Hot Summer Day

It was one of those sultry, hot summer days.  The humidity was high; the sun was blazing and we had worked in the garden for a couple of hours.  We had picked some vegetables, weeded the corn rows, and Barb had worked in her flower garden.  She loved her flowers and tended them meticulously.  Anyway, after working we were hot and sweaty and needed to clean up before dinner.

Barb went first into the shower and after she was done, I went in.  She left, presumably to go get dressed.  I had no reason to think otherwise.  We had not shared suggestive banter as we worked, as we sometimes did.  I guess it was just too hot.  I finished my shower and wrapped the towel around my waist and ascended the stairs to our bedroom.  At the time, ours was an old house with one bathroom.  An add-on room at the rear of the house.  Truth be told, the outhouse was still in the backyard.

So up the stairs I go and as I rounded the top of the stairs and started down the hallway to our room, I noticed that the door of the room was wide open and there was my wife lying on the bed, on her stomach with her legs just slightly parted.  I could see the dark center of her passion in the cleft of the separated legs and my arousal was instantaneous.  You need to know that this was not normal behavior on her part.  We had, at that time, a fairly active sex life, but this was something new and daring.

I never did ask her later if she planned the moment but it didn’t matter, the moment became one of the most searing sexual encounters of our young marriage.  Before this day I could not swear that Barb ever had a real orgasm.  She enjoyed sex, sometimes initiated our intimacy, but I could not recall that she ever went “over the top” in sexual ecstasy.  This hot summer day changed all of that forever.

I entered the room, sure she was asleep, but when she commented how good she felt after a refreshing shower, I simply agreed as I continued walking toward the bed.  She made no motion to conceal her nakedness or change the provocative posture she was displaying.  I dropped my towel on the floor so that I might join her in my own nakedness.  I approached the bed and reaching out began to lightly massage her back (something she has always loved).  I started out at her shoulders working my lower as the minutes slowly passed.  Upon arriving at the curve in her back, where the lower back becomes the upper regions of the soft firmness of her ass I continued my slow descent.  Now I was kneading each of her nether cheeks and suddenly aware that she was beginning to move ever so slightly with each movement of my hands.

I continued my ministrations down to her thighs and calves and then her feet.  As I held one foot in my hands, having bent her leg to make this part of the massage more manageable, I reached down my head on impulse and began to lick her big toe.  Soon I had it completely in my mouth mimicking fellatio as in and out it would go.  Now here movements had increased and she was audibly moaning.

After a few more moments with my mouth and tongue on her toe I began my way back up her calves and once more to her thighs, which by this time had moved as littler further apart.  I now crawled up on the bed kneeling beside her and placed one of my knees between her legs which had the effect of opening them just a little more.  I was now using both hands on her upper thighs and moving closer and closer to the source of her heat I felt radiating outward.  Her legs were now widely spread and she was moaning quietly and moving a little up and down and a little side to side as if encouraging my hands to go further.  I let them!  I began kneading her ass cheeks once again and with each movement outward her opening became more and more visible, the outer lips opening like a flower and the dampness of her sex began to bathe my fingers as now I was touching her and opening her even wider.

The pretext of a massage was now completely gone as I inserted first one, then two fingers into that heat and wetness.  Now Barb was positively writing beneath me.  This is when I made the decision to take this moment to the next level as I began to move and make my body position possible so as to lay in the “V” of her legs. Having arrived now at a point where my face was just inches from where my fingers were working themselves in and out of her pussy, I very softly replaced my fingers with my tongue and began tasting the pungent sweetness of her sex.  Now here movements were more agitated and the sounds coming from her throat made me dive even deeper into what I was doing.  I moved up and down her pussy licking and plunging my tongue as deep as I could into her when all of a sudden she whimpered and began to literally shake as her first orgasm racked her body with tremors of pleasure.

What happened after she recovered her equilibrium is the subject of another story.  Suffice it to say that hot summer day opened a whole new chapter in the unfolding and evolving story of our marriage intimacy.

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