🔊 Eyes, Fingers, Lips

Eyes become focused.

Fingers grow tense.

Lips make way for quickening breath as a certain atmosphere bathes the room.

Eyes. Yours, fixed on mine with a feminine, sultry intensity from just inches away. Fingers. Yours, intertwined with mine, then two pressed against my mouth, hushing my curious words, letting your actions display your intentions. Lips. Yours, pressed against mine, a physical symbol of the love that runs deep into our very souls.

Eyes. Mine, mesmerized as you undress yourself and unashamedly reveal your nakedness for my pleasure. Fingers. Mine, clumsily removing my own clothing as I daydream about touching every wonderful curve of your body. Lips. Yours, curved upward in the sly smile that I've come to know so well, telling of an erotic experience to come.

Eyes. Yours, peering back at me over your shoulder, shining with a playful and sensual glint as you bend over the bed and display your bare and irresistible backside to me. Fingers. Yours, spreading open your most secret place and revealing the evidence of your arousal. Lips. Yours, one set swollen and saturated with your sweet nectar, the other set parting to consume that sweetness from your hand.

Eyes. Yours, sliding closed with satisfaction as you taste your own essence, then opening again and silently beckoning me to come taste for myself. Fingers. Yours, disappearing into yourself to harvest more of your honey, then held out to me with that most delightful and intimate gift. Lips. Mine, closing around your slender digits and slowly, sensually savoring your incomparable taste.

Eyes. Mine, looking deep and unashamedly into yours as I do things to your hand that would make you blush if I described them out loud. Fingers. Mine, holding yours in place, trapped as I make love to them with my mouth and devour every last drop of your sweetness from them. Lips. Mine, opening to release your digits and joining with your mouth to let our tongues dance and share your taste together.

Eyes. Mine, admiring your angelic figure as you lay back on the bed, fully nude and fully beautiful. Fingers. Yours, caressing your bountiful breasts, beckoning me to join you, spreading your folds in preparation. Lips. Yours,  glistening along their entire length, flowing with arousal, and held open welcomingly.

Eyes. Mine, seeking a different target to further increase your arousal. Fingers. Mine, joining yours to play on your breasts, so perfectly feminine and pleasing. Lips. Mine, unable to resist an instinctual urge, surrounding each nipple in turn, hungrily partaking of your supple flesh.

Eyes. Yours, watching me as I suckle to satisfaction, then descend toward greater pleasures. Fingers. Mine, tracing around your opening, across your sensitive pearl, up into your entrance. Lips. Yours, gasping as you open to the welcome intrusion, allowing it to discover your treasures.

Eyes. Mine, gazing between your breasts to see you looking back at me with beautiful anticipation on your face. Fingers. Yours, grasping at the sheets as you brace yourself for my tongue to tease and explore you. Lips. Mine, teasing your swollen nub, feasting from your garden, intoxicated by its therapeutic aromas and flavors.

Eyes. Yours, filled with desperation and desire, soundlessly begging me to complete the act and love you in the most intimate way I physically can. Fingers. Yours, wrapped around my stiffness, guiding me in to become one with you. Lips. Yours, both sets parted as you moan in euphoria, vocalizing the intense sensations created by our union.

Eyes. Yours, half closed as you enjoy the feelings, partly looking up at me, partly lost in the pleasure coursing through your body. Fingers. Mine, reaching up and tenderly caressing your face, a profession of my adoration for you as I gently explore deeper into your heavenly womanhood. Lips. Mine, joining together with yours once again, bringing our whole bodies skin to skin as we make love.

Eyes. Yours, now fully closed, lost in deepening bliss, mine wide open as I draw back to see more of you, awestruck at the indescribable beauty displayed before me. Fingers. Yours, hugging my back, pulling me closer once again as we near the climax of our pleasure. Lips. Yours, clenching around my firmness, quivering with the rest of your body as waves of erotic ecstasy wash over you, drawing me into the same powerful, orgasmic shudders.

Eyes. Mine, fixed on yours with a gentle warmth as we enter the afterglow of our lovemaking. Fingers. Mine, intertwined with yours, two pressed against your mouth, hushing your loving words, our actions already having displayed our affection better than any phrase. Lips. Mine, pressed against yours, a physical symbol of the love that runs deep into our very souls.

Eyes close.

Fingers relax.

Lips form faint, satisfied smiles as we drift into peaceful unconsciousness.

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