Thinking of My Future Wife (L)

Hi, Marriage Heat. Dean here. Long time reader, first-time poster. You may have seen me comment on some stories here and there, but I figured it’s time I post. See, I’m a young single Christian man who’s not currently looking for a relationship with a woman. Yet I know our great God will gift me with one when the time is right.

This post is not going to be about me, as I am a pretty reserved guy. Instead, it will be a letter to my unknown future wife and the hopeful joys we will share in marriage and sex. As I write this now, I am alone and sitting nude on my chair with a very hard cock.

Here it goes.

Babe, I love you. I love your face, hair, smile, laugh, personality, touch, kiss, faith, and body. I can’t get enough of you. You’re patient, selfless, caring, helpful, and stunningly pretty. God has brought us to each other. And for that, I am eternally grateful to him. I hope and know we can be loving, passionate, and intimate as much as we desire. It is good for us to look forward to sharing ourselves every day and be so addicted to each other.

I picture our wedding, gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands, and kissing before everyone in attendance. Oh, the feel of your lips and tongue touching mine tantalizes me. Then, after the celebration of our vows, we would be alone together to conduct the most special act between a married man and woman: sex.

I will leave my mother and father to be one flesh with you, babe. Seeing your naked body as you look at mine, I will cuddle and kiss you all over. Then I’ll caress and suck your boobs before going down to taste your lovely pink lady place.

I think about you taking my cock in your hand, kissing the head and wrapping your wet tongue around my cock to enjoy it all for yourself. You give me a hand-and-blowjob with the naughtiest expression in your eyes. Good girl.

Shortly, you’ll spread your hot legs for me, giving me full entry to your pussy. “Put your cock in my pussy and fuck me!” My pleasure, sexy but not yet. I go to you, put my hard throbbing cock on your stomach thrusting it back and forth on and off your belly playfully teasing you. You love the game, but I can see you wanna get your pussy pounded. “Put it in me, baby. Please, please, please fuck me.”

And I will. I give you every bit of love in my body, both of us feeling agonizing but amazing sensations. You slam your fist into the bed and scream in total ecstasy. Suddenly I’m about to explode and fill you with my cum. But I pull out and let it go all over you, making you look even sexier than usual.

We are one together, enjoying the great gift and creation by our God that is sex. I collapse next to you and we kiss in bliss. “Thank you, baby,” you say. No, thank you beautiful.

All this makes me think of how much our God loves us. He wants us to enjoy and cherish the gifts He has given to us. As your partner, provider and protector, I will be the husband you dreamed of who will respect and care for you until the end. We live life serving not each other, but more importantly our great God who gave us each other by his hand.

I’ll see you soon, babe.


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10 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    Wonderful thoughts of fucking and cumming all over your future wife Dean316, I believe in marriage it will all become real for you, God has it all planned out for you in His perfect way and time, in the mean time masturbation provides great relief and release, God bless you young man !

  2. She Writes says:

    I think it's normal to fantasize. But this post concerns me. I do hear the perspective of a very young man who has a lot to learn about marriage. These are the things that concern me.

    1. "I’m a young single christian man who’s not currently looking for a relationship with a woman yet but I know our great God will gift me with one soon."

    It is possible you will marry. It is possible you won't. The timeline is impossible to guess at. If you do marry, you will not marry a woman who is a "gift". You will marry another imperfect sinner, like yourself. She is a whole person with flaws. She will come with her own wants and desires. And it is very possible that your dream of her is not what her dream would be.

    2. "You’re patient, selfless, caring, helping and stunningly pretty."

    Wow. No pressure here. I will try to read this as a loving husband who chooses to see his wife as all those things. But I have a question Dean316: Are you all of those things? Patient, selfless, caring and stunningly handsome? Are you all of these things, all or most of the time? If I were your future wife, this standard of perfection would scare me. You are making a standard that she can only miss. That's harmful for her and for you.

    3. "I think about you taking my cock in my hand, kissing the head and wrapping your wet tongue around my cock to enjoy it all for you, giving me hand and blowjobs with the naughtiest expression in your eyes. Good girl."

    What will you do if your wife doesn't give handjobs and blowjobs? Especially in more conservative Christian cultures, the church (very sadly) falters about teaching healthy sex drive. If your wife is in one of these communities, she is likely hearing harmful purity talk that tells her her own sex drive is a shameful thing. This is a sad reality still. It can be hard to recognize even in more progressive churches. Odds are still high that she will be fed lots of messages about what a "good girl" is supposed to do, and keeping your cock away from her mouth is sadly one of them. But what if that doesn't happen and she gets the lucky chance to be raised in a church culture that affirms healthy sex drive in marriage? She might not like licking and handling your cock. She might start off liking, and then stop, or start, or whatever. You are putting a lot of pressure on her to perform as your fantasy wife. Again, if I were this woman, I would be scared that disappointment would only be waiting.

    3. This might just have been left out of your story, but there's a big emphasis in your words about how she pleasures you and then suddenly she just explodes into orgasm. Fantasy is fine, but I am concerned that you have such a focus on receiving pleasure from the impossibly perfect wife and very little imagination or understanding about how she will receive pleasure. She probably is going to need more attention to be aroused and cum. You'll learn this in time as a lover, but for now, back down from the cum-obsessed wife who orgasms on command and as a result of all the pleasure YOU received.

    4. I am making a guess here but it is so common that I don't think I'm far off. This story sounds heavily influenced by porn. Maybe you don't intentionally view it. There are so many ways to be influenced by porn because of our culture. But this all sounds like an unrealistic porn fantasy with some Christian expectations of her virtues. She has dream looks, she salivates over your pleasure, she cums at the snap of fingers when it pleases the man. That's not real life. That's porn.

    I don't fault you for your fantasy or the unreasonable expectations. But if this is the fantasy and expectations you carry forward, you will either miss out on meeting your wife at all because no woman can fulfill this, or you will injure your married sex life with unattainable expectations. The reality is, she will be pretty, sort of pretty, or not pretty at all. She will have times of being selfless and selfish. She will be patient and impatient. Sometimes she will be caring and helping with smooth flowing hair and perfect face. Sometimes she will be tired, irritated and done with fizzy hair and a disappointed look on her face. Just.Like.You.Are.Sometimes.

    If you marry, allow your future wife to be human and flawed, like you. If you marry, let your sex life spring up without these burdensome expectations. If you marry, think more about the kind of husband you will be than the kind of wife she has to be. THEN – you have a chance at a fantasy sex life.

  3. Dean316 says:

    Okay She Writes, i appreciate your comment. Just gonna give out some real talk here cause i'm an honest person. If i have done anything wrong in this post i wholeheartedly apologize. I am not trying to create some perception of myself or anything, neither am i trying to make this pornographic as you say. Trust me on this, (i know you don't tho) i HATE porn. Despise it so i would not want this be something i hate. We humans are flawed so it's not like i'm going to make anyone not flawed at all. Listen, once again i apologize because i don't want people to get the wrong idea of me. Some things in this might be a head scratcher to some people as well as sinful as you put it but i don't want this to put any negative and doubting feelings on me cause i'm a good flawed person. I will learn from this and your comment.

    Please forgive me,

    God bless,

  4. PatientPassion says:

    I see where She Writes is coming from, but I don't think you did anything wrong with this post, Dean. The way I see it is that you simply exposed the fact that you may have an incomplete view of sexuality within a Christian marriage. I have learned so much about the proper application of sexuality in a Christian marriage, but I myself still don't have a complete view of it. I'd guess that even couples who have been married for 30, 40 or 50 years would say they still don't have a complete view of it.

    Many of the same concerns She Writes has could be applied to my recent story as well (Wedding Night Fantasy). Aside from a little bit in Part 1, I do very little to display character flaws or any kind of struggles that the people in the story have. My goal was to outline an ideal, knowing full well that almost every aspect will be slightly, or even significantly different. I think I get away with it because the story is expressed as a hope or a dream, not a strongly-held expectation. I didn't express it in my writing, but my attitude is this: while I hope dearly for all of the things I fantasize about in my stories, I will submit my desires to God and do or refrain from doing certain things so that I can love my wife as strongly and intimately as I possibly can. I will help her grow and help her to see that sexuality can encompass so many different things, but I will never push her so hard that I hurt her.

    As I've said before, I've never been married or even had any kind of romantic relationship, so know this is a theoretical opinion with only second-hand experience behind it. I think the only problem with this post is that it seems to be born of an incomplete, and perhaps slightly shallow view of sexuality in Christian marriage. That may come from your actual understanding and attitude about it, or it may come simply from a different kind of writing style. With that said, your apologetic comments in reply show you're willing to admit fault (even if it's minor) and learn and grow from there. That alone puts you on the right track to moving forward and attaining a more complete and profound view of sexuality. Not to toot my own horn, but simply to reference an easy example: if you read parts of my story Wedding Night Fantasy, you can see an emphasis on the new wife's pleasure and on how the new spouses lovingly and patiently give pleasure, and then receive it themselves. They are willing to receive pleasure, but are always looking to be selfless and to serve the other. Again, I've not been in this kind of relationship before, but one of the things that has been reinforced in my mind and heart many times over is that as a general rule, selflessness is always good. If you have a relationship with a decent person and you lovingly do everything you can to fulfill their wants, needs and desires, I believe they will be encouraged to do the same for you.

    I would encourage you to read through your original post again and ask yourself, "Is this the best I imagine a sexual relationship inside a Christian marriage can be? Am I missing a greater meaning or a more profound aspect of sexuality? If there's a greater beauty in sexuality than what I've illustrated here, what aspects can I add that would put that greater beauty on display?" I would guess that your view of sexuality goes deeper than what your post suggests, and I would just encourage you to expand and clarify that view as much as you can. As you grow in that area, keep writing and see how your fantasies change, or how the old ones keep the same structure but sprout new growth and detail that transforms them into something even more beautiful than before.

    Rather than feeling ashamed or guilty, consider this a great moment in your life! We've uncovered things that could be a problem for you further down the road, but by God's grace, you have the opportunity to begin fixing them here and now with the help of other Christians who are passionate about these subjects! You thought your fantasy was hot now? If God does indeed bless you with a wife, this new point of growth in you will contribute to making your sexual experiences with her even better!

    Aside from principles straight from the Bible, MarriageHeat has done more to shape my view of holy, fulfilling and beautiful sex within marriage than any other resource, and I'm sure this community can do the same for you!

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Do I agree? Yes and no. It's black and white for me. I do agree that we shouldn't set up unrealistic expectations, but i think it's prudish that someone says that this post sounds "heavily influenced" by porn. So does that mean that Christian stories can't be hot, they have to be dull and stagnated? There can't be too many hot terms because that'd be "unChristian"? They can't have explicit terms, even though the Song of Solomon is erotic? You don't think Christian couples can have hot, healthy and actively creative sex lives? I think that's ridiculous. You have nothing to apologize for Dean316, and you can write make story as hot as you want, but having said that, I do agree that you shouldn't set yourself these expectations, yes we do fantasize which is all normal but that doesn't necessarily mean it'll come true. We would all like to marry a "looker" but your may not be such, or not to you at least, but still a beautiful person at heart. A woman you may like may not like you back, or you may marry a woman, but God forbid, something happens to one of you where you can't have sex. It's good to have standards and know what you want, but remember no one is perfect, so if you're fantasizing about this too much, you could set yourself up for disappointment. But I still wish for your dream to come true. God bless

  6. Alicia G. M. says:

    Personally I enjoyed your story and do not see where you said anything wrong. Sometimes we as people can over analyze and be to judge mental. Especially as Christians. You wrote what you feel and there is nothing wrong with that. It is true we are all flawed. It is what makes us human and God understands this. When you fall in love, you tend to accept the flaws and see only the good. I think your story reflects that well. I just hope you and your cock had a good release after writing this. 😉 God bless you!

  7. Old Lover says:

    Dean316, you’ve written a story that paints a picture of the wife of your dreams. It’s not an actual person – thus you are not lusting after a particular woman. Your portrait is of an ideal mate – that’s quite normal. All of us had criteria for our future spouse. Did or do they completely check all of the boxes of our desires and ideals all of the time? No!

    If you picture this ideal in your sexual thought life, that’s fine. No doubt you will realize when God presents that one woman to you for a lifetime of union that she won’t be precisely the woman of your dreams. When the time comes, always hold your dear wife in high esteem just as you have depicted in your story.

    You are to be commended for picturing this ideal wife as you masturbate rather than the image of a real woman that you know, have had described to you, or have seen.

  8. Dean316 says:

    Thank you everyone for your comments, thoughts and advice. Clearly i see i am not the person i think i am and have painted a negative picture of myself as a person for you to see. I will take time away to find my true moral and ethics as i learn from my sinful mistakes and thoughts.

    God bless and take care,


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