Hot Tub Heat

I used to travel a lot and so my wife would sometimes take the kids and go visit family while I was gone for work. On one such occasion, she left the youngest two children and drove back with my oldest. Although the drive could be made in a day, 18 hours is really hard on your nerves and back, so I got her a hotel room with one of the rewards cards that I have.

When I travel, we usually FaceTime after I am done for the day with work. When I called this time we had the normal chit chat about her drive and the hotel and what I did for work that day. She mentioned that she was feeling really sore and was going to go down to the hot tub. While she was visiting her family she had purchased a new string bikini and showed it off to me. I let her know how sexy she looked in it. Her tits are large and the fabric definitely shows the ladies off. I also loved how that bottoms looked barely there with just a string on the sides. I told her to call me once she was back from the hot tub. About an hour later she called again and told me that she had a story to tell me.

She let me know that she had jilled off on the jets of the hot tub only to figure out that there was a camera across the pool that she didn’t see when she had looked for one. She was worried that someone might have watched or recorded her. I found some photos of the pool area online, and I convinced her that it was way too far away to have really seen anything, especially with the bubbles in the tub. Even a high resolution camera can’t really see facial expressions from over 100 feet away as they have a wide angle lens. She calmed down and I let her know how horny her escapade had made me. I just had to know the juicy details.

I laid on the bed, pulled out my cock and began to jack off as she told me all about her experience.

Since it was the middle of the week, the hotel was nearly empty. She and my daughter had started out together in the pool, and then the hot tub, but my daughter went back up to the room to watch TV. My wife was browsing on her phone in the hot tub and relaxing. She was feeling so good, and lowered herself until she was in up to her neck. That is when she felt the jet. It was so powerful and it felt amazing as it tickled her pussy. Normally hot tubs only have jets on the first step where it can hit your back, but this one had a single, extremely powerful, lower jet as well. She looked around; there was no one in the pool area and she didn’t notice any cameras, so she lowered herself onto it again, this time letting it jet against her ass.

My wife is very cautious and normally wouldn’t do something like this, but the long drive had left her feeling stressed and the water rushing up against her ass was making her pussy ache for that calming release. I have told her that I love it when she takes care of herself, and that it drives me wild to know she is so free sexually. She said that she was missing me and my cock so much, and it felt unbelievably good so she just had to take care of things. Apparently the jet was so powerful she couldn’t stand it full force, so she had to almost ride it, letting the jet brush up against her bikini bottoms. She started humping the jet as her pussy began to throb. Her eyes rolled back in her head and before long she was bucking in ecstasy, as wave over wave of by far the most powerful orgasm she has ever had swept over her. She wanted to moan but just gasped for breath as it lasted over a minute before subsiding.

At this point, I was dying, breathing heavily, I was just about to cum as she continued her story.

It took a few minutes to regain her composure, but eventually she began to let the water jet against her asshole again. My wife almost always has several orgasms when she masturbates or has sex, and she just had to cum a second time. She leaned forward, put her hands on the seat ledge and spread her legs wide to build tension. She pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and started rocking the jet between her ass and pussy letting just the edge of the jet hit them. The water jet felt amazing on her now naked skin. The pressure building from her spread legs was overpowering, and in a short time she exploded into another massive orgasm again lasting a very long time.

I could hold back no longer, my balls tensed and my cum exploded from my cock as I groaned through a massive orgasm.

She sat there in the tub, and she would have eventually gone for a third O, but that’s when she noticed the camera, and got worried. She told me that the orgasms were so powerful that her legs felt like jelly as she went up to her room.

I told her how much I love how she takes care of herself sexually, and how bad I wanted her in my arms and to fill her with my cock as soon as I got home.

After this episode, we have decided that our next big purchase will be for a hot tub where she can be a little more discreet and I can witness the explosion in person…

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6 replies
  1. ClimaXX says:

    Lovely story. My wife has a passion for sex in a pool or hot tub or on the beach. We are planning our next beach-party in the next few days. We take snacks and toys…… and then we play. Great fun. Great sex. Great excitement.

  2. JDTM77 says:

    That is so can sexy. If I could have multiple orgasms during masturbation sessions, i'd be trying to find every way possible to make my pussy feel great. That is a very sexy encounter your wife had with the hot tub jets.

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    MBM, loved your story. I've written a couple of stories on our spa sex. I highly recommend you make that purchase. My cautious wife goes wild in our spa. Pick a good spot. It will become a little resort in your back yard. God bless you two. LH

  4. My Baby’s Man says:

    PacMan, this story still makes me hot every time I think about it. I have almost had an orgasm with just her retelling the story with all of the details.

    We have messed around with the jets at a hot tub when we lived at an apartment, but the jet was much higher up and she couldn’t spread her legs wide. She would lean over resting on her elbows and I would massage her back and glutes. Eventually I would feel her glutes tighten and she would start bucking her hips to ride the jet to an orgasm. But those only lasted 10 to 15 seconds.

    These orgasms lasted over a minute! Her big worry was that even though she could stifle her moans, her face couldn’t conceal everything that was going on.

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