Mr and Mrs Bond Return To Vegas

It had almost been 20 years since we visited Las Vegas for the first time as husband & wife. Our younger daughter was visiting her sister, so we decided to take a spontaneous vacation to Vegas for the week. We celebrated my 45th birthday with the family, and we flew from Portland shortly after.

We stayed at the gorgeous Luxor hotel, and also explored some of the other hotels. After I stopped to buy some scrumptious fudge, my husband and I dressed up to go to a posh restaurant, namely at Caesar’s Palace. I wore the same emerald green dress that I wore in Vegas in 1987 while my husband wore his tux. The ravioli and brownies were top notch, the atmosphere was wonderful, but we couldn’t wait to get back to the Luxor.

Once we were in our room, my husband suddenly took me from behind, one of his hands touching my breast. He passionately kissed my neck before we rapidly ripped each other’s clothes off while getting in bed. My husband sat on our bed, and I lay down as he lay next to me. He ran his manly hand across my body, reaching my breast, kissing and licking my nipples.

He rapidly took me, and rolled me on him as his hard cock entered my wet ladyplace. I felt him starting to get up, so I did, too, and we started in the sitting position. Our kisses were steamy and passionate. We caressed each other’s nude skin while his penis throbbed inside my ladyplace. I got the tingles when my husband licked my nipples again.

My husband then laid us down, and we continued kissing ardently as he touched my breast while bucking into my vagina from under me before he swiftly rolled on me, and thrust deep, bringing me to an intense orgasm as he throbbed inside of me.

It wasn’t long before he brought me to orgasm again, and I began to cry out as my body tightened, as did my grip on him. My husband also held me tighter as he started screaming while he jerked uncontrollably. Once our orgasms subsided, we shared one more passionate kiss on the mouth before my husband kissed my cheek, working his kisses down my neck before he rolled off of me.

My husband and I then cuddled up together, as I lay my head on his chest. We engaged in a bit of pillow-talk for a while afterwards. He kissed me one more time, before we went to sleep and I could feel his passionate love for me in his tender embrace. We slept through the night in each other’s arms, enjoying the intimate skin to skin feeling.

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6 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    What a blessing to have had the opportunaty and to have been able to connect with MH, the HOT stories and all the HORNY contributors briefly again, sufice to say my unattended, needy cock instantly grew as HARD as a rock ! An absolute bonus to come accross this latest passionate and descriptive HOT story from you Mrs Harper, I stroked and exploded with a massive cumload as you described how your husband's hard cock entered your wet ladyplace, literally made me famtasize about my wife's wet pussy (that I desperate long for), thank you for sharing, hope to cum across more of your erotic stories when I can connect again !!! God bless you both.

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple Hello! You just might there's one coming next week. We're back home in Finland now, just came in yesterday, and we had a ball! Paul and Clara are doing very well, as they can be in this difficult time. But the love and chemistry I saw between them is not different to when they were young <3 God bless you OneCouple. Enjoy every moment you have together

  3. HV450 says:

    Ah, the Luxor, amazing place! Walking to our room and looking away down to the 'Nile' was incredibly exciting. Not the Nile so much, but we were seconds away from being naked, and it does get hot in Vegas.

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