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Vanilla only

For our first twenty years of marriage, our sex life was wonderfully active and very passionate. But the menu was limited to vanilla sexual activities: missionary, occasional doggy, the rare standing in the shower and even rarer oral. No fingers, no hands, she wouldn’t dare masturbate, and absolutely no toys. When I would bring up the subject of adding new flavors, she was always too uncomfortable to talk about what she wanted or liked. I was unsure of why she wouldn’t explore the multitude of sexual flavors in a marriage bed.

Over the next ten years, she allowed me to go down on her regularly, and it would give her wonderful pleasure and sometimes multiple orgasms. I would try to talk to her after an incredible sexual encounter, but she didn’t like talking about what had just happened. But then came along a wonderful event which opened her up to much more pleasure than in the preceding 28 years.

Looking at 33 Flavors

Many things lead up to this enlightening and magnificent adventure. I believe it started when Fifty Shades of Grey came out. My wife was reluctant to read it. Our virginal daughter read it and told her she’d enjoyed it, that it was more about the relationship than the sex. Only then did she decided to read it.

Fast forward to a weekend getaway. With some prodding on my part (and a few margaritas), I got my wife to go into an adult toy store. And since it was not in our town, she felt comfortable. As we looked at several toys, we found a particular one interesting. It was the Fun Factory Amorino – a dual-action vibrator with a detachable band to stimulate the vaginal lips while the larger and smaller shafts hit the g-spot and clit.

And because we spent over a certain amount, we got to pick another out of a basket for free. We ended up with a Jopen Key Comet G-Spot Silicone Wand. It’s glass dipped in body-safe silicone and has a great curve to reach that pleasure center.

She also saw a leather paddle on display and joked about it. On the way back to our hotel, she mentioned she really liked the paddle. That came as a complete surprise for me. These were her very first toys. We didn’t have a chance to use them that night. But I made a quick stop the next day to go back and get the paddle!!

Discovering Flavors We’d Like to Try

The next day we got up and started to drive home. On our four-hour trip, she decided she would read the sexy parts of the Fifty Shades book to me. It made the drive so much fun. With the hot sexual tension in the air, this had to be the best foreplay we ever had. During the ride, we would stop and discuss the various sexual activities and if each one were something we would like.

I loved the openness and found it highly erotic, not to mention that my mind was thinking of all kinds of new and wonderful things we might try. When my wife read the explicit sexual acts out loud and discussed them with me, it gave her a better understanding of my adventurous side. And I found out that there are things that she was willing to try.

I had also found MarriageHeat a few months prior to this, and I shared this website with her. I love the fact that it showcases Christian sexual love between married couples. The honesty of the sexual desires and the message that those desires are great in a loving Christian marriage resonated with me. All of this discussion with the erotic stories opened her eyes to aspects of our sex life that we had never explored.

For our ride home, my wife had brought a picnic basket with wine, cheese, and crackers. Since I was driving, she had a little picnic all by herself. Maybe it was the wine, but she started getting really horny. Now she had never masturbated before, but soon she was putting on one heck of a show!! It made it very difficult for me to keep my eyes on the road. She got out her new toy and explored the vibratory sensation on the outside of her panties. Although she didn’t reach an orgasm, it allowed her to get comfortable about touching and exploring herself.

When we got home, we were ready to enjoy all of the things we talked about. We planned on ripping each other’s clothes off! But as all you parents know, it never fails. Yes, our daughter was home and wanting to spend time with us, so we had to put things on the side burner.

Over the next few weeks, we would add a little of what we talked about here and there. Each of us took the time to learn more about what we like and what the other likes. Then came the night!!!

We had a normal date night: a nice dinner at home followed by sitting and watching a cute movie with a little wine. She was quietly and lightly touching herself through her clothes.

I can always tell when she is getting horny because she squirms in her seat and her hand is over her crotch. It’s nothing really obvious, just hovering. She likes a light touch. I excused myself and went back to our room. I got her new pink toy and some lube then returned to hand it to her.

“What?” she said.

“I thought you wanted it,” I responded.

She laughed. Then she took the vibe from me, turned it on, and started to rub it lightly on the outside of her panties. As the movie went on, her clothes fell off. Soon all she had on was her robe and it was wide open. She had oiled up her body, writhing with sexual energy. She was close but started to get a little frustrated.

So I started touching and kissing her body. I covered her hand with mine as she rubbed it over her very smooth pussy. As she got closer to cumming, I slipped a finger inside to reach up to her G-spot. She was moving quicker, and quiet moans came out of her. I then bent down and began to kiss and lightly lick her clit. That did it! She started to cum. That first orgasm hit just as the movie reached its climax.

When she came down, I stood up and helped her to her feet. I planted a soul-reaching kiss on her lips and took her by her hand to our marriage bed.

Enjoying the New Flavors

We brought her pink toy and the lube with us. We hit the bed and starting kissing so passionately I think we bruised our lips. I ran my hands over her body while kissing her and sucking her nipples. She was still on her sexual ledge, about ready to tip over. So I went back down on her and started to run my fingertips along her outer lips and down to her anus. I then pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy.

Soon, orgasm number two hit her. Her moans and groans were like a love song to my ears, driving me to see how many times and ways I could make her cum before I did.

As she came back down to earth, I reached into our toy drawer and pulled out the small paddle. It had silk on one side and leather on the other. We also had the glass G-spot toy. When she settled down, I turned on her pink vibrator and began a slow trip with it across her nipples, then down and across her tight tummy to her pussy. She opened her legs for me and I pushed it in. Then she wrapped her palm around it and took control, leaving my hands and mouth able to do other things. She was getting closer to her third orgasm.

As she rolled to her side, I grabbed the paddle and swatted her bottom with a firm smack. Now I must confess, I’m a big ass man and her ass has been the object of my desires ever since I first saw it.

But now she said, “If you smack it, you have to rub it.” After the third hard smack, it set her off into orgasm number three.

Now she needed a break from all the attention; things were getting a little sensitive down there. So she took control and pushed me on my back, showering my chest with kisses. But when she gets that hot, she loves to bite and I love it, too. She bit a little too hard on my nipple and made me shout. She felt so bad, but I assured her it was fine and I grabbed her hair to pull her back to my chest. Starting to bite again, she worked her way down my stomach until she reached my penis.

In one swift gulp, she swallowed me whole. With her hands, she began to rub my perineum. She was getting me so close! But just as quickly as she took me in her mouth, she stopped.

I flipped her over and, just as she had swallowed me in one quick gulp, I shoved my rock hard cock into her. It went so deep that I felt the tip pushing against her cervix. I held there while I kissed her passionately. Then I started to give her myself as hard as I could. Our bodies were slapping against each other. I almost lost it! But I had more in mind. Just before I exploded in her, I pulled out leaving her wanting more.

I reached over and grabbed the glass toy and pushed it in deep. With that, my wife came for the fourth time that night. Then she took it from my hand and slid it out. She started very lightly touching herself with it. I tried to help, but she told me, “No! Just watch!!”

And I did. As my wife ran the toy over her body, I grabbed some lube and started stroking my hard-on. With a very light touch and sometimes not even touching herself, she brought herself to a fifth writhing orgasm.

I was so turned on and wanted to take this to another level. I told her to get on her hands and knees. Anal play has always been a big no-no with her, but it’s always been a fantasy of mine. So I started lightly touching and rimming her, and she was wiggling her bottom and not moving away or telling me no. So I got really daring and knelt down to plant a big wet kiss on her rosebud. Now she tried to pull away, but I had a solid grip on her hips. I so desperately wanted to put my finger deep in her anus, but that will have to wait for another night.

Instead, I flipped her over, and we made love with much passion until I came hard inside her. Then we collapsed next to each other, breathing hard. Both of us felt completely spent, completely fulfilled.

Eventually, I got up to turn off the lights in the family room. When I returned to our bedroom, she was on her hands and knees moving with the music. She was nearing orgasm number six without any contact, just moving rhythmically. But the song finished before she managed it.

What a night. We have been so blessed to have such a great love for God and each other. I hope for many more nights like this and that we reach new heights together.

There has been an amazing transformation from early in our marriage when she would rarely have an orgasm. Even after she started to have the occasional orgasm, she would go months without one. Now that her mind and body have felt the incredible gift, she is more desirous of them. I have always told her that the greatest sex organ is her mind. Now she has opened her mind, and her body is responding. That night we tasted almost all 33 flavors. I am so grateful to this site and to my God.

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5 replies
  1. Southernheat says:

    Love this story! It’s so true once you start to experience more orgasms the more you want. It just starts to get easier. When you go with what your body wants and stop trying to figure it out mentally,then it’s all fun and no work to get there.
    I have several toys and I just got the Jopen Comet II in purple. It’s a pretty purple toy and it certainly does the trick.
    Looking forward to more stories from you!
    MH, sound effects a nice touch!

  2. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    It's amazing to think we do not talk about sex until later sometimes. Your story is similar to mine, except were still exploring and considering. The relationship piece is so vital and we've built a stronger one the last five years than the first 20. We'll get there, and I'm happy to see you two have figured it out.

    We've done a few toys, but need to use them a little "on the reg."

  3. D&D says:

    Thanks, this was several years ago and we continue and explore new pleasures of our marriage bed. Recently we found a new kink that she really enjoys and it surprised both of us. Kink and toys are not a regular thing. It depends on the mood. Joy of vanilla love can be just as rewarding and keeps the connection going. Continue to explore and be open to each other.

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