New and Incredible Orgasms for Me and my Wife

We are new to this site and we are very grateful we have found it. We are Christians that have always been a little more adventurous with our fantasies and toys. It is a blessing to know that there are others that are a little more open to enjoying the sexual gifts that God has given us

My wife and I have been married for a little over 20 years. With the busyness of life and children,  we were really needing a long weekend away for a little connecting time. Any couple that has been together for a while can empathize with how the stresses of life and kids can get in the way of connecting with your partner.

When our good friends, Jack and Susan, invited us to their new vacation home in Palm Springs for the weekend, we jumped at the chance. We were able to make arrangements with my wife’s sister to watch the kids over the weekend after they got home from school Friday afternoon. My wife gets concerned when we are away from the kids for a while, which is a total libido killer for her. The fortunate thing is that she truly trusts her sister with the kids, so this helped her relax.

We left early afternoon on Friday to avoid traffic. Palm Springs was just a few hours drive for us, and the trip went quickly with us anticipating some alone time. We pulled into my friend’s home about 7 PM that evening. The house was gorgeous and large. We knew that our friends had done well in the tech industry and this house definitely showed the fruits of their success. We ended up having a few glasses of wine and talking with our friends till about 11 PM. After the wine and the drive we were looking forward to getting some rest. My friend Jack explained that he had set up a golf tee time for us at 6:45 AM and to be ready to leave by 6:15 AM. I haven’t golfed in a while, so I was looking forward to it. His wife Susan showed us  to our guestroom which was extremely spacious, with an en-suite bathroom.  Their  master bedroom was on the completely other side  of the home. 

As we were both getting ready for bed in the large and luxurious bathroom, a huge marble shower was reflected in the vanity mirror. I noticed that the shower had a with a very interesting looking shower head. My wife and I briefly discussed the idea of a “quicky”, though she was fast asleep when I climbed into the bed.

The alarm on my phone went off and I quickly hushed it so as not to disturb my wife. I got dressed in my golf attire, and before heading out the door I gave my wife a quick peck on the cheek. She look beautiful and peaceful sleeping on her side, and I loved the sight of the cleavage of her 36C breasts coming from her low cut nightie.

The morning was beautiful, and the golf game was terrific, even though my score was not . It was about noon when we finished, so we headed back to the house. It had gotten relatively warm by the end of the round so I decided I would take a quick shower to freshen up. As I entered our guest room my wife was lying back on the bed with her hair in a towel, and her white fluffy bathrobe wrapped around her. She had a flushed and dreamy look in her eyes. She looked at me with a big smile and said “I have something to show you”. She jump down from the bed, grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom. She pointed to the shower head and said “I want one of those”. Now I was very curious and asked her why. My usually reserved wife then said “let me show you”. She let her white fluffy bathrobe fall to the floor, though she the left the towel on her head. She turned on the shower water and adjusted its warmth. The water coming from the shower head had a very interesting stream coming from it. I watched my wife duck her shoulders and chest under the stream of warm water. She then said “okay, watch this”. I was amazed that she was being so forward in whatever she was going to show me. She then reached up and adjusted the shower head so the water stream came out at a longer angle. She stepped back, smiled at me and held onto one of the grip bars in the shower. Now I was incredibly intrigued and extremely excited emotionally and physically. She tilted her hips slightly upwards and pointed the water stream in between her labia. She almost immediately let out a small sigh and started to gently moan. I was loving this open display of wanton pleasure from my wife. She looked at me through the glass door and had that that familiar dreamy look in her eyes. Her breathing started to quicken, as her breast moved up and down as she breathed. I was entranced watching my normally conservative wife getting lost in her pleasure. I watched the fingers on her left hand grip the bar even tighter.  Her other hand had started to caress her erect nipples. She has always had very sensitive nipples, and loves them to be played with. It has been just a few minutes,  and her whimpers and moans we’re becoming a little more louder. She suddenly said in a breathless voice “here it comes”. Has she started to moan even louder. She took her hand off her nipple hand and put it over her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. Waves of orgasmic pleasure continued to roll through her body. I was blown away watching this incredible display from my wife. I was so excited that my cock was rock hard and I felt tingles across my face, probably from unknowingly holding my breath. She backed her labia and clitoris out of the water stream, and smiled. She looked at me in her post orgasmic bliss and said “I have done that that numerous times this morning, and I have been having the most incredible orgasms while you were at the golf course. I could not wait to show you my new discovery.  She then said with a knowing smile “I’m really going to enjoy our stay here”.

That afternoon we were going to meet our friends for a late lunch. At the end of the golf game it was about 90 degrees, and I had worked up quite a sweat. I decided to take a quick shower before we left for lunch. I was still very worked up from seeing my wife get off in the shower earlier, though I didn’t have any time to do anything about it. I stared at the stream of water,  and had  visions of my wife cumming so strongly just a short time before. We connected with our friends early that afternoon on the patio of local hangout. We had lunch and made plans for dinner. That evening dinner was a steak and shrimp barbecue out on the patio, with some crisp white wine. We thought about mentioning be incredible shower head to our hosts during our dinner conversation, though we just didn’t feel comfortable doing so at this point. We turned in a little early and my wife and I finally had to time to sexually connect before we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up before my wife, and decided to take a shower to get ready for the day. We were going to start the day with breakfast with our friends at their nearby country club. I got in the shower and adjusted the water. I could not get the memory of my wife cumming so strongly the day before and I started to get hard, which is usually the way I wake up anyway.  Memories flooded back to years and years ago when I was growing up and our family had a hot tub. I would masturbate in any fashion I could during that time. I remembered a time late one night when I was home  alone and I decided to get in the hot tub naked. I was horny, and I decided to see what the hot tub jets would feel like on my cock. I lifted my cock up towards the jet, and chills ran through my body as the flowing water hit the back of the head of my cock. The feeling was so overwhelming that I realized I would be able to cum extremely quickly right then and there. As great as it felt, I had to stop because my parents were going to be home at anytime, and I wasn’t sure what would happen with cum floating around the hot tub. Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity with the hot tub again. With that thought in mind, I placed my hard cock under the stream coming from the shower head. It vibrated on my shaft and head of my cock. Again chills went through my body, just like before. It felt great, though I didn’t think I would be able to orgasm from just that stimulation. I decided I was going to lay back in the shower, and see what it was like to have the strain hit the more sensitive under size of my cock. I redirected the  shower flow, and I laid back on the floor of the shower. I positioned my cock  right under the stream so it hit the underside, right below they head. Bingo, that was it! A wave of pleasure pulsed through me and it felt like a mini wave of orgasm was starting to build. I redirected the stream to a less sensitive part of my shaft to make  things last a little longer. Also the stream was creating quite a splash  into my face, and I needed to you something to help stop it. I grabbed a washcloth to put over my face, so the splashing wouldn’t bother me.  I re-positioned myself again under the stream of water and let it do its magic. I started to moan from pleasure involuntarily, and realized I may wake my wife. I took one of my free hands, made a fist and put it up to my mouth to muffle any sounds when my orgasm hit. A wave of incredible pleasure washed over me as I started to cum. It was nothing like I had felt before. The pounding and pulsing of the water on my penis was relentless.  The vibrations of the water we’re constant all the way through my orgasm, which seemed to envelop my whole body. My ejaculation was extremely forceful, as I could feel the cum it hitting my chest and neck. I was blown away. I now realized what my wife had experienced.; it was just incredible. I finished up with my shower still amazed by the new incredible experience. I went back to the bedroom in a towel to snuggle up with my wife and tell her what it just happened. I was still very horny from the experience.

 When I explained my experience with the shower head to my wife, she was very turned on and curious. Needless to say we had many orgasms that long vacation weekend the traditional way with each other, and with our newly found shower toy.

Before we left Sunday afternoon, during lunch we got the courage to ask about the shower head to our friends and asked how we could get one. My friend and his wife smiled knowingly, and explained that it was in the guest bathroom because each of them liked to experience it alone. Jack said that he had been approached as a possible investor for a company that had obtained a patent for the shower head. It was the only one they had sent him as a prototype. He said they he would contact the company to see if he could get another one for us. He joked that if we wanted one that bad, then he should definitely look at investing.

 We got home from that vacation about two weeks ago, and my wife has not stopped talking about getting one of them. She says that she would be able to have incredibly strong orgasms in the privacy of her shower, and not have to worry so much about if the kids or anyone else was in the house. I have to agree with her, and I want one too as soon as possible. I’m going to go email my friend right now to see if he has made any progress in getting one for us.

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I'm so glad you found this site, and welcome! You will love it, there's all kinds of stories 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wonderful, hot story, and God bless you two!

  2. Sarge says:

    Years ago we took our family condo camping. As luck would have it, there was a hot tub in our master bedroom. After the kids had gone to bed my wife and I jumped naked into the tub. We got frisky and after much kissing, my wife hopped up on the edge of the tub, spread her legs and I began to eat her delicious pussy. She came very strongly while pushing my head against her cunt so that her clit was in my mouth and I sucked her to her orgasm.
    She had me sit on the edge next and gave me one of her amazing blow jobs. Now she didn’t like me coming I her mouth, and she got an idea. She had me get back in the tub because she wanted to watch me cum by using the tubs jets. Well after that blow job it didn’t take long and I had an amazing orgasm, shooting gobs of cum into the tub water.
    Well that wouldn’t do have my cum floating around in there, so we left it running while we went back to the bed for some more fun.
    Thanks fo reminding me about hot tub masturbation.

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