🔊 Corvette Weekend (L)

Every year, my wife and I attend the Eureka Springs Corvette Weekend in early October. We have a beautiful red Corvette coupe, C6 generation (for my fellow Corvette enthusiasts). Driving a 460 HP sports car on Arkansas State Highway 23, known as the Pig Trail, is sexy in itself.

On road trips, my beautiful wife usually wears a stunning dress and sexy shoes. This was no exception. The dress was a very soft pink dress, with a tight collar. Below the collar, the dress was open down to the top of her cleavage. The dress had elegant tight-knit 3/4 length lace sleeves. Her golden full-figured legs glistened to just above her knees. She wore complementary black ankle lace-up high heels.

It was one of those warm, sunny, blue sky days. The gorgeous fall colors displayed their fullest in the Ozark mountains. My wife hands me her panties with a very suggestive sexy smile. I smelled her womanhood in the very small crotch and began to get an erection.

We were approaching one of those local fudge shops, the kind that has the beautiful aromas in the air as you pull into the parking lot. There were four or five cars there and I parked by the furthest one from the entry. I came around the car and opened the door for my wife, as any eager husband would do.

When I opened her door, she swung those beautiful legs around. Her clean-shaven pussy was exposed to my eyes. I could not stand the sight. I knelt down on my knees and kissed the most beautiful pussy in Arkansas. After kissing and sucking on her pussy for just a few seconds she tapped me on the shoulder. I looked up and a couple was coming out of the door and headed in our direction. So I got up and helped my wife out of the Corvette.

When we went into the store my wife pushed the back of her hand against my erection, and I hunched forward. She just gave me one of her teasing smiles. I could not keep my mind on selecting candy. I just kept thinking how sexy she was by handing me her panties, and the taste of her pussy in the parking lot. We could not have gotten out of there fast enough for me!

I drove a couple more miles and found a wide spot to pull over. It was right on a curve. The oncoming traffic was right-angled to Janie's door. Janie was very horny. We reached the pullover area, and the sun was shining on her pussy as she exposed it to me. She did not know exactly why I pulled over.

I got out of the car and walked around to her side. I opened her door, got down on my knees, and put those sexy legs and shoes over my shoulders. I kissed her swollen pussy as her juices spread all over my mouth. I gently licked her clit and sucked on it.

We could hear the traffic on Hwy. 23 as it passed. They got an eyeful of beautiful legs and sexy shoes resting on my back as I ate her. We would get an occasional “hell yes!” or a horn honk. The semi-public oral sex I gave her had her cumming in no time. I raised up and kissed her passionately and told her how much I loved her.

We started to drive to the hotel, about two miles away. Janie began to rub her pussy as we drove. She was fondling my hard-on, through my red rock-colored cargo shorts. We were pre-checked in. We had the same room every year and booked it for the next year in advance. My hard cock was beginning to hurt in need of relief.

We hurried into the room. I shut the door and pinned her to the wall. Our mouths met and we frenched each other deeply. She began to tug at my cargo shorts frantically, trying to unbutton them. I ran my hands under her dress and grabbed her firm ass to give a squeeze. By this time Janie had torn the button off my shorts and grabbed my dick, which made it even harder.

We were kissing passionately, our tongues intertwining. She was moaning, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” I pulled her dress up and rammed my dick in to the hilt, pinning her harder to the wall. I impaled her with my dick as she fucked me madly. I was in ecstasy as she was hollering my name and telling me to fuck her brains out.

She likes it rough. So I started to pump into her with all I had, hitting her back wall with every stroke. I could feel her cunt juices running down the front of my legs, and the sloshing sounds were about to get the best of me. I felt her quivering as she begged me not to stop. I could not last any longer, and I released my load into her hot cunt. A few seconds later I could hear it splattering on the floor. She just wilted against me and the wall. I held her tight with my dick still in her, kissing on my beautiful Janie as we recovered.

What a great beginning to Corvette Weekend!

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    • Landscaper says:

      Glad you enjoyed reading it. It’s been a long cold winter. It’s about time to get the Corvette out, shined up and take the wife for a little cruise.

  1. SecondMarge says:

    I am still struggling to use the F word or C word during sex as my husband wishes. I’ve gotten most of the others down, even in context. I could not enjoy oral where I was being observed. But anything that works for your wife, I support. We know more than one couple that, on trips, the wife will wear something very revealing. I always wonder if many wives are exhibitionists or if they do it knowing how much their husband enjoys it. My husband has convinced me to sometimes go braless as a treat for him.

    • Slinger says:

      I personally don’t like or use the c word either. But hubby is alright with me using “p*ssy” instead. Is that something you’ve tried?

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thank you Slinger

      Yes I am learning I can make changes in myself that increase his pleasures without upsetting my own. The compromises in marriage involve trying to enjoy the same things our spouse does. How I dress, groom, speak and my fantasies have changed and I have found they can increase my pleasure as well. I have managed to use the P word as a substitute. I still need effort to adjust to the F word. Thanks for your positive thoughts.

    • Landscaper says:

      So TXblonde,
      How is that Camaro running? Been waiting for you to post a story.
      Can’t wait.

  2. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    @Slinger, I LOVE the word pussy when referring to a woman's, well, pussy. That amazing piece of female anatomy is so soft and delicate that I just want to pet it all the time. It's not a dirty or derogatory word in my opinion when used in proper context when talking about her privates. C'mere kitty kitty!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Your attitude is so cute. It was one of the easier words to learn to include because of its nonsexual meaning. My husband loves mine too and my talking about it.

  3. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    @SecondMarge....Exactly! Even before I came across MH, I was starting to develop a different opinion about certain 4-letter (or longer) words that are generally considered street language, or sailor talk, words that are considered swear words. Words are just words and are neither good nor bad, it's how we use them that can be considered good or bad. Take the F word for instance. Let's say my wife was driving the car and applying her makeup at the same time, thus crashing the car. I could say to her, "What the F*** were you thinking!?". This would not be a correct use of the word, and would also serve to tear her down. But let's change the scenario. Instead, I see her in our bathroom applying makeup in the mirror and the sight of her turns me on. I come up behind her and whisper in her ear, "You look so sexy right now, I want to F*** you where you stand". Now that would be a correct use of the word. It wouldn't be dirty or wrong because it explains EXACTLY what I am feeling and want to do, and what I want to do is totally within the bounds of a God-approved marriage. Because I communicated to my wife what I desired, and then we actually did the deed, that deed brought us great pleasure, brought us closer together, and honored God in the process. How can the word be considered bad in that context?
    Now having said all that, I don't think I will ever use the C word. Mainly because I have only ever heard it used in very derogatory language. It doesn't seem like a nice word. But the more I think about it, it likely is an older word that is more akin to let's say 'vagina', something more technical. I could be wrong though. Some women use the word 'cunny' to reference their vagina. Performing oral sex on a woman is technically called 'CUNNIlingus". So the C-word can be reclaimed in proper context I'm sure. Just not sure I want to personally use it, but I'm not opposed to others using it in context.

    • SecondMarge says:

      It is interesting how many sex words have multiple meanings that everyone understands by context. Common words for the male Dick and Cock have common meaning that is acceptable in everyday mixed company use like the P**** word about women. And He is a real D*** compares to She is a real C***.
      As you rightly point out the F word has so many uses. I heard it said it can mean almost anything and both people would know the meaning by context. I think men enjoy having their wife use it because it indicates lust. Husbands love when their wife is experiencing lust. Maybe because wives are "supposed" to be demurr and only accept sex to please their husband. But after one ”F me hard and deep,” it leaves little doubt she lusts for his manhood. I get all of it when I think about it rationally. But somehow it still is difficult to let it escape my lips. Just accepting lust as a good thing was difficult enough.

  4. JAM777 says:

    Wow!!! So hot!!
    I've wondered about standing and sex against a door/wall in terms of practicality... how many others have done stuff like this? Did you enjoy it? Repeat it? What was it like? Any difficulties? Did you stay there till you both or one of you finished?

    • HeSaid-SheSaid says:

      My wife and I have stand up sex on a fairly regular basis, like 2-3 times a month. We originally started it about 15 years ago as an occasional thing, but about 8 years ago it became fairly regular practice as a way to change things up a bit. It's very rare she will orgasm in that position because she requires clitoral stimulation for climax, and unless she touches herself that isn't going to happen because it is awkward and eventually painful for me to twist my hand around to touch her clit. So standing sex is really just to get me off, and mostly reduced to quickies. We will stand in our stand up shower, or up against the wall of our bedroom, and sometimes just free standing in the middle of the room. And since we have a staircase in our room (our master bedroom is the attic) we sometimes lean against the newel post. With standing sex, we will almost always start and finish that way, however we may change who leans against the wall once or twice in a session. Just recently I have started to enjoy taking her from behind as well while standing, but she will usually have to lean on something and support herself with her hands to make that happen, like the bathroom sink, the stairwell handrail, desk, chair back, etc...
      With wall sex, usually the person pinned against the wall is relaxed and gives minimal thrusts if any, but the person doing the pinning does most of the work thrusting and their legs get a slight workout.

      Try it. It can be fun.

    • Landscaper says:

      Glad you enjoyed the story. And yes we both enjoyed and orgasmed. I think it was the whole drive to Eureka Spring that set the mood. Janie flirting, showing me lots of leg and more at times. The two road side stops, and the anticipation of finally being alone. When we were at that point it was hot hot sex with no problems that I remember. Standing sex is a special occasion for us. I have a story in the works about our old house when we were younger and the sexcapaides we had then. But for another story.
      Thanks again for your comments and all the others as well.

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