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More Fun in the Tub!

“Goodbye. Love you.  Be safe.  Remember we’ll have tub time tomorrow evening,” my loving wife said, ending our phone conversation as we both went to bed, miles apart from each other. Needless to say, she always gets me hard and horny, and super excited with that kind of sexy talk. I started thinking about my […]

Solo (But Together) Session

It is HARD (pun intended), for Christian married men that work away from home and away from their loving wives for long periods of time – and I am one of those! Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a complaining or negative person. On the contrary, God has blessed us with a fantastic life, a […]

Extremely Hard and Very Wet!

We had been apart for so long! How happy we were to meet up for a planned weekend getaway for the two of us in California. I arrived a day before my love, picked up the rental car and checked into our hotel. The next day, I collected my wife at the airport. It was […]

Another First: My Horny Wife Takes Charge! (L)

Through the course of the last few years, my wife and I had a bunch of what I’d call “firsts,” sexual adventures that we’ve done for the first time ever in our relationship. These kind of things are so exciting and is a testimony of how sexuality can grow and evolve for the entire duration […]

The Full Monty (L/A) !

It had been a wonderful festive season at home with my beautiful, precious family. But now the time had come to hit the road and get back to work again. My wife and I knew it would be several weeks before we would reunite. We enjoyed three days of hard fucking. Still, she was adamant […]

On all Fours! (L)

Being male and visual it must surely be one of the best views in the world, if not THE best, watching one’s wife on all fours as you are about to enter her from behind.  A wonderful God-given gift that I never take for granted! The other morning my wife and I started masturbating together […]

An Unbelievable Turn of Events ! (L)

We planned and discussed our 21st wedding anniversary sex night in detail. The mood was set, it was a Thursday evening, Christmas was soon approaching and we were alone at home, everything was pretty much perfect! My hot wife got out of the bath.  She shaved her pussy almost bald which revealed her pink outer […]

My Wife Loves Cock

We were driving into town early on a Thursday morning when my wife, out of nowhere blurred out “Your penis is amazing” ! No, “Your vagina is amazing”, I quickly replied. I was quite surprised that my wife would just make such a random comment, but let me be clear, I loved it. We just […]

Three Orgasms for a Horny Wife!

“Let’s get together at noon tomorrow, it will be good for me, too,” my wife said as she kissed me goodnight and turned around to go to sleep. I would only later fully understand what she meant by this statement – it turns out she was hot and horny and wanted to cum, and cum […]

Pent-up Passion !

I recently came home on a Friday night after working away from home, I haven’t seen my precious wife for five days and was excited for us to get together and connect. I spent some time in my hotel room the previous night and shaved my cock and balls completely smooth, I got turned on […]