I feel the need to preface this story with a confession.  I have been a wife with a great husband who has been guilty of neglect.  My husband and I have been married for 19 years and over the period of years our lovemaking has decreased to a minimum.  I “let” my man have sex with me about twice a month which I thought was pretty good.  However, I rarely ever engage in the activity myself.  I will roll onto my back at the appropriate time and let him do his business, after which I clean up in the bathroom.  I rarely make the effort to pursue pleasure for myself.  This is do partly to my frustration for never having romance in our marriage, partly due to lack of effort on my part, partly due to lack of foreplay, etc.  My husband seems to think if he gropes my boobs for 15 minutes then he should be able to put his finger down under and find me wet and ready for action.  I wish it was this easy but it takes a lot more than that for me.

The other night we had a great talk and I agreed to make a better sexual effort for my man, he also agreed to make a better effort to meet my romantic needs.  The next night my husband immediately got to work on his end of the deal.  He took me out for Chinese (my favorite) at a new restaurant he heard about at work.  We had a great time enjoying our meal in a booth built for two and by the time we left the restaurant I was already “ready”.

We got home, put the movie on, and cuddled up on the couch together.  The combination of the nice meal, the movie and cuddling really got me warmed up.  By about half-way through the movie, I was stroking his love rod and actually wishing it was in me.  I paused the movie and announced that I would like to get changed into something more comfortable.  He probably expected my usual flannel pajamas but I put on a negligee that hasn’t been seen on my body in years.

When I came downstairs, I was nervous about his reaction since I have a few bulges that are not exactly the right curves, but I was pleased to see his obvious excitement.  It was all we could do to wait until the movie was over to get to the bedroom.  When we did finally get there, my husband followed me in and turned out the lights guiding me to the bed.  I knew he would like the lights on (but I never let him) so I turned on the lamp by the bed and pulled off my outfit.

I was so turned on I felt like a newlywed.  I pushed my man onto the bed and told him it is his turn to lay on his back.  I practically ripped his clothes off and sat on top of him, rubbing back and forth along his length.  He was nearly going mad with desire to get inside of me and I happily obliged, impaling myself as he licked and sucked on my nipples.  I was seriously into it at this point and I pulled my breasts away from his hungry mouth by sitting straight up and riding him.  Almost without realizing it, I started rubbing my clitoris as I pushed myself up and down on him.  We were both hot and sweaty and I was sliding all over him as my orgasm came.  It felt so good, I thought I was going to pass out.  He exploded within me and we cuddled the rest of the night.

Since then I haven’t been able to keep my hands off him.  What a great awakening for both of us.

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