Pleasuring My Package! (L)

The wife and I had a great day together, we just received some great news regarding a breakthrough that we desperately needed, thank you, Lord that you are faithful and good ! We (and some of our awesome MH friends) have been praying and You delivered us yet again, I felt that peace that surpasses all human understanding, and I knew that everything was going to be ok with me and my family!

We decided to go for a swim in the lake just to relax and cool down after work, just the two of us. The water was just the right temperature, nice and cool and my wife was looking extremely hot in her new blue swimsuit, it was difficult not to grope her right there and then. In-spite of a few other swimmers, I did however manage to hug those big firm tits and squeeze that sexy ass some during our enjoyable time in the water. After taking in the beautiful scenery and enjoying the outdoors we headed home, I suggested we throw something on the barbecue real quick.

It was beautiful outside as we enjoyed the smell of barbecue and the perfect fall weather that was fast approaching. My wife had a couple of glasses of wine and we both felt rejuvenated, motivated, and excited again. She suggested earlier that we have some intimate time and after wrapping up dinner we headed to our room, the mood was set and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that beautiful pussy of hers.

We both stayed naked after our bath and jumped into bed. My wife laid her head down on my chest as she so often does, she took those expert hands and started taking care of my package. She massaged my ball sack and slowly glided her palm up and down my shaft. I could feel my long rod getting stiff as she continued rubbing and pleasuring my cock and balls. My wife is extremely skillful when it comes to handling my man parts, she continued tugging and squeezing my balls, pulling my balls down, which lifted my erect cock up in the air, then moving slowly all the way up my shaft and working my purple throbbing cockhead. I was fully erect and rock hard in double quick time when she took me in her wet warm mouth. Soft moans of pure pleasure escaped my mouth as she bobbed up and down my shaft, sucking hard, then licking and flicking her tongue around my purple mushroom head.

Her next move caught me slightly by surprise, she moved down, bent my knees and spread my legs as wide as they could go. She went down on her man, moved in-between my legs, and took my smoothly shaven ball sack into her mouth. Wow, that was soooo hot, first she took one ball and started sucking on it quit hard, a sudden pleasure bolted through my body, she moved to the other ball and gave him the same treatment. The pleasure was out of this world, but when she combined the hard, almost painful sucking, with stroking my now enraged cock, I couldn’t help but scream out loud “aaaahhhhww fuck, aaahhhww fuuuck, oh fuck baby, aahhww please baby, fuucckk!” It looked so erotic and hot when she had her face down there, sucking on my balls with my hard shaft right next to her face as she stroked me to a fast approaching cum release.

I felt a big load building up when I wrapped my arms underneath her shoulders and suddenly pulled her up towards me. I turned her over on her back and entered her aggressively, I was “overcum” with lust after the unbelievable oral onslaught I just received by an absolute expert in the field. Nothing was going to stop me from fucking her pussy hard until I could fill her up with the full load of hot cum that she deserves. She drove me over the edge with her expert oral display and I was overcome with an almost animalistic urge of wanting to punish her pussy for driving me so wild. Within a few hard and deep strokes I exploded all my stored-up hot cum into her now soaking pussy with loud grunts and moans, wow, my wife sure is a hot fuck!

I was exhausted and slowly came down from an incredible high, I pulled out my over-worked cock, which was steadily softening out of my wife’s tight hole. I knew she was highly turned-on when her hand immediately went down to rub her clit. I took a moment to lay back and just catch my breath while she went at it, furiously circling her fingers across her swollen clit. I enjoyed watching her putting on a show for me, fully pleasuring and masturbating herself, her body bucked up and down with ecstasy as she breathed and moaned heavily. “Rub your clit, baby, make yourself cum for me” I egged her on, “It’s right there, it’s almost there”, she cried!

I looked on as she masturbated for some time but clearly struggled to get herself over the edge – this is when I knew it was time to step in and bring my sexy, hot wife to an orgasm. I took over, further stimulating her engorged clit and immediately her head tilted back, she pulled her legs way up, I sensed her desperate desire to climax as she unleashed deep gasps of pleasure. I used my other hand to massage her large breasts, sometimes it could be slightly painful for her so I was sure to be gentle, just softly gazing over her nipples. I stepped it up further by talking dirty to her, encouraging her, begging to eat her pussy that I so badly wanted to taste, but then all of a sudden, her wet juicy pussy caught fire! She cried uncontrollably as she finally released, cumming hard all over my hand, her entire body rocked, then stiffened up, and eventually she slumped down into exhaustion, tired but truly satisfied!!!

Our mixed juices made her pussy into a soaking, wet, cummy mess, as the smell of an awesome fuck session filled the air and we drifted off to a peaceful sleep in the loving arms of our Creator, what a privileged and what a blessing, thank you, Lord!

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11 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hello OneCouple! Your stories are always such a treat! I love you you referred to your penis as the "mushroom head!" And was both cute and hot at the same time! And I'm so glad that God delivered you from you touch time, praise Him and as always I love your gratitude. Also, I love the picture, that's precisely one of the things my husband and I love! God bless you all and may He keep you all safe, my friend!

  2. OneCouple says:

    Thank you Mrs Harper, yeah I couldn't agree more, GREAT photo, I love cupping my wife like that from behind, it makes het tits feel so big and heavy, and I can massage both her nipples as the same time, yummy !! Have a blessed and horny day !

  3. Old Lover says:

    Great story, OneCouple! Your hot description of the pleasure of your wife's skillful 'balling' was fantastic. My Anne is a skilled 'baller' and knows how drive me over the top by edging me right at the pleasure/pain threshold. Nothing gives me more ecstasy than when she skillfully massages the cum right out of my balls.

  4. WeldersWife says:

    Great story, OneCouple!! Your writing often gives me that warm butterfly feeling and this was no exception. The passion and love you have for your wife is beautiful

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