🔊 From Vanilla to 33 Flavors - Ignite Story

That night we tasted almost all 33 flavors... To see the rest of the story, please


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  1. Southernheat says:

    Love this story! It’s so true once you start to experience more orgasms the more you want. It just starts to get easier. When you go with what your body wants and stop trying to figure it out mentally,then it’s all fun and no work to get there.
    I have several toys and I just got the Jopen Comet II in purple. It’s a pretty purple toy and it certainly does the trick.
    Looking forward to more stories from you!
    MH, sound effects a nice touch!

  2. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    It's amazing to think we do not talk about sex until later sometimes. Your story is similar to mine, except were still exploring and considering. The relationship piece is so vital and we've built a stronger one the last five years than the first 20. We'll get there, and I'm happy to see you two have figured it out.

    We've done a few toys, but need to use them a little "on the reg."

  3. D&D says:

    Thanks, this was several years ago and we continue and explore new pleasures of our marriage bed. Recently we found a new kink that she really enjoys and it surprised both of us. Kink and toys are not a regular thing. It depends on the mood. Joy of vanilla love can be just as rewarding and keeps the connection going. Continue to explore and be open to each other.

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