucked her big tits and massaged her nipples and areolas until my cock wanted to explode. It wasn't long before she cried out and came hard, "oh my goodness, oh my gosh, oohhh fuucckk !!!!" I fucked her very deep and hard until a massive built-up load of cum erupted out of my throbbing cockhead – indeed, what a release and relief ! We spooned as I held her huge tits firmly in my hand and we drifted of to sleep, thankful to be together again. Thank you for sharing and bringing back the memories Funny Christian, my cock is now fully erect again and ready for round two ! God bless you !

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