The Red Zone

“YOU IDIOT! HOW CAN YOU HAVE DROPPED THAT BALL!!! IT WAS RIGHT AT THE NUMBERS!” Was what Sydney wanted to say. “AAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!!” was what actually came out!

Sydney loved football. Actually, lusted-after is a better description. College, professional, even Canadian if there was nothing else to watch. Thursday evenings and weekends from September to January, she was glued to the big screen watching the gridiron action.

This Sunday was no different. One minute left in the overtime and her team was down by a point. Neither team had any timeouts left. Sydney was at the edge of her seat. Her heart was pounding and Nate, her husband, was pounded. It had been a rough game.

A quick pass to the sidelines, COMPLETE. Sydney jumped out of her seat, her arm raised above her head, exposing the bottom of her breasts. Nate noticed but Sydney did not. In the same instant, she seemed “YOU’RE USELESS! GET OUT OF BOUNDS AND RUN OR MORE THAN THREE YARDS!” and plopped back into her seat with a cute pout on her face. Nate noticed the pout, but Sydney did not.

Forty seconds and a long way to go. They ran a draw play and gained a first down! Sydney screamed and jumped up and down. Nate noticed the way her breasts bounce when she bounced. Sydney only noticed the game.

Thirty seconds and another quick hitter to the sidelines. Incomplete! “DAMN!” cried Sydney as she sat down and stared intensely at the TV. She had a wild, almost animal lust look in her eyes. Nate noticed. Sydney was not aware of anything but the game. End-around, a gain of 25 and the back ran out of bounds. Sydney danced. Nate watched her firm round ass move seductively and her breasts sway to her graceful and jubilant dance. Sydney was oblivious to her surroundings. However, the team was not in field goal range yet.

Ten seconds, a 15-yard pass over the middle. COMPLETE. Sydney jumped straight out of her chair and both breasts popped out of her shirt. Nate smiled!

A quick grounded pass with 3 seconds left stopped the clock. So did Sydney’s heart. However, Nate’s was still beating hard but for other reasons. The field goal unit came on the field. It was going to be a long kick, the longest of this young kicker’s career. The crowd was on their feet and deathly quiet. The air was still! Every heart in the stadium was still. You could have heard a ball-needle drop. The snap was high but catchable. Sydney gave a cute little squeak as the holder bobbled the ball. But, he got the ball down just in time and the kick was away. Two seconds — the ball cleared the line and sailed toward the goal post. One second — Sydney was on her knees as if she was bearing her soul to the pigskin god! Nate was also saying praying that the kick was good, but for other reasons. Up the ball sailed, end over end. The tension was immense. Close and closer. Would it make it? Would they score? Would the ball split the uprights? Sydney’s was on all fours, staring at the TV, willing the ball through the goal posts. Nate stared at her ass as it waved at him. No time left and the ball was still sailing through the air. It was hard to tell. The ball grew closer, Closer, CLOSER. And it was … It was …


Sydney lost it. She screamed, jumped to her feet, danced, and fell on her husband with wild abandon. She kissed him with such intensity that it took Nate aback. She lost all control. The emotions and pent-up energy from the game came to a head. She almost tore Nate’s clothes off him. Hers were thrown over the ceiling fan. The room looked like a locker room with clothes everywhere.

Like all ecstatic fans, Syndey climbed on to the goal post. Nate drove into her line. This was no broken play, no fumble. Their lovemaking was a grinding ground game in the rain. It was intensely physical, with a lot of grunting, cursing, and screaming. It was nose to nose, up the middle sex.

Then the long bomb. Sydney stretched to catch and then fell into the end zone. Complete! TOUCHDOWN! No extra point was needed!

Sydney collapsed, too drained even to dance in the end zone. She laid on top of Nate who smiled and gently whispered into Sydney’s ear.

“Damn! I love football.”

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