Anal Play in Christian Marriage

I thought it would be beneficial to have a series of conversations about various aspects of sexuality seen as taboo, deviant, or otherwise on the fringe of accepted Christian culture. This particular article will deal with the subject of anal play and anal sex.

Anal sex tends to be taboo even outside the Christian community. Among Christians, it’s widely criticized, if it’s even talked about at all! For those who may be unfamiliar with it, anal play involves the stimulation of the anus with fingers, toys, mouth or genitals. Anal play can be anything from simple, light touching of the anus with a finger to full penetration with a toy or penis.

To begin with, I will not be directly endorsing full-on anal sex (penis penetrating into the anus). Though we’ve had many anal play stories on Marriage Heat, I do not believe we have had any lately that involve full anal sex.  (There is an old Marriage Heat story referenced below which does, but these are extremely few and far between.) With more stories involving anal play and a recent poll about anal penetration, I think the Marriage Heat editorial/administration team is testing the waters. They seem to be getting a pretty positive response, but I sense they are still hesitant to take that next step because of some of the potential dangers involved in anal play. Out of respect for that position, I will not explicitly endorse full anal sex, but I hope to show that the risks can be mitigated, if not avoided altogether, and that anal play and anal sex can make for an intensely pleasurable and intimate lovemaking experience.

I want to talk about several aspects of anal play and hope to engage this community in a dialog that will inform and enlighten us all. To frame this discussion, I’ll start with some questions:

1) Do you have any interest in anal sex?
2) Do you think anal sex can be dangerous?
3) Do you think anal sex is biblically acceptable?
4) Do you think anal sex has a place in a Christian marriage?
5) Before reading this article, did you know much about anal sex?

Question 1: Interest

First things first: Do you have an interest in anal play or anal sex? If so, what makes you want to investigate and possibly try it?

I didn’t used to, but over the last year or two, I have developed an interest in anal play. Several things stood out to me that are attractive about it.

First, I’ve seen many accounts from married couples on Marriage Heat and other sites who immensely enjoy playing around the back door during foreplay or conventional sex. I’ve even read stories of married couples who took all of the proper precautions and engaged in full-on anal sex. Many of them say that the first time they do it right, it’s like they are losing their virginity to their spouse all over again. To them, it feels as if a part of their body that was previously forbidden has now been opened for them both to love and enjoy. Because of the carefulness needed in anal play, it also seems to lend itself to a slower, more aware and more intimate kind of lovemaking.

Secondly, it can actually be very pleasurable! I’ve read stories of both women and men enjoying anal penetration immensely. One story from Marriage Heat a few years ago called “Outdoor Shower Gets Hot” shows a husband and wife both enjoying anal sex. This story might give you an idea of what’s possible in the realm of anal pleasure. However, keep in mind that it’s often a little bit more of a process to make sure you’re clean and using proper lubrication than that story implies.

I’ve had personal experience with anal stimulation as well. Often in the shower, I will soap up a finger (for both cleanliness and lubrication) and play around. Feeling my finger open me up is such an erotic feeling. I have been able to use two and sometimes even three fingers to stretch myself out, and I often get a full erection without ever having to touch myself anywhere else! I also recently got several glass butt plugs that I’ve been using in the shower. The biggest one can be inserted almost 5 inches and is 1.75 inches across at the widest point, and it feels amazing to be stretched and filled like that! Even when we males have active sex lives, we never get the feeling of being penetrated that women get to experience. But anal play can change that.

I’ve found many testimonies of both men and women who enjoy anal stimulation. For both sexes, the anal area contains many nerve endings that are very similar to but more numerous than those in our respective reproductive organs. And they are capable of sexual stimulation as well! In men, the prostate can be stimulated from inside the anus to cause more intense orgasms. I’ve heard that some men can even achieve orgasm from prostate and anal stimulation alone! And for women, it turns out that the internal wall between the anus and the vagina is thin enough that movement inside the anus can stimulate the inside of the vagina, adding a whole new layer of pleasure!

Question 2: Dangers

Second on the list: do you think anal sex can be dangerous? What are the specific dangers in your mind?

I think the risks of pain and injury are a couple of the main reasons people are wary of anal play. The risk of injury is, in fact, very minimal as long as you move slowly and use plenty of lubrication. Like the vagina, the anus (in both men and women) can stretch out quite a lot to accommodate penetration. Some people who enjoy more extreme sex acts actually engage in a practice called “fisting,” where they can take a whole hand or fist into their backside. It might sound bizarre, but it just goes to show that you can do some pretty extreme things to your back door without any serious injury as long as you go slowly and use proper lubrication.

As I mentioned earlier, with little effort, I was able to fully insert a 5-inch long, 1.75-inch wide, glass butt plug. And I am quite a small-framed guy. I worked it in and out very, very slowly, pushing just a tiny fraction of an inch deeper every time. It hurt a little bit, but I was sure to be exceedingly gentle whenever there was any pain. Using that patient method of small movements and slow stretching, I got past the widest part in less than 10 minutes, and the last inch eased in pleasurably. My advice is to NOT try to push past the pain and risk injuring yourself or your spouse. Instead, just keep making small, slow motions until the discomfort subsides.

Cleanliness is another issue that turns people away from anal play. Who wants to deal with that when you’re supposed to be having an erotic time with yourself or your spouse? It’s a valid concern, and one that I’ve considered myself. Fortunately, there are several simple solutions for this problem. First, if possible, try to have a good BM an hour or two before playing back there. That will prevent the majority of the problem. From there, you have a couple of choices.

1) The lazy option is to simply play in the shower. That makes any mess extremely easy to clean up.

2) A quick but more effective option is to do a brief cleaning of the area with a soapy finger (including the inside if you plan on playing there). This is extra easy if you combine it with option 1 and you’re in the shower already!

3) The more detailed route is to use an enema bulb with some warm (but not hot) water. For various reasons that I don’t fully understand myself, some sources recommend that enemas should be done 1-2 hours before anal play, and not immediately before. If you use an enema bulb, use only warm water, and not any solution that might come with the bulb. These solutions are often laxatives, which will only cause things to be messier, not cleaner.

[From MH:

4) If penile penetration is to take place, a condom can be used to protect the husband from any possible fecal-related infection and, for the safety of the wife, should be removed (or, if not used, the penis thoroughly washed) before he has any further penile contact with her vagina.]

This is just a brief overview, but there are articles that go into much more detail. Many are accessible through a simple Google search of “how to clean out before anal play.”

There is another concern that I’ve heard, primarily from men, but sometimes from women, too. This is the idea that anal sex is tied to homosexuality, or that “anal play makes you gay.” There is a key difference that needs to be understood here. The difference is between what kinds of sex acts you enjoy and who you’re performing those sex acts with. Homosexuality has to do with who you’re attracted to and having sex with, but anal play only has to do with what kind of stimulation you enjoy. Take me, for example. As a (very) straight guy, I find the idea of any sexual act with another man exceedingly repulsive. However, I do find the act of anal stimulation highly erotic and pleasurable.

On the flip side, there might be some concerns that apply primarily to women. I’ve seen conversations online involving women who feel that anal play makes them dirty or puts them in the same category as prostitutes. Anal play, whether or not it involves penetration, is seen as something that only dirty, sexually promiscuous women and porn actors enjoy. Therefore, it is assumed that anal play is directly tied to a sinful lifestyle and that engaging in it is sin. Again, there is a key difference in context that vastly changes the meaning of the act itself. Anal sex in the setting of porn or promiscuity is only “dirty” because it involves a woman giving a part of her sexuality to someone she is not married to. On the reverse side, anal sex in the setting of a loving marriage involves a woman giving this new part of her sexuality to her husband out of love for him.

What makes the difference for both of these potential concerns is the context. There is the danger of committing any sex act under circumstances where it is sinful, but the act itself is not the problem. Anal sex can be deeply sinful or beautifully erotic, just like any other kind of sex. It’s the context that determines its sinfulness or beauty, and it’s within a loving, caring marriage that the beautiful side can come out.

Question 3: Acceptability

That leads into our next question: do you think anal sex is biblically acceptable? What passages do you think are relevant to this issue?

I’ve already stated that I believe it can be a beautiful thing in the right circumstances, but that’s just my opinion. What does the Bible say about it? Well, from a layman’s perspective, the Bible doesn’t say much at all about anal sex. One of the most frequently used references is the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. You might recognize the word “sodomy” that finds its root here. This story in Genesis 19 is often used to condemn anal sex, as God destroys the cities and the wicked people who lived there.

Looking at it a little more deeply, there are several other factors that I believe are the true source of sin here. I propose the idea that anal sex itself is not sinful, but that the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was in their practices of gang rape and homosexuality. Some have suggested that their sin was in lusting after angels, based on the Jude 1:7 reference to “other flesh” or “unnatural desire”, but brief research seems to indicate that was simply a reference to homosexuality. Rape and homosexuality are certainly condemned, but to my knowledge, anal sex is never referenced anywhere else, either positively or negatively.

This leads me to believe it’s in a similar category to things like oral sex. While it’s not a part of “normal” reproductive sex, orogenital stimulation is euphemistically displayed in a positive light in the Song of Solomon. This tells us that sex can (perhaps even should) involve more than simple penis-in-vagina penetration. The Bible has no list of acceptable and unacceptable sex acts. So as long as things are done safely, consensually, and lovingly between married couples, I believe they can choose to do whatever they want sexually.

Question 4: Proper Place

This brings us to the final discussion question: do you think anal sex has a place in a Christian marriage? If so, what do you think that place is?

This question depends highly on each couple’s preferences. Even if they think it’s acceptable, many couples might not have any interest in anal sex. Others might enjoy it so much that they make it a primary feature of their lovemaking. Clearly, though, it’s up to each couple to decide.

With that said, I’ll list a few of the benefits that I personally see and that I hope will be fulfilled in my future marriage.

First, it can add to the variety of pleasures. Again, many people may not actually enjoy any kind of backdoor stimulation. But for those who do, it can be a fun addition to their repertoire of sexy things to do together.

Second, it can add to the intensity of pleasure. I’ve read stories on Marriage Heat and other sites of both men and women who have more intense orgasms when multiple erogenous zones are stimulated at once. As noted earlier, the anal area has many nerve endings capable of feeling sexual pleasure, which may be why anal stimulation can amplify orgasms. Aside from that direct pleasure, anal play can stimulate other pleasure spots. I mentioned that in women, anal penetration can actually stimulate the inside of the vagina, and in men, penetration can stimulate their prostate. (In some cases, anal stimulation alone can bring on an orgasm, for both men and women! I don’t know how that happens. But, apparently, it does.)

Third, it helps to build and to display trust. Because the anal area is more delicate than other sexual hot spots, especially internally, anal stimulation requires an extra degree of care. When the giving spouse goes slowly and ensures the safety and pleasure of the receiving spouse, it shows that they have a great degree of respect for the receiving spouse and their body. It shows that the giving spouse is trusted in the most vulnerable and intimate situations, and this level of trust can help both spouses to open up and enjoy their sexuality even more.

Finally, anal play can generate a stronger sense of closeness and oneness. Allow me to reiterate that I’ve read many accounts from married couples talking about their first time doing anal penetration (whether with fingers, toys or penis). For many, it gave them a sense of losing another kind of virginity to their spouse. To me, it shows that their bodies belong more completely to each other. It shows that they are willing to give every part of their body to their spouse to bring them both greater pleasure.


If you have any interest in trying anal stimulation, here are a few tips to get you started. Remember that doing your own research is always the best way to be safe and learn to do things right!

1) Clean the anus and the area around it. Use one of the methods listed above, like some gentle soap or an enema of warm water.

2) Prepare your method of stimulation. If you are going to use fingers, make sure your nails are short and smooth, because the anal area (both inside and out) is quite delicate! (You can also wear a latex or rubber glove instead, perhaps with a piece of a cotton ball in the tip of the finger. Just make sure neither of you is allergic to the material!) Make sure the receiving spouse approves of any toys and that the giving spouse knows how to use them! For oral stimulation, a simple tooth brushing and/or mouth washing, before and after, should help keep the cleanliness factor as high as possible. That goes for fingers and toys, too: make sure everything’s clean!

3) Use plenty of lubricant, especially with penetration! An adequate amount of lubricant is vital for maintaining comfort and pleasure and avoiding any pain or injury. Most lubricants should be safe for anal play (water-based, silicon-based, natural oils, etc.), but double-check to make sure. If using any toys, look online to make sure they are compatible with the type of lubricant you’re using! Some lubricants and toy materials don’t work well together and can cause the toy to break down over time.

4) Go slow! Don’t make any sudden or jerky movements, and of course, be very gentle. You can get more firm and rough as the receiving spouse gets warmed up and used to the stimulation, but slowing back down won’t do as much good if they’re already hurting. That brings us right into…

5) Listen to your spouse! Even with external play, something might become uncomfortable, and whatever is causing that should be stopped. Especially with penetration, back off a little if they have any pain or discomfort. Note that, if penetrating with a finger, for example, this doesn’t mean immediately pulling all the way out. Remember, quick movements in ANY direction can be painful. If there’s pain, simply reduce or stop any pressure being applied. There may be a little bit of discomfort involved when initially stretching out the anus, but let the receiving spouse dictate how fast they can tolerate being stretched and what they want to be done.

6) If you’re doing any kind of penetration, whether it’s the husband or wife receiving, try to gently press toward the front of the body. Whether it’s the focus of your stimulation or just a place you return to intermittently, keep that in mind as a pleasure zone. In men, the sexually-charged prostate gland is nestled a couple of inches in against the front wall. In women, this same area is in very close proximity to the vagina, which allows another angle for vaginal stimulation.

7) Do some research! What I’ve written is a basic distillation of many other sources. External play is easy enough, just do a quick cleaning and give it a try! However, if you want to attempt any kind of penetration, even with just a finger or small toy, I highly recommend digging deeper into how to do it properly. This way you minimize risks and maximize pleasure!

As a general takeaway from this article, keep this in mind: anal pleasure may be an unconventional brush, but if you give it the chance and use it right, it can still paint a beautiful picture.


I know some will disagree with certain things I’ve said here, but I’m happy to have a productive conversation about them. I am more than willing to have my mind changed if potential errors in fact or thinking can be pointed out.

And in case you are willing to give the MH community the benefit of your thorough treatment of this subject in a follow-on post, here are my questions again:
1) Do you have any interest in anal sex?
2) Do you think anal sex can be dangerous?
3) Do you think anal sex is biblically acceptable?
4) Do you think anal sex has a place in a Christian marriage?
5) Before reading this article, did you know much about anal sex? (And did it help you to understand it better, or in a new way?)

I’m looking forward to reading your responses!

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29 replies
  1. Alicia G. M. says:

    I personally have never had anal sex. To be honest my husband Tre and never have engaged in any anal play whatsoever.
    It is not that I am against it. It is just something Tre and I are that interested in it. I firmly believe that what a married couple do in their marriage bed out of love is acceptable as long as no one gets hurt.
    There are married Christian couples who do engage in anal sex and enjoy it I am sure. I think MH should allow such stories, because it is a part of some couples sex life. I for one would read such stories.
    Thank you so much for sharing this! It was very informative about a subject like you said, many find taboo.
    Blessings to you !

  2. ClimaXX says:

    1) Do you have any interest in anal sex? YES
    2) Do you think anal sex can be dangerous? YES BUT NOT TO THE POINT THAT IT SHOULD NOT BE TRIED.
    3) Do you think anal sex is biblically acceptable? YES
    4) Do you think anal sex has a place in a Christian marriage? YES
    5) Before reading this article, did you know much about anal sex? (And did it help you to understand it better, or in a new way?) YES AND YES

  3. ClimaXX says:

    I must say that this was very well written. Thank you so much. One problem is that this is an area where the girls are getting it but the guys are not getting the opportunity to enjoy it as well. Ladies, take it slow, but get your husband to try it. It is a wow to say the least.

  4. PatientPassion says:

    Thanks to the MH team for publishing this, and also for the added advice about using a condom. That was an oversight on my part, and a wise addition!

  5. ArtRutherford says:

    Good information to have. I have never done full penile pentration on my wife, only fingers. But, I do use a prostate plug/vibrator for stimulation on me. Her big concern is about germs getting from the anus to the vagina.

    He's right. Go slow. Use plenty of lube. Have fun!!!

  6. sensualcouple says:

    I can tell you there’s nothing hotter than feeling my wife cum while I’ve got a finger or my tongue buried in her asshole.

    She gets off on the same feeling when she does it to me.

  7. Sultryheat says:

    My husband has always been more interested in anal play and the idea of anal sex with me for many years. We’ve been married for 25 years and he’s always enjoyed playing with me, but I've never been receptive to letting him penetrate me with his penis….until the past couple of years that is.
    Oh, how I wish I would have become more adventurous with him and anal sex years ago.
    It is truly such a wonderful and enjoyable experience to share with one another. Wow!
    Just recently I’ve been performing anal play on him and it drives him wild. It’s all new to him and he can’t hold out very long once I make contact with his prostate. I really love to perform prostate massage and milk his prostate. During his last Urologist appointment, he actually told his doctor about it and the doctor said that they advised this kind of sexual play. Supposedly the more direct prostate play there is, the healthier the prostate will stay.
    Anyway, we both feel like this is completely acceptable in a Christian marriage bed, as we are expressing our love privately to one another.
    God bless!

  8. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I still have my personal hangups about it, but thank you for writing this. It was very interesting for me to read. I think it's up to the couple to decide, and for me and my husband it's not for us, but thanks again for this article about it. God bless

  9. CMLove says:

    PatientPassion, thank you so much for this well-written, clearly researched post! I agree with all that you've said: anal play and anal sex can be such a beautiful addition to a couple's sex life.
    My husband had always been more interested in anal sex than I had been. The first night we tried, it was after he had gone in my pussy for a good long while and he began massaging my ass in a very sexual way and then moved to massaging my ass hole. When he finally did start to move his dick in, he kept asking how it felt and if he should go slower. (As you said, communication is huge, such a trust builder.)
    It hurt a little at first but, per my request, he kept moving in and, when he finally got all the way in, it stopped hurting and was like nothing I had ever felt before! It's so hard to explain but I would encourage everyone to try it at least once.
    Also, though, I feel you can't just go right from a kiss to having anal sex. It's definitely a long erotic process that you need to make time for. But it's so worth it.
    I actually haven't tried a lot of anal play on him, but this post (and the comment from Climaxx 😜) has inspired me! We're gonna have some fun tonight!

    • ClimaXX says:

      Hi the CMLove. I think it is only fair to ask if you gave your husband some anal love….. and what was his reaction?
      Your final words were…. "We're gonna have some fun tonight!" So……????

  10. TexasCouple says:

    My wife was forced into anal sex once in a previous marriage, but was not a good experience due to a physically abusive spouse. Therefore, she considers that part of herself off limits, however we still discuss the subject with some frequency. I'm open to receiving it solely because I keep reading that the male prostate gland is about the same in terms of nerve endings as the clitoris. To us, variety is the spice of life in the bedroom. Anything which doesn't include physically bringing someone else into the sexual relationship is at your discretion.

    Bringing my comments back to the post…well thought out and discussed. Research from the Kinsey institute suggests that around 40% of the married population has participated in anal play. Not allowing for it leaves a pretty sizeable group of readers on the sidelines or unable to discuss their experiences.

  11. PacMan says:

    I’m encouraged by the comments from wives. I’ve been married 16 yrs and have become somewhat obsessed with ass play in the last 3-4 years. I have cum several times pressing my dick on the rim of her anus, maybe even with the tip slightly inside the hole. But she does not want my dick inside her ass. I do a lot of ass play on her, sometimes a finger inside, but mostly external play. I hope 5-10 years from now anal sex will be an accepted and enjoyed part of the menu. I’m 100% in favor of this site welcoming anal sex stories. It’s a personal preference within marriages, not a spiritual or Biblical issue.

  12. JJ says:

    1) Do you have any interest in anal sex? Yes
    2) Do you think anal sex can be dangerous? Yes, if precautions such as listed in the article are not taken. Likewise, other sex play can be dangerous if precautions aren't taken.
    3) Do you think anal sex is biblically acceptable? Yes
    4) Do you think anal sex has a place in a Christian marriage? Yes
    5) Before reading this article, did you know much about anal sex? Yes
    (And did it help you to understand it better, or in a new way?) No, everything article said I've read before, but review of information is always helpful.

  13. Old Lover says:

    We actively engage in anal play (enhances our orgasms), have tried anal sex (find its discomfort distracting), and believe both to be biblically permissible if mutually agreed upon and mutually enjoyed. Taking care, hygenically, is essential (and possible).

  14. TPC says:

    MH thank you for posting this submission. It has been an encouragement to me to have a place where dedicated christians can have open discussions about the God given gift of sexuality in the context of submission to the Lord. I have interest in anal play and my wife and I are just beginning to discuss the idea. I think this post will be helpful for our discussions. Thanks again

  15. BigDonG says:

    MarriageHeat[…], in your guidelines you say no anal sex because it can cause muscle damage. It doesn’t have to if done right. @LovingHusband writes about licking his wife’s anus and fingering her anus but won’t let people write about putting their penis is the ass? Totally silly and completely selective of what is ok to write about. Time to reconsider

    • Marriage Heat says:

      Perhaps you are not a regular here and not aware of the gentle changes we have begun to institute on this stance. This post was one of the first in that process.

      Yes, we are selective in what we allow to be published on our site. We do so with the needs of our intended audience as a whole in mind. We realize that we cannot meet all of the needs or preferences of each individual. But thank you for sharing your perspective here.

      Thank you, also, for pointing out that we need to update our guidelines page.

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Hi Don, Just for your clarification as to my submissions. My understanding comes from…


      1) Anal Sexuality will ordinarily not be accepted- Anal Sexuality while not prohibited in the Bible can create harm regarding possible muscle damage and bacterial threat. Anal play stories may be accepted.

      Don, my understanding (and I may be wrong) is that what my wife and I do would still be considered "anal play". Your point about selectivity is worthy of further thought. I just wanted you to know that I felt at liberty to submit our stories in that context because of that understanding of "anal play".

      I didn't want you to think I was trying to pull a fast one on the editors. God bless you! LH

  16. SecondMarge says:

    Being new I find these articles informative. About the topic, but even more about what is acceptable behavior. Also what is acceptable in stories. For myself any activity both parties agree on doing is ok. Even those I do not participate in like anal penetration by the penis. It’s good to know that MH is willing to change rules based on what most think. Some topics that seem against rules are flirted with in stories. It all results in a place I can enjoy and learn about sexual topics. Sometimes even be turned on. Happy I found it.

    • natural_gardener says:

      I agree! I really appreciate this site and the moderators being willing to allow a diversity of topics within the bounds of marriage, and giving exposure to a range of ideas and activities that different married couples enjoy or might want to try.

    • PatientPassion says:

      SecondMarge, MarriageHeat is here to teach about and inspire more heat within Christian marriages, and it sounds like it's doing exactly that for you! I'm happy that one of my articles was able to contribute a little bit to your journey! And thank you for the positive comment, it helps inspire me to write more. I've planned to do another like this on the topic of BDSM, but never quite finished it. It's next on the list for me to complete and publish!

  17. HungryHubby says:

    Thanks for the post. I always thought I’d be opposed to it but we recently discovered that she has an extremely positive response to having her anus rubbed and I’ve gradually been inserting my finger as she gets closer to climax. I’m beginning to think I would be open to anything if it resulted in her losing control of her passion. 🙂
    PIV doesn’t seem to do much for her, even stops the momentum if I’m not careful. She will cum every time with vibrator, oral, or anal fingering.
    Makes me wonder if PIA would rock her world. One step at a time.

  18. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    1) Do you have any interest in anal sex? Yes, it's now something we do. She has always been interested in anal stimulation and now enjoys full-on anal sex.
    2) Do you think anal sex can be dangerous? Yes. Important that good-quality lube is used and also that sanitation measures are in place. Unlike vaginal sex, our rule is that once my cock is in her ass it can't go anyplace here afterward, except to the shower.
    3) Do you think anal sex is biblically acceptable? Our approach is that anything that happens between the two of us, with both of our consent, is OK.
    4) Do you think anal sex has a place in a Christian marriage? It is totally up to the couple.
    5) Before reading this article, did you know much about anal sex? (And did it help you to understand it better, or in a new way?) Yes.

  19. JohnE says:

    1) Do you have any interest in anal sex? Yes
    2) Do you think anal sex can be dangerous? No as long as you take it real slow and use plenty of lube. It's a comfort-maintaining situation all the way.
    3) Do you think anal sex is biblically acceptable? Yes. Bible is silent on it in a marital situation as far as I can tell.
    4) Do you think anal sex has a place in a Christian marriage? Yes if the couple wants to experiment.
    5) Before reading this article, did you know much about anal sex? (And did it help you to understand it better, or in a new way?) I knew quite a bit, not a lot, but enough to understand the subject.

  20. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Recently, my wife wanted to introduce anal plugs into the mix (for her only). We've been using them pretty regularly now for the past month or so and she loves them. They have really elevated the pleasure. I'm not totally into full-on anal sex the way she is, so anal plugs have been a great middle-ground for us, though anal sex is still a thing for us now and then.

  21. Bootylicious says:

    Okay, actual anal sex (penetration) aside…how about having your asshole licked? Does it feel really good? Do any women love it and want it on a regular basis (as often as having your pussy eaten)? Does anyone cum from having their asshole licked? Is it safe for your hubby to lick both ass and pussy at the same time (going back and forth). My hubby wants to lick me there very badly but I'm still uncertain and uncomfortable about it just because of what it is and what it's used for (and the whole "smells like ass" thing haha). How did you gals get over your hang-ups and get comfortable with having your ass licked?

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