It’s October!

And you know what that means?  It’s Time to shave your pubic hair off!  Bootylicious issued that challenge last October and so I thought we should make October “Go Bald” month. I took Booty up on her challenge last year and have kept myself shaved smooth ever since (thanks for the suggestion, by the way, Booty! ).  Anyway, if you’ve never shaved bare before, I highly encourage you to do it! Ooh la la! For those of you who took the challenge last year, how’d you like it?  Did you end up keeping your pussy or dick shaved bare ever since? Or did you go back to bush? I got my hubby to shave it all off awhile back and we both love it! Gotta say, HUGE fan of bald!  What hairdo are you rocking below the belt?

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  1. Eroticcouple says:

    My wife loves the smooth bald look on my cock & balls and I make sure to keep them that way. The extra attention my wife gives my smooth balls and cock with her hot wet mouth is all the motivation I need to keep shaving.
    I also love the look of a smooth bald pussy…I find that look very erotic and sexy. My favorite is when my wife sits on my face and slides her smooth pussy all over my mouth and nose until she cums.

  2. texasman76 says:

    Ummm. No thanks. I am natural with a trim here and there and so is the same. Apart from this, I really don't get the men's body shaving thing. I have moderate coverage on my chest, stomach, legs, arms, pits, cock, balls and always some form of facial hair. In my opinion we should be proud of our man hair. It's from our testosterone and is one of the masculine traits separating us from the loveliness of women.

  3. Old Lover says:

    Over the years, we've both sported the bald look. My Anne doesn't enjoy the upkeep, so she is au naturale. I like the feel and comfort of a shaved cock and balls (so does Anne!).

  4. D&D says:

    My wife several years ago went bald to match my head! The one on my shoulders. It was amazing I was mesmerized, I couldn't believe she did it. I ask if I could just look, she giggled and said sure. She felt so sexy and empowered. We never looked back, I shave my top head and she shaves daily. When they are both slick and smooth oral is amazing. She doesn't like me smooth anywhere else just my head and face. I do groom and keep everything under control. Not bad for nearly 60

  5. AB says:

    Hi Harper,
    I was just wondering how old you were when you first started shaving and when you decided finally to get your bush permanently lasered off? Did you decide to go the laser route because you got tired of shaving and knew you would never grow your bush back? Are you still glad you went the permanent route? I've often thought about how nice it would be to be permanently smooth 24/7 365 days of the year!

  6. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hi AB. I actually never shaved that part, I immediately decided to go laser. Yes, I did think it'd be nice to be permanently smooth, and I don't regret it a bit! 😀

  7. hornyGG says:

    I took Booty's challenge last year as well. I liked the way it looked and felt, as did my husband. He also shaved his for a brief period. I kept it bare for a while, but my husband Ben kept hinting how he really missed my bush. So I grew it back, though I keep it trimmed short and neat.

  8. possibility says:

    I am very much in favour of my wife being au naturale. She has a luxurious grow all around her juicey cunt which is not trimmed. This really turns me on sexually and to me makes her look very mature down below. I guess it's what turns individual people on.

  9. Bev Negas says:

    I'm a baldie and have kept myself that way for many years. I have two adult daughters that shave or wax themselves bare, too, likely because they saw me shaved. I recently learned that my mom keeps herself bald too. I was surprised at that since my mom doesn't seem like the type.

    My husband loves my bald pussy! I, too, have inner lips that stick out and my hubby loves that everything is visible and not hiding behind hair. He goes nuts for my pussy! Sometimes even I have trouble keeping my hands off it 😉? Personally, I think a smooth pussy is sexy. I've never liked pubic hair.

  10. Crua Ar says:

    My wife and I are in the trimmed-but-not-bald camp. My cock and balls are kept clean-shaven, but I maintain a band of trimmed hair from the base of my cock into my pleasure trail. My wife is clean shaven similarly, with just a small patch of bush closely cropped above her clit. We call it art.

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