Tonight I can’t sleep.  I see my husband of more than 15 years sleeping so peacefully next to me and yet I feel restless again.  “It’s not fair,” I think to myself.  I know he needs his rest but so do I.  Most of the time the minute his head hits the pillow he is fast asleep.  Well, tonight he will be awakened by something special…

We both receive satisfaction in our lovemaking by giving the other pleasure.  My husband loves it when “I go down on him.”  He has told me of fantasy he has of me to giving it to him while he is sleeping.  In this fantasy, he awakens to me giving him pleasure on his rock hard love shaft until he releases.  I decide tonight is the night to fulfill his fantasy.

I snuggle up to him and reach my hands down to slide off his under shorts.  He stirs but does not awaken.  His love shaft is completely limp.   I am new to this – he is usually already aroused when I go down on him.  I think to myself, here goes something new.  I take him in my mouth and start to lick his head.  I use a bit of Astroglide to make his limp shaft slick and smooth then I start to stroke his shaft with my hand as I work on his head with my tongue and mouth.  His love shaft starts to get harder, and he is starting to stir.  I know it won’t be long.

He continues to grow harder and harder and more aware.  I like to get him as large as he will grow.  I pinch the base of his shaft, so his vein pops out as I stroke his head with my index finger and thumb encircling it.  I like to taste the little trickle of his love cream.  His head fills my mouth, and I tongue the tip of his love rod with the tip of my tongue.  He is fully awake now and says, “Oh my goodness, you are some lover.”  I know he loves this.  Going from completely limp to rock hard and ready to erupt.  He moves with me and groans.  Then he relaxes and says. “Wow – thank you, my love.”  He then cresses me and tells me how much of a blessing I am to him.  Then I say me tell you about one of my fantasies…

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