It was a favorite time of year, the harvest, and the view across the golden Palouse wheat hills was nothing short of breathtaking.  He never tired of the sight, which was a particular blessing on this day being that it was his birthday, even if the hours were long, and the dangers of the steep hills were very real.  More than once the machine had slid sideways out of the cut, and he’d had to make another pass.  Those were among the few things he would have liked to keep from his sweetheart at home… not that she didn’t find out about it later anyway.  The view of the wheat clambering its way into the header was mesmerizing, and full of promise.  He saw the grain, but he also saw his hopes and dreams.  The price was good this year, and he intended to take full advantage.

Gingerly easing the machine around a steep knob in the hill, he looked ahead to the end of the cut, and saw her.  His heart quickened, and he checked his watch.  It was noon, the morning having slipped by so quickly he hadn’t noticed.  He hadn’t expected her to bring him lunch – usually one of the guys threw him a sandwich at some point.  She almost blended in with the wheat, her sun dress golden yellow, and gently blowing with the wind, as did her long, brown hair.  He could think of no greater birthday present that he could possibly desire more than her… and come to think of it, nearly every day with her was like having a birthday!

She waited patiently for him to complete the cut, trying to stay upwind of the swirling dust that roared from the back of the machine.  At the end he swung the machine around, getting it lined up for the next cut before idling it down.  Not waiting for her to make the trek up to him, he burst out the door of the cab and slid down the steps leading up.  She laughed as she saw him, his hat having other ideas as he descended, flying out and landing on the ground.  He wore the hat (if it could be called a ‘hat’) just to give her a tickle.  It was a dirty, ragged old thing that the guys said had been through the baler at least twice.  He’d immediately adopted it as his own.

“Hi, Hon,” he grinned, enveloping her into his arms, his hands immediately enjoying her lovely figure.

“Happy birthday,” she whispered, kissing his cheek.

He looked down into her soft blue eyes with admiration.  His better half?  Oh yes – that was true in spades.  “Thanks, Sweetheart!  Want to go for a ride?”

Her lips curled up in her trademark little smile.  “Always,” she said simply, her soft hand grabbing him a little south of his heart, well pleased that he was at attention.  She giggled at the momentary blank look on his face, followed by the boyish grin she’d fallen in love with.

“Well then c’mon, M’lady,” he said with a grand sweep of his arm.  “My Cadillac awaits.”  Cadillac indeed.  They’d never done it before in a combine, the space being a little cramped, but there was a first time for everything!  It would probably make the guys wonder if he didn’t come back across the hill in a timely manner.  Retrieving his hat, he followed her up the ladder to the cab, finding all the more reasons as to why he loved her sun dresses.  The breeze played about her dress, which seemed to delight in teasing him with glimpses of her gorgeous legs, which he was already imagining, wrapped around his waist.  She turned to look at him once, and smiled, secretly loving the ability to tie him in knots.

Seated in the cab, he slammed the door shut, both glad to be back in the air conditioning.  He immediately proclaimed his appreciation upon inspection of the lunch basket.  All of his favorites were there, particularly the roast beef sandwiches and homemade snicker-doodle cookies.  “You like?” she asked.

“Oh yeah!”  And he immediately set out to prove it, and to quell the immediate demands of his stomach.  Moments later they were both enjoying her lunch, the fruit of her efforts.  Characteristically, his hand found hers, their fingers entwining.  He loved the feel of her soft hands ever as much as she loved the touch of his work-roughened hands, which had a gentleness that belied their roughness.

They visited quietly together until the crackling of the CB disrupted them.  “You all right back there or do you need the service truck?” came the query.

Grinning at Lisa he reached for the microphone and replied, “I’m fine – just enjoying some lunch with my wife.  You might think about getting one yourself.  She makes way better sandwiches than you.”

He chuckled at the laughing response and turned back to Lisa, catching her just as she slipped off a pair of panties over whispery smooth legs from under her dress.  She giggled as his chuckle suddenly seemed caught in his throat.  “Does this thing move forward?” she asked, pointing at the steering column.

It most certainly did, and he leaned it far forward even as she knelt on the floor and worked at the belt in his pants.  “I—I thought the snicker-doodles were dessert,” he quipped.

“They were,” she smiled.  “But you ate them all and I didn’t get any.  What’s a girl to do?”

His happy laughter seemed to explode in the small confines of the cab.  She smiled at him again as she pulled his pants down over muscular thighs, leaving them bunched at his ankles, a magnificent, erect penis springing free with the promise of dessert for her.

He’d watched her countless times before, but familiarity did nothing to still his rapidly pounding heart and breathless excitement.  One small hand gently held him as she leaned in to kiss the tip of his manhood.  The rivulets of pleasure that burst through his entire body from this one simple act were nothing short of amazing, as was the look in her eye as she stared at his twitching hard length, and then looked up at him with the ‘look’ that nearly cooked him from the inside out.

“C’mere, Sweetheart,” he practically begged, gently grasping her hand to lift her up.  A smoky look in her eyes, she obliged, rising to climb onto his lap.  His hands about her waist, he lifted her with seeming ease, sighing happily to feel her smooth legs at his waist.  The billows of her sun dress flopped around them both, obscuring his view, but he didn’t need to see.  The look in her eyes was enough.  He felt her soft hand slip between them, gently guiding him to her beauty.

He felt the moistness of her arousal as skin touched skin.  And then they were one, his ears delighted with the soft whimper that escaped her lips.  She opened her eyes to look into his, neither of them moving, and both enjoying the ultimate closeness of two souls.  He felt amazing inside her, and she told him so, loving the unabashed, flushed look on his face from a man that adored her.

Her small hand again moved between them.  He felt her tickle at his belly button, and then return to touch herself.  Amazingly, she didn’t move, but it was enough to watch her pretty face, as her eyes seemed to brand his with intensity.  Her mouth was open, slack-jawed as her fingers pursed across silky smooth skin, lightly dancing across her clitoris, and tracing a trail across the root of his swollen phallus where he was joined with her.

With one hand holding her steady at her waist, he found her free hand with his other, their fingers entwining.  Peripherally he saw his wheat fields, and knew the glorious beauty of the harvest.  But how could anything on earth compare to being in the arms of his lover?  Her forehead leaned against his, her eyes sparkling with passion, her panting breaths warm on his face.  “I love you,” he whispered softly.  “You… are my birthday present!”

The sexy sound of his voice drew passion straight from her heart.  She tried to keep her eyes open, looking into his, but it was nearly impossible as searing pleasure raced through her slender body, her happy cries moaning with delight to his receptive ears.  He felt each tremor within her body, as the delightful and beautiful flutter of a butterfly, holding her until the very end, and loving each moment of her pleasure as surely as if it had been his.

Drawing her into his arms, he held her until she came back down to earth, each seeming to remember that they were in a machine… in the middle of a wheat field…  She finally raised her head from his and looked down into his eyes and gave him a brilliant, satisfied smile.  “Was the dessert all right, Ma’am?” he chuckled.

She giggled, gently raised herself in one delicious slide from his manhood, and returned to the floor.  “Yes, my beautiful husband,” she smiled.  She kissed him again, her sweet tongue gently tasting him.  She reached out and squeezed him, nearly making him wince with the sweet agony of pleasure, and again leaned in to kiss away the tiny droplet of silky fluid that appeared at his tip.  “And it will suffice for now.”

He groaned as she stood up and prepared to leave.  He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been left in such ‘agony.’  She tousled his hair and giggled at his playful ‘groan.’  “Tonight, my love,” she whispered, pursing her lips with a kiss that smoldered across the distance that separated them.  She helped him pull up his pants, giving his penis one last kiss as he attempted to zip up.

“How do you do this to me?” he smiled, barely able to belt his pants shut.  “You know I’ll be in pain the rest of today?”

The poor man.  He didn’t know how hard it was for her to stop as it was!  “Tonight I will…” she pulled his head down to his and completed the sentence by whispering the naughty words directly into his ears.  And then she contiued, “I’m going to go back to Marie’s… we’ll spend the rest of the day enjoying the sun in our bikinis… little, tiny ones… while you’re out here working so HARD!”  He laughed at her euphemism and attempted to reach under her sun dress.  Playfully swatting his hand away, she continued, “And tonight we’ll be with Stan and Marie.  And I want you to take that huge, beautiful…” she gave him a squeeze, “and…”  She continued whispering, her sweet voice filled with every naughty pleasure he could imagine.

And then she was gone.  He scarcely noticed when she departed, not bothering to take her panties with her, his ears ringing with erotic promises to come that made him ache from the top of his head to his toes.  She’d just given him the sweet gift of anticipation.  Looking down at the wheat he laughed, and then stopped.  It ‘hurt’ to laugh, but it was the best kind of ache a man would ever know, and one of the finest presents he’d ever received from his bride!  Gritting his teeth, he set the machine back into roaring motion, hoping not to be undone by the afternoon’s work ahead before he could be reunited with his Sweetheart!


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