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There For Her

I wake up with warm morning sunlight beginning to light up the room. It’s mostly quiet. But as I come to my senses, I realize something isn’t quite right in the otherwise peaceful atmosphere. Every few seconds, I can make out a little burst of frustrated sounds. They reach my ears and pull me further […]

🔊 Eyes, Fingers, Lips

Eyes become focused. Fingers grow tense. Lips make way for quickening breath as a certain atmosphere bathes the room. Eyes. Yours, fixed on mine with a feminine, sultry intensity from just inches away. Fingers. Yours, intertwined with mine, then two pressed against my mouth, hushing my curious words, letting your actions display your intentions. Lips. […]

Anal Play in Christian Marriage

I thought it would be beneficial to have a series of conversations about various aspects of sexuality seen as taboo, deviant, or otherwise on the fringe of accepted Christian culture. This particular article will deal with the subject of anal play and anal sex. Anal sex tends to be taboo even outside the Christian community. […]

Period Sex: What Does the Bible Say?

There was a recent post here on Marriage Heat titled “Freedom in Christ” that sparked an interesting discussion in the comments. The original topic had a wider scope, but most of the comments fixated on the question of whether or not the Bible allows for sex during a woman’s period (assuming, of course, that the […]

Wedding Night Fantasy (Part 4 – End)

(Part 4/4 – Part 3 available here. Any feedback on my writing, positive or constructive, is much appreciated!) Chapter 7: Consummation   Finally breaking their kiss, Annabelle maneuvered herself off of Gideon’s lap, freeing his erection from between their bodies. As he turned around to kneel next to her, his bride lowered herself to the bed […]

Wedding Night Fantasy (Part 3)

(Part 3/4 – Part 2 available here. Any feedback on my writing, positive or constructive, is much appreciated!) Chapter 6: Servants   Gideon carried Annabelle from the bathroom and into the bedroom, their nude bodies pressed together and creating a strong sense of closeness. Setting his bride down on the bed, Gideon instructed her, “Lay in […]

Wedding Night Fantasy (Part 2)

(Part 2/4 – See part 1 here. Any feedback on my writing, positive or constructive, is much appreciated!)   Chapter 5: Dripping with Desire   The newly-wedded lovers enjoyed the silence of the secluded house. They savored the feeling of their nude bodies pressed completely against each other, and the strong sense of intimacy it generated. However, […]

Wedding Night Fantasy (Part 1)

This is Part One of a four-part series, all together about 17,000 words, which is why I broke it up. It’s quite long, but hopefully worth the read! Any feedback on my writing, positive or critical/constructive, is much appreciated! This is a fantasy story of how I imagine my wedding night might go with my future wife. […]

Deeper Learning – Male Multiple Orgasms

If you’re a man anything like me, you may have occasionally had thoughts along these lines: “Women are so blessed to be able to experience multiple orgasms. I sure wish us guys could experience that.” I mean, even though I’m a virgin and saving myself for my future wife, I can imagine what it would be […]

Deeper Learning – Natural Male Enhancement

This is a subject that permeates our culture. For whatever reason, the size of the male genitalia seems to be interpreted as a representation of a man’s masculinity and sexual ability. To put it bluntly, the larger the equipment, the better the man. Clearly, this can lead to a lack of confidence in some men […]

Marriage Heat Writing Challenge – Horny Hostess

I’ve read stories on MarriageHeat.com anonymously for a while, but have always kept to myself until now. However, the recent Writing Challenge put on by the website has finally gotten me out of my shell. This is my first ever story about sex, but hopefully I’ve picked up enough from all of the other writers […]