Solo (But Together) Session

It is HARD (pun intended), for Christian married men that work away from home and away from their loving wives for long periods of time – and I am one of those! Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a complaining or negative person. On the contrary, God has blessed us with a fantastic life, a phenomenal marriage, and two awesome kids.

Fortunately, I did not work away from home when the children were still in school. It’s just in recent years that my job takes me away from home for weeks at a time. It provides an ample living for which we are more than grateful. But for me, it will always be HARD not being close to my beloved. I love being with her. She is my best friend, my soul mate, and my erotic lover.

One night last week, after a hard day’s work far away from home, I started thinking about my beautiful, sexy, hot blonde at home. I pictured her pretty face, her voluptuous body, and those pendulous tits that I adore to the ends of the earth! My mind settled on a particular ritual that we follow:

While I wait for her to complete her evening bath, I lie naked on the bed. Starting off by stroking my cock until it gets rock hard, I then keep edging until she finishes in the tub.

Meanwhile, she soaks and pampers herself in the bath. She shaves and gets her pussy ready for the pounding she knows awaits her. Then she comes out of the bathroom and walks over to join me in bed. As she approaches, my eyes enjoy her entire naked body: that sexy ass, her full hips, soft tummy and big bouncing breasts.

We lie next to each other, positioning my throbbing cock in front of her face, while my head lies close to her pussy. She opens her legs by throwing one over my tummy, and I start massaging her spread pussy and its lips. I work her up until she starts moaning with pleasure, every so often adding in some dirty talk.

She plays with my cock and balls in a way that only she knows how. Using her mouth, her tongue, her hands, she drives me near the edge.

But I can’t let that happen yet. I spring up to my knees and  grab her ankles. Then I ram my big, hard, dripping cock balls deep into her while she rubs her clit for both of our pleasure.

I make sure she cums first and spills her juices all over my cock. Then I pull out and pump all my cum over her pussy and belly.

Before I knew it, I was off in a fantasy world, dreaming about my awesome wife. It was so intense and real that I hardly noticed my hand now held my stiff cock. I stroked it up and down as I lay spread eagle on the bed.

I decided to text my wife to say hello. There was no reply. She’s probably taking care of her own busy schedule, I thought. I figured I should jump in the shower before I tried her again later.

But I couldn’t ignore my almost painfully hard cock and balls. They bulged to bursting with cum because I hadn’t had an orgasm in five days. So I enjoyed the steamy shower, all the while rubbing, stroking and pumping my long cock. I squeezed my balls and rubbed the outside area of my prostate between my sac and down to my ass. It felt great. I edged a few times, bringing myself close to orgasm and then backing off to make the experience much longer and so much more enjoyable.

Then I finished my shower and went back to the bed to complete the job. My cock had subsided to a semi-erect stage. Still, I knew that I would have to get rid of all the built-up cum and empty my full scrotum.

No sooner did I lay down to relax than my phone beeped with a message from my wife. I was so happy to hear from her!  Immediately, I opened it.

Boy, oh, boy was I pleasantly surprised! A breathtaking picture appeared on the screen, a close-up of my wife in the bath at home. Her large breasts floated on the water, making them more prominent. Her nipples pointed up at me. And her free hand  poised over her pussy, one finger dipping into her slit. WOW! What a HOT pic!!!

My cock twitched and jumped to full hardness, proof that after all these years there is nothing that gets me going more than my hot, horny wife! I reached down to grab my cock.

But before I could even start stroking it, cum started pouring out of my pulsating purple head. I was so turned on that my wife made me cum without being present. Hot, white semen kept flowing out onto my hand and abdomen in a sticky mess.

I squeezed up and down my big cock to empty every last drop from my balls. My entire body rocked with a very special and powerful orgasm. My legs stiffened, and my cock pulsated with immense pleasure.

Without my wife even knowing, her timing couldn’t have been better. Her picture arrived at the precise moment needed for my cock to explode with an intense orgasm. It was a solo, but in a certain sense also mutual, masturbating session!

What a blessing it was to still enjoy intimacy and oneness with my beloved in a unique, erotic way. I thank the Lord for that and for giving me such an excellent wife. After all these years, she is still the only one that makes my cock as HARD as can be. I truly love, adore and lust for her more and more every day!

I often wonder if other MH readers have to spend time apart and how they sexually stimulate each other during that time. I can’t wait to get home to again get my hard cock into my wife’s tight, wet pussy and fill her up with my seed!

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3 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Thank you OneCouple! Great story, I loved it, I know I ask this all the time, but do you have more cumming? God bless, and I hope you'll get together like that again soon!

  2. Dean316 says:

    Wow! What a pulsating story OneCouple!! (Hope this doesn’t go against the new rules/sound pervy) but reading this story has made me very hard myself. Can’t wait to please myself some more. FYI for anyone I have a new story up.

    Stay sexy!

    God bless,

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