Mile High Club

We had a deal.

I took her back to our tropical honeymoon location for our 10th anniversary. On the way there, as always… I tried to talk her into a little action to break up the monotony of the flight. As always… she declined. But at least she thought about it this time!

Once we landed, we proceeded to have a FABULOUS time of fun, relaxation, reconnecting and love. We can’t wait to return again for our 25th! The day before our return flight home, we were doing some souvenir shopping. Among other things she wanted were these large beach towels, one pink and one blue. She said, “I’ll make you a deal… if you buy these towels and pack one in your carry-on, I’ll make you happy before we land.” Fastest purchasing decision I ever made!

With a rear-of-the-plane seat assignment request, an appropriately packed carry-on, and a smile on my face, we boarded the plane. She was beginning to regret the deal she made and wondered if she could go through with it. I was seated in the window seat in the very back row, and she had the middle seat. The plane seemed half empty, and the chances that we’d consummate this deal seemed really good. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Surely I was the 1st person in the history of aviation who was excited about an overnight 8-hour flight…

Then, to my dismay, a lady traveling solo sat down in the aisle seat next to her. It was a perfect scenario until we got stuck with an unwanted seatmate. One of the only full rows on the plane, even though it’s also one of the smallest! Immediately I thought ‘There goes that idea…”

But… just before pushback- a flight attendant walked back to our seats, and quietly told this lady that she was now free to move to the empty row diagonal from us! My wife and I exchanged a glance, one that communicated perfectly after a decade of togetherness: Her eyes clearly said “Oh no, now I have to go through with us, don’t I?” even as mine said, “God DOES love me!” As the plane took off into the darkness and began to level off, I was ready to get busy. She, being the wiser of us said, “The flight crew will come pushing that drink cart soon, and they tend to get an attitude when people interrupt them. Let’s wait until they’re done.” That was the longest beverage service I’ve ever endured.

When it was finally over, we were both trembling; her with nervousness, and me with excitement. Some of the flight crew took their jump seats on the other side of the half-wall behind our heads. My beautiful wife, the love of my life, then curled up on the two seats next to me and placed her head on my lap. She barely fit, even with most of her legs hanging off the front of the seats. I draped the towel over her entire sexy body like a blanket. I so wanted to reach underneath and feel up her awesome boobs or locate her hot pussy with a finger, but couldn’t risk a towel drop mid-act. As tightly as she was squeezed in, I probably couldn’t have worked a hand that far anyway. She had also made it clear that this was MY fantasy, not hers. So I placed my arm on the towel on her shoulder and rested my hand on her hip… tantalizingly close to her hot butt.

I struggled to unzip my pants with my free hand when she sat up in near panic. “Anyone could walk by at any moment and see us! I don’t want to get arrested tonight!” She whisper-shouted into my ear. She resumed the position while I covered her entire head with the rest of the towel, and explained that it completely shielded my lap and our activities from view of the aisle. She countered that anyone who saw a head bobbing up and down over my crotch would know exactly what we were up to, with or without a towel! So we devised a signal: Two pats on her butt meant someone was coming: stop moving! Three pats meant I was about to cum: whatever you do, don’t stop!!!

She then unfastened my pants so she could get to work. I’m sure she expected to be slapped in the face with a hard, throbbing cock, but I was SO excited it was only halfway there. My heart was pounding out of my chest, but it wasn’t reaching my dick yet! She opened her mouth, placed her lips on my cock, and sucked. One of her greatest talents is her ability to give a fabulous blowjob… and I’m the only one who knows about it! Still, her mouth typically takes the first few inches while her hand strokes the base. She doesn’t “deep throat” because I have no interest in making her gag. But in my limp dick’s smaller state, she slurped the entire thing in! Not a feeling I’m used to, but I COULD get used to it!

It felt AMAZING! My mind was racing between the sensations I was feeling, the sense of “risk” and the thought that “I can’t believe we’re actually doing this!” Somehow, a great blowjob has a way of commanding all your focus, so before long, my dick was hard as a rock and I was losing any sense of caution. I arched back and struggled with my free hand to pull my pants past my knees and let her work her magic. I wanted to watch her, so I peeled the towel back away from her head, making sure it still covered her from the neck down. It was SO hot watching her lips sliding up and down on my wet cock, her hand pumping in rhythm, and her beautiful face making love to the cock in her mouth. Wow!

Just then, a flight attendant stood to walk forward from the area behind us. I was immediately reminded of our surroundings and quickly gave the two-pat signal. She stopped the same instant. Since she was caught on her down-stroke, that meant her mouth was full, and I was wrapped in her hotness. I’m pretty sure she was terrified because she didn’t move a muscle while I enjoyed a few seconds frozen in pure pleasure. Once the intruder was gone, I told her it was safe to continue and her bobbing head resumed. Probably because she wanted to complete “the deal” as soon as possible, she began sucking my dick in earnest. Faster, deeper, sloppier… doing all she could to make me cum. And she’s got talent, let me tell ya!

My mind was lost in the moment, but I’d guess it took another 15 minutes to get to the finish line. At some point, the flight attendant returned (double pat), and several others who had to use the bathroom made their way to (double pat) and from (double pat) our tiny little bed just inches from their path. Each time, she’d freeze when I gave the signal, and each time she’d return to sucking my dick with abandon once the coast was clear.

I was confident the view of those who passed by revealed only a girl curled up on two chairs, covered in a pink blanket, with her head in my lap. Most assumed she was sleeping. Perhaps a few suspected what we were up to. But no one saw her move. As the sudden appearance of strangers got more predictable, I began to look up and nod politely at anyone who glanced my way as though I was just a random guy being used as a pillow on a red-eye. No one paused or gave away any suspicions they may have had. But I can tell you that the reality of the situation… on a plane, my pants down, hard dick in my wife’s mouth, and total strangers periodically making eye contact while my dick was STILL in my wife’s mouth (!!!) was a thrill I’ve never experienced before or since.

At some point, she began to enjoy it herself too. Maybe she lost her fear of getting caught, or maybe she just lost her inhibitions, but I started to hear faint moans over the dull roar of the engines. They grew louder and more frequent, as did the slurping noises. I’m pretty sure the passengers in the row ahead of us couldn’t have heard anything at all coming from our little hotel suite in the sky, or that they’d recognize the sounds for what they were without the benefit of the sight I was enjoying. I SO wish I had a video!

Eventually, it was all too much. I was trying to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience last as long as possible, but it was so incredible that I just couldn’t hold back any longer… I was going to cum. From a blowjob. By my wife. My enthusiastic wife. With people all around. At 30,000 feet.

(Side note: I’m beyond blessed with a wife who likes cum. Is hungry for it, even. Sometimes even begs for it. Sometimes all over her chest or face, often in her mouth, dripping from her fingers and lips as she licks it from my cock and then sucks me til I’m dry while looking into my eyes with that sex-starved “I can’t get enough of you” look… yeah, she’s that kind of girl. BUT… She only does this when she’s in the mood. Usually, she’d much rather have me finish in her pussy. In fact, the hornier she is, the more likely she is to shout “cum inside me!” not “let me taste it” or “mmmhhmmgmmmfmm” On this flight, that wasn’t an option, and she certainly didn’t start the flight in the cum-swallowing mood.)

I was about to cum. On a plane. I thought about skipping the three-pats signal that I was about to blow my load. I probably was NOT thinking about how dishonest or counterproductive that would be in the long run because I was too busy enjoying this hottie sucking my dick midflight! But I DID remember that we had a deal. She kept her end of the bargain, so I kept mine. Three pats on the butt later, that pink towel was used as a receptacle to catch my cum as she pulled me from her mouth and stroked it to completion. For the rest of the flight, it wasn’t used as a blanket. But we did roll and repack it, and it remains my favorite towel that we own!

That was an experience neither of us will ever forget. She remembers how ridiculously uncomfortable that position was. She regularly reminds me how she did the nearly impossible to contort herself into the mile-high club…
(that counts, right?!?) I remember from that flight how amazing this woman I married really is and I try to show her every day in every way I can how much I love her back. I love you, babe!

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6 replies
  1. Dean316 says:

    That is erotically insane!!! I have never read anything like this before! Wow how did you and your cock hungry wife pull that off!? That’s brilliant and super erotic. Tops to you and your wife doing something so risky like that under such circumstances.

    Stay horny!

    God bless,

  2. couple2share says:

    Sounds like some of you couples want to try this one out for themselves.
    It all comes down to a row of seats just for you.
    When you get the chance… go for it!
    The story will come up every time you board a plane together for the rest of your lives.
    Worth paying for the extra ticket, if that's your only option!

  3. Lovinghusband says:


    So hot! Both of your desire to make this happen and have a system to be warned – was so interesting! I could feel the risk as I read. You just never know how the seating arrangement and flight attendant trafficking will work out until you are actually in flight. Your system and horniness worked together to accomplish the mission.

    Bravo! You two were careful in taking risk without being too reckless. Turned me on.

    Blessings on your married sex! LH

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