Wedding Night Fantasy (Part 3)

(Part 3/4 – Any feedback on my writing, positive or constructive, is much appreciated!)

Chapter 6: Servants


Gideon carried Annabelle from the bathroom and into the bedroom, their nude bodies pressed together and creating a strong sense of closeness. Setting his bride down on the bed, Gideon instructed her, “Lay in the middle, face down. I want to see that sexy ass, and I’ve got a surprise for you.” As she turned over, she said, “Hmm, as if there hasn’t been enough fun already.” Annabelle moved into position, draping her nude body over the layers of soft, comfortable towels Gideon had placed there earlier. As she laid down and closed her eyes, she heard Gideon get up, shuffle around in one of their bags, then climb onto the bed and kneel beside her. Annabelle heard the sound of a lid being screwed off, then a goopy substance being applied to her back and shoulders. She soon recognized it by smell as coconut oil, which was now being spread down to her sides and ass. Annabelle hummed contentedly as she settled in for her full-body massage.

It began as a normal massage, with Gideon working on her neck, shoulders, back, feet and lower legs, but it quickly turned sexual as was to be expected. He repeatedly ran his hands up Annabelle’s inner thighs from her knees all the way up between her ass cheeks, reaching down and stroking the outside of her lips with his fingertips. As in the shower, he paid special attention to her ass, using his hands to manipulate her cheeks in every way he could imagine. And again, he couldn’t prevent himself from getting up close and personal with her irresistibly attractive butt, raining kisses on her mounds and caressing them with his tongue. Annabelle loved the feeling of the oil allowing her husband’s hands and lips to smoothly slide over her skin and explore her so intimately.

Though he was enjoying devouring his wife’s ass, Gideon wanted to keep things moving along. He instructed her to turn over, saying “Alright baby, let me see your other sexy bits.” As she repositioned, Annabelle stated, “I expect as much loving on these other ‘sexy bits’ as you gave my ass.” That being his exact plan, Gideon said, “With pleasure, gorgeous.” As she closed her eyes and relaxed again, he promptly began oiling up her front, purposely avoiding her breasts and vagina at first. After massaging down both her arms and up both her legs, he oiled up her breasts and vagina and knelt between her legs. He began a pattern where he ran both hands up and down her body together, sliding over her nipples at the top and running his thumbs over her clit at the bottom. The continued massage coupled with the alternating pulses of pleasure every few seconds drove Annabelle crazy. Seeing she was enjoying his technique immensely, Gideon continued with the same long, slow strokes for several minutes, witnessing his bride’s arousal growing steadily. Before she got too close to another orgasm, he wound down his movements. He crawled up, legs on either side of her and his erect manhood resting just above the place that would soon receive it, and gave her a gentle yet deep kiss.

Edging off to the lay beside her, he made one last stop at Annabelle’s breasts before continuing to his primary destination. This time he focused all attention on one at a time, cupping his hands around and kneading both sides of it and latching onto her nipple with his mouth. His palms and fingers slid smoothly over the skin of her well-oiled breasts. Gideon worked her nipple vigorously with his tongue, alternately swirling around it and flicking up and down. Annabelle breathed rapidly through her mouth, expressing her pleasure in short moans on every exhale. It was clear by this point that her nipples were an integral part of her sexuality, and she received a great deal of pleasure from having them stimulated. When reading to prepare for this special night, she had been intrigued to see accounts from some women saying they felt like their nipples and clitoris were directly linked. Now she totally understood that feeling. Though they were not quite as sensitive, it almost felt as if she had an extra clit on each breast. She continued exploring the new and welcome pleasure as Gideon switched to her other breast, not wanting it to feel left out.

Finally, he edged back down to kneel between her legs, preparing to bring her to the heights of ecstasy once more; this time in a bit more penetrative manner, which he deemed she was ready for. He began with one finger, tracing around her feminine lips for a few seconds before pushing it inside her. As his finger started to penetrate her, Gideon told Annabelle, “Tell me if anything is uncomfortable, okay?” Receiving a nod and a “Mm hmm” full of excited anticipation, he slowly pushed inward. Due to their copious amounts of foreplay that had spanned hours now, her opening was so well lubricated and dilated that his finger slid in easily and went far deeper than before. She was a virgin, as was he, so he knew her hymen might give them problems when they tried any kind of penetration, even with fingers. He was aware that the hymen wasn’t always an issue, and sometimes even remained intact and never interfered with penetration, but he wanted to take every possible precaution to ensure she experienced as little discomfort as possible. Thanks to their foreplay, she had opened up and loosened up so well that Gideon was able to push his index finger all the way inside her without any discomfort.

To loosen her up even more, and to find the spots she liked the best, Gideon moved his finger gently in a circle, pushing up against her inner walls on all sides. He asked her, “Do you like my finger inside you?” Nodding, she replied, “It feels amaz–Oh!” Annabelle gasped as his finger brushed against the front wall of her vagina. “Hmm, found a good spot?” Gideon asked rhetorically. He returned to the same place and felt what he expected: a small, slightly spongy patch with shallow ridges on it. It felt suspiciously like her G-spot and her vocal reaction as he continued exploring it confirmed those suspicions.

He was perfectly satisfied for the next several minutes as he played in her sexy, dripping wet hole. Intimately feeling every area of her vagina, he drank in her beauty as she reacted to being stimulated from the inside like never before. He backed off his stimulation of her G-spot slightly, hoping to make her coherent enough to ask a question: “You are absolutely gorgeous down here. Can I call it your pussy?” Panting from having one of her most sensitive spots stimulated, she said dismissively, “Call it whatever you like, just keep playing with it!” Smiling, Gideon increased the intensity of his fingering again, creating a corresponding uptick in Annabelle’s gentle writhing and delighted moans. After a few moments, he followed up his question with another: “Is it okay if I use my mouth to pleasure this pussy?” Lost in pleasure, Annabelle couldn’t care less how she was stimulated, she just wanted more.  She moaned, “You can pleasure my pussy however you want.”

Gideon appreciated his wife’s use of progressively stronger language as the night went on. He hadn’t been sure how she’d take to the idea of using “ass” and “pussy,” and he was pleased that she didn’t seem to mind it. For him, it added an extra layer of engagement and indicated more intense desire. Rewarding Annabelle for her willingness, Gideon shifted his position to her, halting the use of his fingers for a moment to allow for unobstructed access. He brought his finger to his mouth, cleaning it of her delightful juices as she watched him. Laying down in front of her pussy, Gideon pushed her legs apart a little further to give himself plenty of room and to increase her sense of vulnerability. He started with long strokes of his tongue from below her pussy in the perineum area, up between her lips, all the way to her clit at the top. After a few seconds of that, he did something he had looked forward to for as long as he could remember: he inserted his tongue as deep as he could into her vagina. Immediately, he noticed two things: her juices tasted even more amazing right from the source, and having his face pressed into her pussy was extraordinarily arousing.

Annabelle let out a soft cry of excitement as yet another new sensation danced around inside her. Gideon ran his hands up and down across her well-oiled hips and sides as he continued doing his best to bring her pleasure with only his tongue. Soon sensing she was ready for more, he adjusted his mouth’s focus on to her clit, surrounding it with his lips and alternating between sucking on it and gently pushing it around with his tongue. At the same time, he brought up two fingers and slid them side-by-side into her pussy. Annabelle sensed the extra girth being pressed into her, loving the tight feeling as she accepted more inside her than she ever had before. They were both relieved that there was not any protest from her hymen. Gideon hooked his fingers upward, returning to her G-spot once more, knowing that would send her over the edge. Despite the erotically tight space, her juices found room to flow freely, liberated by the overwhelming combined stimulation of both her clit and G-spot. They cascaded down between her ass cheeks and over her ass hole, creating a warm, wet sensation in the whole area that felt wonderful. Gideon could feel the unbelievable amount of liquid leaking out from under his fingers and pulled back to admire his work. With her legs spread wide, he could see her natural lubricant had left a glistening trail straight down and was beginning to reach the soft towels he had wisely placed on the bed. Not wanting that valuable nectar to go to waste, he took his free hand and spread it around her upper thighs and outside of her pussy lips, leaving his other hand to continue teasing out the stream of feminine goodness.

As he retrieved the juice that had dripped between her ass cheeks, Gideon brushed up against her ass hole, slippery from the lubricant that had run over it. He couldn’t resist rubbing her rim a couple of times but decided to leave the more specialized anal play for later. They were just getting started with their sex lives, and they had plenty of time to explore all of the sexy options available to them.

With a drenched hand, he reached up to Annabelle’s mouth, where she proceeded to ravenously suck her own wetness off of his fingers, loving the idea that she was tasting herself. Promptly continuing, Gideon kept his mouth on her clit, moving his hands down to cup her ass cheeks and positioning his thumbs to deeply massage her outer lips, stimulating the internal legs of the clitoris that extend down to occupy the sides of the vagina. Finally, he redoubled his finger action inside her pussy, intent on bringing her another climax. Lovingly manipulating Annabelle’s G-spot and clit, Gideon drove her closer to her second orgasm of the night.

Her sexual charge climbed as he passionately made love to her pussy with his fingers and tongue. Her breathing accelerated and her pleasured moans and squeals grew more frequent as she approached her peak. With a fresh wave of ecstasy, Annabelle burst into orgasm, panting, “Oh baby, I’m cu, cum…” She was unable to finish the word, completely overwhelmed by the indescribable feeling coursing through her body. Electricity crackled in her clit and G-spot and jolted throughout her entire body. It was as if she had been plugged into a current of pure bliss. She was totally at the mercy of her orgasm, and she was perfectly content with that. As Gideon continued stimulating her through the orgasm, a fresh flow of juices was forced out by her powerful contractions, quickly drenching his hand and lower face.

Annabelle gradually descended from the incredible high she was experiencing, and Gideon correspondingly slowed his movements to avoid overstimulating her. As she regained some degree of awareness, she sat up a bit and demanded, “Come up here.” Gideon crawled up to be face to face with her, his knees straddling her midsection and his erection hanging just above her stomach. She leaned up further and kissed him aggressively, tasting herself on his lips and tongue. Annabelle broke the kiss and ran her tongue across his chin and under his jaw as well, eating up all of the liquid goodness that had come from her pussy. Finally satisfied that she had cleaned all her juice from her husband, she came back to look him in the eyes and said softly, “Thank you, that was so sexy.” Gideon smiled and responded, “Believe me, it was my pleasure.” He leaned in for another kiss and Annabelle hummed with approval, then said, “Alright, lay down. I want some time playing with you now.”

Eager to take a break and be stimulated himself, Gideon gladly swapped positions with her and laid face down right where she had been. The bed was warm from her body heat, and as he settled in he could feel a warm, wet spot on the towels under his balls. It was awesomely sexy to know that his genitals were resting in his wife’s sex juices. The way his particular anatomy was structured, his penis wouldn’t be able to point straight down between his legs while erect, so he shifted it to lay under his stomach.

Annabelle proceeded to give her husband the same treatment, beginning by dipping into the container of coconut oil that Gideon had used and spread some over his back and shoulders. After briefly working on his upper body, she continued to his legs and eventually to his ass. She spent some extra time there, exploring it thoroughly with her hands as she had in the shower. Annabelle appreciated the sexy sight of his two tight ass cheeks framed against the background of his muscular back and shoulders, and her pussy did too. All of a sudden, not knowing what came over her, she moved up and straddled his back with her pussy in direct contact with his ass. She began to rock back and forth, rubbing herself with his butt. Gideon had a difficult time believing that the girl who was barely willing to get naked not long ago was now straddling him from behind and vigorously humping his ass.

She kept at it for just a couple of minutes, not long enough to have another orgasm, but long enough to coat his rear end in her juices. Annabelle figured there would be no better time to investigate up close since she wanted to taste herself again. She dismounted Gideon’s back and brought her face right up to one cheek, sending out a probing tongue. She enjoying being so intimate with this part of him, perhaps not as much as he had with hers, but she suspected she could grow to like it even more. Annabelle kissed and licked all over his cheeks, from underneath to the very top, even down a little ways from the top of his crack. The thought crossed her mind of flicking her tongue over his ass hole a couple of times, but while she had washed him well, it didn’t seem appealing just yet. She didn’t rule it out, but she wanted to discuss it first, and she didn’t want to take them out of their sexy time to have a serious discussion. Gideon would have found it extremely sexy, but she didn’t know that yet. Besides, Gideon was already having his mind blown by the adventurousness displayed by his wife that had appeared so soon. They had spent some time before even getting engaged talking about their views on sex to make sure they would be compatible, and he had learned that Annabelle had a bit of an adventurous and kinky streak, as did he. Since they were just married, he expected her to remain more mild as they first got to know each other sexually, but he was pleasantly surprised.

Annabelle made her final few passes at his butt with her tongue, licking up the last of the wetness her pussy had left there. She was disappointed that his penis was hidden up underneath his stomach but pleased that his balls were still available. Gently fondling them for a few moments, she finished up with his ass, wanting to move on to even better things. She told Gideon to flip over so she could massage his front, and he wasted no time in doing so, looking forward to what his wife would do.

After a minute or two massaging his chest, arms and legs to get him oiled up, Annabelle gave in to her urge to the highlight of his lower body. Sitting up on her knees beside him so she could see his facial expressions, Annabelle slowly began applying the coconut oil to Gideon’s penis. She wrapped her hand around him and slowly slid it up to the tip and back down to the base, repeating the simple cycle. Once in a while, she was able to break her eyes away from his sexy, manly love tool to see his face. Sometimes he was laid back with eyes closed and jaw hung slightly open in pleasure, and others he was staring up at her with a look of desire and admiration of her beauty, taking in the erotic scene of his nude wife manipulating him with her hand.

As Annabelle’s own desire continued to grow, she took another step and moved to kneel between Gideon’s legs. Leaning down slightly, she wrapped a hand around his shaft, looked up at her husband and asked playfully, “I’d assume I’m allowed to give this a little tongue work?” He eagerly replied, “I’m your husband now. My body is fully yours.” Looking back to his shaft, Annabelle gave a sexy “Hmm,” seeming to think about all the hot, beautifully naughty things that were open to her now that they were married.

Leaning down to taste his manhood for the first time, she began lightly licking with just the tip of her tongue, running a few times from the base to the tip, then lifting off to repeat from the bottom. Not being able to hold herself back anymore, she opened her mouth wide, and being careful to keep her teeth out of the way, engulfed the first couple of inches of his shaft. Annabelle went to work as if she were sucking a lollipop, sealing her lips around him and playing with her tongue, all the while holding the base steady with one hand. She swirled around with her tongue, tasting the combination of coconut oil and pre-cum from the head. Meanwhile, she took her other hand and cupped them under his balls, gently bouncing them around on her fingers. As she reached under to grab them, she felt a damp spot on the towel underneath him, knowing it was mostly her pussy juices and likely a bit of Gideon’s pre-cum too.

To get his attention she took her mouth off his manhood but still continued fondling his balls. When he sat up a bit to see what was going on, she spoke in a tone matching her sultry look. Pointedly giving his balls a gentle squeeze, she said, “I love how you hold back your cum to keep going, but by the end of the night I want what’s in here to be deep in my pussy, okay?” Gideon loved the imagery that her request conjured up in his mind. Following a moment of entranced reflection on that image, he replied, “That can most definitely be arranged. Anything for you, my sex queen.”

With a satisfied hum, Annabelle eagerly resumed her prior activities, this time taking him slightly deeper as her excitement grew. As she dropped her head, Gideon was able to see the outline of her ass up in the air behind her, adding to the incredibly sexy view. Realizing Gideon was watching her thoroughly enjoying having him three inches deep in her mouth, she looked up at him without stopping and gave him the sexiest look she could muster. She remembered how much that look had revved her own engine when he had given it to her in the shower, and knew it would probably have the same effect on him. And unsurprisingly, it did. Then Annabelle refocused on pleasuring her husband orally, alternately twirling her tongue around his shaft and bobbing her head up and down an inch or so, all while playing with his balls. Being so up close and personal with her husband’s genitals generated such a strong feeling of intimacy, and it was extraordinarily arousing. Annabelle realized this must be what Gideon had felt when he had used his mouth to pleasure her pussy.

After a couple of minutes, she was becoming so hot and bothered by her exciting new oral adventure that she needed some stimulation herself. She gave herself over to instinct, which told her to put herself in a position where her mate could give her what she needed as she continued lustfully devouring him. Taking only a moment to reposition, she knelt up next to his shoulder and latched herself back onto his shaft, ass high in the air next to his head. Gideon took the hint, and besides, he wouldn’t miss a chance to play between the dripping wet pussy lips that had just been presented to him. He reached around her ass cheek, briefly cupping and squeezing it before slowly sliding two fingers into her pussy.

As she felt the welcome intrusion, Annabelle lifted momentarily paused and lifted her head. She needed stronger words to express the raw love and carnal, overwhelming desire she felt in that moment. With normal filters and inhibitions already long gone, she gushed, “Oh I love your cock baby, I can’t wait until it’s between my other lips.” The two lovers manipulated each others’ pleasure zones as the dirty talk dam burst, releasing a flood of highly stimulating, sexually charged phrases. Annabelle continued rubbing Gideon as she paused her mouth work to speak, and G continued thrusting two fingers into her pussy the whole time.

Gideon: “Hmm, you like having something in both sets of lips, don’t you girl?”

Annabelle: “Mm hmm, I love being filled with you!”

Gideon: “I’ll fill you anytime you want baby.”

Annabelle: “I want this cock to fill my pussy soon.”

Gideon: “You will get as much of this cock as you want baby.”

Annabelle: “Mm, I love it in my mouth, so sexy with your fingers in my pussy at the same time, makes me feel loved on both ends.”

Gideon: “I love every bit of you baby! I love your ass right by my face; you’re so hot, girl.”

Their arousal levels both rocketed skyward as they simultaneously stimulated each other. They could see and feel the signs of each others’ climaxes. Annabelle could feel Gideon’s cock suddenly grow harder, feel the veins begin to pulse, and see his balls draw up close into his body. Gideon felt Annabelle’s pussy quivering slightly and contracting every few seconds, sending a stream of natural lube down his arm.

Gideon: “Oh my gosh baby, you’re gonna make me cum again!”

Annabelle: “Your fingers feel so good, I’m so close!”

Gideon: “Oh, oh ‘Belle stop I’m coming!”

As he clenched his PC muscle hard and the first waves of orgasm washed over him, Gideon felt Annabelle’s pussy clamp down on his fingers. Nearly speechless with ecstasy, she used as few words as possible and panted out, “Cumming, don’t stop!” With her pussy gripping his fingers so hard, he had limited movement but did his best to keep thrusting into her. As his own orgasm flowed over him, he found the feeling of his bride’s delightful pussy to be even more erotic. He kept his PC muscle clenched tight to stop his ejaculation, knowing that the main event was just around the corner.

Annabelle groaned in sheer pleasure as her orgasm ripped through her body, amplified by her husband’s fingers continuing to pump into her pussy. Bucking her hips against his fingers in a state of ecstasy, she felt vulnerable and connected with the man she loved in a way words cannot describe. She looked down to see her husband lying next to her in the same orgasmic state as she was. She belonged completely to this man, he belonged completely to her, and they were pledged to share this bond their whole lives. Through a scene heavily tinted with a surreal, heavenly glow, their eyes met in that moment and conveyed more love than could ever be possible in words.

Time seemed to slow when Gideon stared into her eyes, one second stretching into eternity as he seemed to see down to her very soul through her eyes, and he knew she saw the same thing as she gazed into his. Though not normally a man to be emotionally vulnerable, Gideon loved the feeling of being completely exposed and enjoying the heights of sexual pleasure in such an intimate way with the woman he loved most. In this one moment, their bond of love and trust grew exponentially stronger.

As they came down from their high together, Gideon sat up and said, “Wow, that was awesome, thank you. I love you so much.” Annabelle turned around and brought her face right up to his, looking him in the eye and saying, “I love you too.” Their mouths met in a slow, passionate kiss that expressed the love they had just felt and professed. When they finally separated, Annabelle giggled and admitted shyly, “You look sexy when you’re cumming.” Gideon countered, “You should have seen yourself! You were absolutely radiant, like a sex queen or something.”

Leaving the playful banter behind and returning to seduction mode, Annabelle climbed up and straddled Gideon, pressing his erection up between their abdomens and getting her lubricant all over his balls. She pressed her forehead against his, looked into his eyes and purred seductively, “And when is this sex queen going to get some real sex with her king, hmm?” Gideon whispered back, “The king is ready whenever his queen is.” In a voice that was heavy with a sense of finality, Annabelle breathed, “She’s ready for him.” Their mouths met, once again professing the depths of the love and adoration between them. As the couple prepared to shift positions, each of them silently thanked God for a joining them to a spouse that was willing to be such a faithful servant, dedicated to bringing them the greatest heights of sexual pleasure.


Part 4 (end) coming soon!


Thank you for reading! I know I tend to write in a very long fashion with lots of details, so I would appreciate any feedback on how I could improve my writing. Any suggestions are very much welcome!

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  1. Old Lover
    Old Lover says:

    Oh my, ParientPassion, beautifully and sensuously written. Don’t change a thing! Your description of Gideon on Belle’s breast was delightful. As Belle, my Anne’s erect nipple acts as a surrogate for her clit. When I love on them, it drives Anne to an orgasm. Love you stories!

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Lots of details, that makes two of us! Even when I talk I point out small details! I think I did that ever since I was a little girl 🙂 nothing wrong with that!

    The paragraph "Though they were not quite as sensitive, it almost felt as if she had an extra clit on each breast. She continued exploring the new and welcome pleasure as Gideon switched to her other breast, not wanting it to feel left out" was my favorite, because it was hot, followed by something humorously "cute" if you will. Does that make sense?

    Then the part about the orgasm was SO intense! I loved it, it was so descriptive, erotic, I could see myself in that, it reminds me a little bit of times i share with my husband 🙂 so thank you so jogging that. I look forward to part 4. God bless!

  3. Current Resident
    Current Resident says:

    I love this series! The detail and long progression are its strengths imho. Keep writing and keep looking forward to this experience with your future wife. I am inspired to keep looking for mine.

  4. JulieSorso
    JulieSorso says:

    Wow — these stories are absolutely wonderful! I've been reading stories on this site for several months, but just had to create an account so I could comment and thank you!

    Particularly as a single girl, it's so awesome to see someone write so beautifully and erotically about this God-honoring fantasy! Each time I've read these (more than once!) I've gotten incredibly aroused and wet! Every detail is so vivid and sexy, and the fact that it comes from another single person looking forward to what Good has in store makes it connect with me personally so much more!

    Keep writing, and keep waiting on God! I know the feeling.

  5. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    Thanks again for all the feedback, everyone!

    Julie, I'm so glad you are able to connect with the story. I hope it has the same effect when I show it to my future wife! The last part in coming out on Friday (Nov. 17), and I'm in the middle of writing another series that continues the honeymoon. It will be a while before that series shows up, but if you like this one, keep an eye out!

    I'd encourage you to write out your own fantasies too! I've found it's a great exercise for determining what your desires truly are, and for getting to know yourself better.

    Praying for patience and contentment for you, and for fulfillment of your own dreams!

  6. youngandloved
    youngandloved says:

    Wow, PatientPassion!
    As a single young guy new to Marriage Heat and looking forward to marriage myself, this God honoring series has inspired me to find what I truly desire for sex with my future wife. I'm pretty sure I have a butt/rimming fetish, but I wasn't sure how my future wife would take that or find it appealing.This story helped me to dream of what could be a hot Spirit filled marriage. Thanks! Tbh I would freaking love it if my wife went down on my butt too

  7. PatientPassion
    PatientPassion says:

    Glad you liked the story, youngandloved! I right with you in regards to the butt fetish. I didn't explore any deeper into that (pun intended) in this series because I don't want to pressure my future wife in that regard, especially so early in the marriage. However, I do have a couple more fantasy series planned, and some of those stories involve anal play, so I'm sure you'll be looking forward to those! Unfortunately, it will probably take several years to get them all done, because I have ideas for around 20 separate writings!

    On another note, I'll echo the warnings of some of the more experienced husbands on the site: don't expect to have this kind of extended, intensely erotic experience on your first night with your future wife. I wrote this series as a sort of ideal scenario, or a goal that I set way out in the distance, knowing I probably won't reach it on the first try. I certainly hope to have this kind of experience fairly early on, but I've learned that there's a learning curve to sex, and it might be a little awkward to find the right positions and movement patterns at first! Don't worry though, I'm sure you'll have plenty of practice in those first few weeks and months of marriage and have it down in no time!

  8. youngandloved
    youngandloved says:

    For sure bro, there will be plenty of time for us to learn and explore the beauty of sex that God created with our future wives! It's just nice to see a few stories here like yours that include butt play to give me a few ideas for my future marriage. God Bless!

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