So Many Orgasms, So Much Cum! (L)

We discussed it as we traveled back home from town, another erotic daytime sex session was about to happen, “I just want to have a quick nap first, then I’ll be ready,” my wife said. “Sure, that sounds great,” I replied.

We were both horny and in high spirits, exited about the upcoming festive season, and still as much in love with each other as the day we got married.

We settled into bed naked, ready to be intimate, but first enjoyed our short mid-day nap. No more than 30 minutes later we were both up and awake. My wife was still rolling around when I lifted the duvet and started stroking my cock slowly. It felt so good, my balls were full and heavy after not cumming for a few days and my cock was fully erect and hard in no time. “Toys or no toys ? I asked as my wife moved closer, enjoying the view of my big cum-leaking cock as it twitched and spasmed, bouncing around, up and down, slapping down on my tummy.

Knowing that I’m about to have sex with my beloved, the love of my life, still instantly makes my cock rock hard, even after all these years. She loves watching me masturbate, stroking and playing with my stiff cock. “I just love my new little black bullet, it’s so soft, it’s the best gift ever, please hand it over,” my sexy wife replied.

We were lying on our backs right next to each other, completely naked, both masturbating and watching each other. My wife used both of her hands, one to pull her beautiful pussy lips open, and the other to steer the small vibrator, which was set at the highest possible speed, on her hard clit. Her upper arms pushed her huge breasts together, it looked so HOT and erotic, her nipples have a perfect round shape and was not stiff or erect yet. “You make my cock so HARD baby,” I panted as I watched her unwind, her legs spread wide open, her eyes closed.

She started to moan softly, which sent me into overdrive as well, slamming hard up and down on my full length, I grunted like an animal as I stroked, slapping my balls as I hit the bottom of my long shaft. I couldn’t take it any longer without touching my hot wife so I released my grip and started massaging her big soft breasts, they felt awesome as I kneaded, fondled and massaged both. I slowly circled her nipples and could see them come alive. I then used my thumb and fingers to gently rub, tuck and pinch her nipples, they became stiff and hard. I reached over and started sucking and kissing them, one and then the other. I love sucking my wife’s big tits, she was now breathing heavily, I then eased one finger slowly into her pussy and continued to finger fuck her with a steady rhythm. The vibrator was purring on her engorged clit, her tits were hard and her pussy dripping wet, her orgasm was cumming on quickly, “Awww, that combination feels great,” she said, referring to me stoking her g-spot with a come here motion and the vibrations of her new toy stimulation her clit.

The first orgasm hit her HARD, her legs clamped my hand further into her soaking pussy, her hips bucked up and down and her head dropped back as she yelled out, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming !”

I stoked my cock a few times and then entered her in the missionary position, my long rod slipped effortlessly into her tight wet pussy, down to the hilt. I rammed her with full hard strokes, in and out, in and out, until she started moaning again. I rubbed her clit to two more screaming orgasms and then turned her on all fours, I fucked her relentlessly from behind as I pulled her hips back into my needy cock. It was turning into one of our epic sex sessions and I could feel my balls tightening with a big cumload, I felt an explosion approaching, I wanted to shoot my load over her pussy so I turned her on her back again. I grabbed her by her ankles, bent her knees slightly and spread those strong sexy legs as wide as they could go, the view of her soaking wet pussy made me want to eat her out. She guided my pulsating cock into her tight hole and I started to rub her pussy again. It was not long before yet another orgasm hit her. This time she looked me straight in the eyes and yelled out “Oh fuck, Oh fuck, Oohhh fuuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming again, ” this was pretty special, my wife normally cums once or twice when we have sex, but this was extraordinary!

Her horniness and multiple orgasms completely drove me over the edge as well, I drilled her as hard as I could with a last few forceful strokes, cum rushed up my thick shaft, I pulled out and screamed, “Fuck my cock, fuck my fuck, baby !”. She instinctively new what to do and quickly pounced onto my steel rod, furiously jacking me off until white cum streams literally shot out of my cock head, flying everywhere!

I can honestly not remember when last I had such a huge load of cum, it sprayed her pussy, her entire tummy and up to her tits, some came down on the bed next to her. My cock was still hard and throbbing as I crashed down next to her, we were two hot, horny and tired married lovers,  covered in a wet cummy mess, my wife exhaled in relief and exhaustion as I tried to get a hold of some underwear to clean up all the wet cum. “How many orgasms was that,” I wondered, “I stopped counting,” she replied.

Let’s praise and thank almighty God for the gift of HOT marriage fucking!

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11 replies
  1. Old Lover says:

    Could have written the same story, OneCouple, except for one twist . . . my Anne is a one-and-done gal and . . . ohhh it’s a marvelous, mountain-top orgasm. We love to masturbate together and she loves asking for my massive cum load after she cums first. I always oblige her be it deep in her wet, still throbbing pussy, soaking her lingerie that she gives me, cumming all over her pussy, stomach, and breasts as she purrs with delight, or making me cum all over myself. Great story!

  2. professor dude says:

    Nice story Onecouple! Definitely can relate. When we lay down to take naps, they certainly become into crazy fucking sessions. I drill her pussy like there is no tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

  3. JDTM77 says:

    Sexy sexy sexy stuff. My wife does the exact same thing with her vibrator and I do the exact same thing, fingering and sucking on her amazing breasts. Hands down, the biggest orgasm the two of us ever experienced in our lives was the first time we did that.

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