The Game

I liked Tony from the moment I met him but wasn’t sure whether he was really the guy for me. He was super-intelligent and top of his class at college, but a bit of a nerd. I mean, I was a cheerleader and fancied something more hunky. I went out with several guys from the team but found all they wanted was my body so dumped them in a hurry.

I was wondering whether Tony could, after all, be my man – we were, after all, good friends in class – when we were waiting for the match after class. To pass the time we played a silly game involving forfeits. I think it was supposed to be a drinking game but we played it without the drinks. Tony wasn’t a member of the team, of course, but he often stayed on with us to watch the match and report on it for the student newspaper. I’d worn my cheerleader uniform all day as it was a match day and felt pleased at the admiring glances Tony shot at me as he sat on my left. We had all sorts of silly forfeits but then I pulled one out which said, “Turn to the person on your left and bend over their knee for a good spanking.”

I turned red and wondered just how drunk you had to be to enjoy this game. But everyone insisted I had to do it and Tony seemed pleased with his good fortune. So cringing with embarrassment I bent over his knee and wiggled my bottom into what I felt might be a good spanking position. It had been some years since this had happened to me – the last occasion had been when I was 17 and had collected a school paddling for skipping a class. If my behind was sore when I came home that day it was even sorer after I’d bent over mum’s knee for a further application of the family paddle on my panties. I just hoped Tony’s hand wouldn’t hurt as much as mum’s paddle did on that occasion.

There was a pause as the group discussed how many smacks made up a good spanking. I was on the low side in my suggestions but someone else suggested twenty-five. I yelled Nooooooo!! so in the end it was decided a dozen would be OK.

“Spank her good, Tony,” encouraged someone, helpfully while I braced myself for the spanking, hoping it wouldn’t be too ‘good’.

I yelped as Tony’s hand came smacking down on my cheerleader briefs. It wasn’t that hard but it stung a bit.

“Harder,” said someone.

“Nooooo!” I squealed again, but was beginning to enjoy this.

Tony’s hand spanked down another eleven times as I yelped and wriggled and kicked my legs. It stung like anything but frankly I loved every bit of it and by the time Tony finished and I stood up red faced and rubbing a red hot bottom I knew he was the man for me. My spanking was actually the last forfeit we had time for as we had to get ready for the game, but when everyone had gone I grabbed hold of Tony and said: “You rotter – that really stung. Just for that you can walk me home tonight.”

With that I kissed him and set off for the match. During the game my butt reminded me every time I jumped that I’d been spanked – just like it had on one occasion year’s before when I’d had to bend over the principal’s desk at high school for being late on a match day. But this time the feeling was far better!

I met Tony after the match and he walked me back to where I was staying. We spent a long time kissing before I went in and arranged to see each other the next day. I was deeply in love with this man and he soon asked me to marry him. We’ve been married for two years now and have had lots of fun together with each other’s bodies.

I still enjoy getting spanked over my husband’s knee but now we’re married I have the extra pleasure of feeling my underwear descend beforehand and Tony’s hand spanking my bare butt. It’s not hard, of course, but very exciting and the love making afterwards is quite explosive. Getting a bare bottomed spanking over my husband’s knee is fun and one way to true intimacy. He gave me a spanking the other night before we went to bed and the sex afterwards was awesome as our naked bodies came together to make love. I can’t wait till next time and I’m really thankful we played that silly game that evening!

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