Sucking Big Creamy Breasts!

Hot Wife breasts -We were all alone at home, I just had my evening bath and settled into bed naked. All of a sudden my wife appeared in the doorway completely naked and giggling like a naughty schoolgirl, what a beautiful sight! She has very large breasts, and on this evening she decided to surprise me by covering her nipples and areolas with delicious white Whipped Cream!

I immediately realized that my hot wife wanted to spice things up a bit tonight, or should I rather say, sweeten things up! I jumped up and sat on the edge of the bed, taking a moment to soak in the awesome sight of her hot voluptuous naked body with the tasty treats, on display in front of me. She had a huge smile on her pretty face and proudly swayed her chest around, showing off her cream covered tits, inviting me to suck the delicious Whipped Cream of her perky nipples.

Without hesitation I pulled her closer and positioned her in between my legs as she was standing up straight and I was sitting on the bed, my face at the exact height of her big hanging cream covered tits. Her bush was neatly trimmed, her legs smoothly shaven and her long curly blond hair flowing down over her shoulders. I reached around, putting both hands firmly on her ass, squeezing it and pulling her in closer. My mouth gravitated to her tits like a magnet and I slowly started sucking and nibbling her nipples, they instantly became hard and erect, I enjoyed the tasty treats and licked all of the Whipped Cream of her full tits before swallowing it. I then used my hands to cup and gently massage her breasts as I sucked a little bit harder, the sweet tasting Whipped Cream was soon gone and I focused on her now firm, horny tits.

“Look, he is getting hard”, my wife said, as she glanced down, realizing that my exited cock which was hanging down to the floor between my legs, has started growing rapidly. It was slowly reaching full mast, thick and hard with a throbbing purple head, curling upwards to the ceiling. She reached down and grabbed my long shaft, firmly stroking it, slowly then a bit faster, she used the leaking precum to lubricate my swollen knob and swirl her tiny hands around it. She sure knows how to pump my hard cock, and she knows I like it if she handles it rough, she wasted no time in working me up towards a cum spitting orgasm.

I asked her to put her one foot on top of the bed, her other foot was on the ground, this gave me access to her juicy pussy and I started rubbing and stimulating it. “Oh yes, oh yes, yes,yes,” my wife immediately moaned as I pulled her wet pussy up and open, making her hard clit stick out, begging for more attention from my thumb. I had my one hand on her ass and the other on her engorged clit, stroking it to the best of my ability. My wife cried and moaned with pleasure, she loves it when I stroke her clit, it always brings her to orgasm, after a while she started losing control of her body and collapsed on the bed, I was so aroused and turned on,  I jumped on top of her, she grabbed my rock solid cock and forcefully pushed it into her tight wet hole.

We were a really horny husband and wife, married couple, wanting each other to cum hard! I turned her on her side and pushed her one leg up in the air. This gave me an awesome view of her gaping pussy, from a side angle. I told her how beautiful her pussy looked and I just wanted to dive in and eat it!  My cock was hard, exited and filled with cum, eager to be released. I then pounded into my wife as hard as I could, I used one hand to keep her leg up and the other to rub her clit.

We made eye contact and stared deep into each other’s eyes as we continued our hard relentless marriage fucking, Our bodies were slapping against each other and it didn’t take long before my wife started to let me know that her orgasm was cumming, “oh my gosh, oh my gosh, it’s so good, it’s unbelievable,” she panted, followed shortly afterwards by “aaww, aaww, I’m going to cum, right there, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She shook and bucked her hips, her whole body stiffened and I saw how a powerful orgasm ripped through her as she laughed and giggled again with pure marriage bliss, after a while she settled and came down, still breathing hard. I didn’t stop and kept on pounding her pussy recklessly until she said “make him squirt, make him squirt,” I know how much she loves to watch me cum, so I pulled my throbbing cock out and wrapped my hand around it, stroking it fast and furiously, my hips gyrating in rhythm and my balls slapping against my palm every time I stroke down, almost painfully fucking my big cock.

I moved in closer as my wife opened her legs wide and pulled her pussy open for me, egging me on to spray her bush and pussy full of cum. I suddenly felt a big load of cum coming up from my tight ball sack and bolt through my cock head, releasing stream after stream of white hot cum that flew everywhere, covering her tummy, bush and then her pink pussy. I masturbated every last drop out and then rubbed it into her pussy lips using my still hard cock. My cock twitched and spasmed and eventually subsided, I then also crashed down on the bed, right next to the love of my life, holding her tight as we told each other how much we love one another. A smell of cum filled the air and I quietly thanked the Lord for blessing me so abundantly ! A few days later I left to work away from home and I must admit, I masturbated a few times thinking back about those big creamy tits!

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13 replies
  1. Dean316 says:

    Hot story there! I gotta say i was amused and chuckled when i read the part of your wife coming in with whipped cream cause i don't really see that around here but that was sexy. Loved the intensity and heated passion you two had in your love making, especially the fucking and orgasms!

    God bless and stay horny!


  2. OneCouple says:

    Glad you enjoyed the story Dean316, I must admit I was very surprised to see my wife appear in the door naked with Whipped Cream on her breasts, and yes the fucking sure was passionate and heated ! Thanks for sharing, God bless.

  3. Dean316 says:

    No worries OneCouple! It was really erotic to read your wife coming in with whipped cream on her tits and you eating it off before having fun with her girls. I must say i got a big erection by the time you did in the story when you got hard.

    Stay horny!

    God bless,

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    My goodness, so hot! I'll show this to my hubby tonight! We LOVE whipped cream! May I suggest doing a sexy sundae? Where your wife not only puts whipped cream, but other treats too, like chocolate fudge, M&Ms or something like that. I read on here somewhere that chocolate can increase arousal a little 😉 God bless, and please keep writing! You're stories are always a treat to read!

  5. OneCouple says:

    Hope you have fun with some hot hard fucking tonight Mrs Harper, let us know how that goes ? Thanks for the suggestion and hope to read one of your passionate stories soon ! God bless

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