After scrimping and saving for 15 years, Danny and Robbie, two 40-year-old working professionals, finally achieved their dream to sell their home and everything they owned, and buy a Class C RV motorhome and become full time RVers.  This had been their dream from day one of their marriage at age 25 and now they were one day away from leaving and putting this little podunk town in their review mirror and never looking back.  Robbie was two weeks removed from her job working for a government military contractor.  It wasn’t her dream job, but it was a job.  She preferred staying at home so that she could have better flexibility to do her church volunteer work, but with the economy like it was, that was not possible.  Danny was on his last night of work as an IT Manager at the county hospital.  It paid really well, but the nights of being the “On Call” technician was beginning to wear on him.  He decided to go in for an overnight shift so that, just in case something went haywire with the computers, he would already be there and he wouldn’t worry about Robbie being awakened in the middle of the night if he got called in.  She needed her sleep because she would be the primary driver for their first day on the road.

Even though they’ve been married for 15 years, their relationship started long before then and it definitely wasn’t love at first sight, either.  Robbie’s family moved into that sleepy little community when she was in the 4th grade when her father took over pastoral duties at the largest church in town.  On her first day of school as the teacher called the class roll, she called out Robbie’s given name, Roberta, and that started the taunts from Danny.  He was the typical bratty boy…..making faces, pulling her pigtails and making fun of her name.  “Roberrrrrrrrrrrrrta??”, he said mockingly.  “What kind of name is Roberrrrrrrrrrrrrrrta??”  And as usual, Robbie would get mad, push him, and remind him, “My NAME is ROBBIE!!!”  Fast forward to high school, Danny and his family began attending Robbie’s church and slowly a romance began to blossom between the two.  During their senior year in college, Danny proposed to Robbie and once they graduated and got settled into their respective jobs, they finally got married.  Now here they were, 15 years later, and they were about to start a new adventure in their life.  They were tired of the mundane and wanted to travel to see new places and they were both excited about it.  While Danny was at work, Robbie spent the evening planning the destination and the route they would take.  Their first destination would be the Grand Canyon.  Typically, it would be a 3 day journey from where they lived, but they would more than likely take their time to do some sightseeing and maybe some boondocking along the way.  That is what lured Robbie into the full time RV life.  No rushing to get to the destination and then having to rush back to make it to work the following week.  They could take their time getting there and stay as long as they wanted to.  There were no time constraints.  Sure, a couple of months down the road, they had seasonal jobs lined up so that they could replenish their bank account, but right now, they were going wherever, whenever they wanted to.

The following morning, Danny arrived home from his last night on the job.  Robbie was already up, showered, and dressed waiting for him to get home.  All that was needed to be done when he got home was to hook up the Jeep to the back of the motorhome and they would be ready to pull out.
“Well, Mrs. Jordan,” Danny said as he gave her a good morning kiss.
“Yes, Mr. Jordan,” she replied as she wrapped her arms around his waist.
“You wouldn’t happen to be changing your mind about this whole idea, now would you?” he jokingly asked.
Robbie grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him close.  “Not on your life, bud!”
Danny laughed and said “Good!!”  Then he kissed her on her forehead and went to make quick, but thorough, work of hitching the Jeep up to the RV.  After making sure everything was secure, they finally fired up the motor and pulled away ready to begin their new life.  Once on the interstate, Robbie pulled into a truck stop, topped off the gas, and bought some snacks and drinks to consume while they were traveling.  Then they were officially off, headed west to their first destination.

Around 1 PM, they pulled into the Texas Visitor’s Center just over the state line from Louisiana to eat lunch, take a bathroom break, and grab a few tourist brochures.  While Danny walked to the Visitor’s Center to grab the brochures, Robbie researched some boondocking locations that they could pull into for the night.  She found one between Dallas/Fort Worth and Abilene that got good reviews and put the address into her GPS.  It was going to be another 5 1/2 to 6 hours before they got there and she was hoping they got in with sunlight to spare barring any mechanical issues or traffic tie-ups.  Danny returned with the brochures and told Robbie that he was going to nap in the back while she drove to their overnight destination.

Around 6:30, she finally turned down the little dirt road that would take them to their boondocking location.  Earlier, she pulled into a small convenience store to check her directions.  She still didn’t trust GPS, but the locals there assured her that her directions were correct.  Now that they were here, they still had about an hour of sunlight left and that would give them time to level and stabilize the RV and prepare a small dinner.

Just as she pulled in to their spot, Danny woke up from his sleep, walked to the front, looked out the window and asked, “Where in the world are we?”
“Ohhhhh….somewhere between the boondocks and the sticks,” Robbie said as she got out to scope out the area.

Danny wasn’t too thrilled about the boondocking idea.  Sure, it was free and it would save them a lot of money, but all he could think about were some crazy hillbillies wandering the woods and the last thing he wanted was to hear some Deliverance style banjo music playing from out of nowhere.  Robbie, on the other hand, was excited about this boondocking adventure.  Even though many people boondock over several days, this was only going to be one night for them and she wanted to make sure it would be a night to remember.  And, even though there’s always the possibility of other RVers boondocking in the same location, it looked like she and Danny were the only ones here and that was perfectly fine with her.  After securing the RV and eating a light dinner, Danny took their folding chairs and two glasses of wine outside and built a small campfire so that they could enjoy watching the sunset across the lake.  They sat there sipping their wine and holding hands as they watched the sun slowly dip down over the horizon until finally the last of the sun disappeared and nightfall came.

Robbie got up from her chair and said, “I’ll be right back,” and disappeared into the RV.  Danny remained in his chair, tilted his head back, and closed his eyes.  He was enjoying the warm late summer breeze and the evening chorus of the crickets and tree frogs.  He had briefly dozed off when suddenly he felt Robbie’s hand on his shoulder.  He looked up to see her coming around from behind him.  Now she stood in front of him holding a battery powered lantern and wearing a red satin Japanese kimono style robe.  Fortunately for him, that lantern was pretty bright because he wouldn’t have been able to see when Robbie untied the sash of the robe and let it fall open exposing her nude body underneath.  Even though she had put on a few pounds since they first got married, the sight of her body still got his motor revving.  The flickering light of the campfire danced across her body and that was turning him on even more.  She set the lantern down on the picnic table and said, “So, Mr. Jordan.  Here we are.  Just the two of us in the middle of nowhere and I am standing here nearly naked in front of you.  So, what are you going to do about it?”

Danny reached out, took hold of her hand, and pulled her down close and began to lightly kiss her lips.  Her beautiful, large, supple breasts were now hanging down in front of him and with both hands he began to lightly caress them.  The soft touch of his hand across her nipples made them hard and erect.  He then began to play with her nipples because he knew that’s what got her engine going.  Their kisses became more intense and Robbie grabbed Danny’s arms and pulled him up from the chair.  She pulled him close, still deeply kissing him.  Their tongues intertwining and exploring the other’s mouth.  She took his right hand and slid it down between her legs to her now warm, wet pussy.  And with his left hand, he firmly massaged her large, round breasts.  Danny’s fingers were soft and tender as he lightly stroked her slick lips and clit.  Every so often he would tease her by sneaking his middle finger back to her love hole and trace around the opening.  He knew that drove her wild.

Robbie began loosening Danny’s belt and undoing his pants.  His member was enlarged and bulging through his jeans.  She couldn’t wait to get his cock into her pussy.  But first, she wanted to give him what he liked.  She guided him to the picnic table where she had spread a quilt out and had him sit on top of it.  She sat down on the bench in front of him and took his long hard shaft into her hands and began stroking him.  After a few strokes, Robbie wet her lips and slid her warm mouth down onto his huge cock.  That sensation sent waves of pleasure over Danny and he moaned as she swirled her tongue around his shaft.  That was the one thing that surprised Danny about Robbie.  Yeah, she was the preacher’s daughter, but she was no prude!!  Where in the world did she learn to how to do that??  Robbie alternated between sucking him and licking the tip of his cock.  He watched as her head bobbed up and down as she took nearly every inch of  him into her mouth over and over.  As she sucked and licked his cock, her other hand massaged his balls.  It was double the pleasure for Danny.

After a few minutes, Robbie stood up and slipped the robe off her body.  Danny was glad they were the only ones out here because here was his beautiful wife completely naked, in the middle of nowhere, under a full moon and millions of stars.  Robbie turned Danny and laid him down lengthwise across the table, then climbed up on it and positioned her body so that Danny could eat her pussy.  As his tongue slid across her lips and flicked her clit, Robbie began caressing her own tits, occasionally pulling and twisting her hard, erect nipples.  The feeling of Danny’s tongue playing in her nether region and her own hands working her tits was sending pulses of pleasure through her body until she couldn’t hold back any more.  Her body began grinding and gyrating in a sensual rhythm across his face and low, breathy moans escaped from her mouth.

Then Danny slid out from under her and had her to lie down on her back.  As he began undressing he said, “Do that thing I like for you to do.”  Robbie smiled and slid her right hand down to her pussy and began softly rubbing herself.  Her wet juices covered her fingers with every stroke.  As she was pleasuring herself down there, she continued to play with her nipples.  Danny watched as his wife closed her eyes and arched her back knowing every stroke and every caress was sending her to the brink.  Danny grabbed hold of his huge, swollen cock and began stroking himself.  Robbie’s low moans were now becoming louder, her breathing harder, and her body writhed in pure sexual ecstasy as she slid one finger into her love hole and pleasured herself over and over.  Danny leaned forward and said, “Baby….you….are….hot!!  Are you ready to get fucked?”

Robbie breathed out the words, “YES!!!  Fuck me NOW!!!”

Danny got down from the table and turned Robbie cross-ways across the table.  Then he slid her towards the edge, pulled her legs up onto each of his shoulders, and put his throbbing dick into her pussy.

“OHHHHHHHHHH!!!” was all that Robbie could manage to speak as she felt him go in.  He started slow at first so that she could feel every long inch going in and out of her but gradually increased the speed and intensity.  He wrapped his arms around her legs so that he could get better force and momentum.

Robbie continued to finger her clit and caress her tits as Danny fucked her harder and faster.  Her hot, wet juices covered his dick with every stroke.  Waves of pleasure swept over both of them as their moans became louder until they were screams.  Finally, Danny exploded, unloading all his cum into her hot pussy.  Her arching back and her unbridled scream told Danny that she had reached the pinnacle of ecstasy.  She laid there out of breath and soaked in sweat.  Robbie like being fucked hard and Danny knew how to fuck her good and hard.

Afterwards, they went back into the RV to get some much needed sleep because they wanted to get an early start in the morning.  Danny began to think that this boondocking gig was such a bad idea after all.

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  1. SheWolf1120 says:

    Ah, but there is. I looked up "Free Camping in Texas" which is what boondocking is and there is a place called SeaBee Park near Lake Fort Phantom Hill that allows boondocking. It may not be completely in the "boondocks" per se, but it is far enough out that you feel like you are 🙂

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