Wedding Night Fantasy (Part 2)

(Part 2/4 – See part 1 here. Any feedback on my writing, positive or constructive, is much appreciated!)


Chapter 5: Dripping with Desire


The newly-wedded lovers enjoyed the silence of the secluded house. They savored the feeling of their nude bodies pressed completely against each other, and the strong sense of intimacy it generated. However, the strong sexual charge that was building didn’t allow them to be still for long. Without words, they decided to delay the planned shower for just a bit longer. As they continued kissing, Gideon ran his hands down Annabelle’s back, sliding them down over her shapely cheeks. He lustfully groped the underside of her sculpted rear end, spreading his fingers out to grab as much of it as he could. Annabelle loved the feeling of being handled in such a way by her husband. Sounding her appreciation, she moaned ever so slightly into their kiss, which was incredibly sexy to Gideon.

At last, they finally pulled apart and Gideon started to run the warm water. It was a stand-up shower with no tub, bordered on two sides by glass, and by tiled walls on the other two sides. It took several seconds for the water to get warm, then Gideon stepped inside, subsequently offering his hand to his wife to help her over the small step. Indulging in a little more sexy time, they stood and twirled their tongues together under the running water, making for a new combination of sensations.

After letting the water run over them for a minute, Gideon said, “Okay, here’s the deal. We both need to get everything cleaned, but we can’t wash ourselves. We can only wash each other. Sound fair?” Annabelle liked what she heard and responded in a seductive tone, “Hmm, sounds like a good chance to do some exploring of my own… Might as well get started, shall we?” Feeling a fresh pulse of anticipation, Gideon replied, “Glad you like the idea.”

Grabbing the soap bar and wash rags they had set out earlier, Annabelle began to soap up her new husband, starting with his shoulders. As she moved to his chest, she admired his physique. He had been through severe chronic illness in his earlier years, and she was impressed at the results of the work he had done to build his body back up. While he was no bodybuilder, his pecs, shoulders, and biceps were all firm and well-defined, striking just the right combination of lean and muscular. Annabelle instructed him to turn around so she could wash his back as well. As she dropped her point of focus lower, she couldn’t help but spend some time feeling up his butt and he had done with hers. As a male, his hips were narrower than hers, making for a slightly more compact tush, and for Annabelle, that just made it all the more sexy to look at and grope.

Gideon was both amused and aroused by her enjoyment of his rear end. He was about to say something when he stopped and thought for a moment. He wasn’t quite sure where she drew the line in regards to words that were appropriate during sex; though they had talked about their views on sex before the wedding, it was one of the aspects they hadn’t discussed in advance. Instead of stopping to engage in a serious discussion, Gideon decided to experiment with slowly making his language a bit more provocative, asking, “Enjoying that ass a little there, are we?” He was slightly surprised and very happy to hear Annabelle respond without hesitation: “Darn right I’m enjoying this ass.” At the same time, she slid a soapy hand between his cheeks, even brushing up against his ass hole. “And I’ll enjoy it even more when it’s squeaky clean,” she added.

It was a dream come true. Gideon had always hoped there was a bit of assertiveness in Annabelle, and he saw a part of it beginning to show in that moment. Needless to say, he enjoyed it immensely. By now, Annabelle had continued downwards, finishing the back of his legs and feet and began moving up again. To his disappointment, she stopped just short of his fun zone and stood up to wash his hair. Exasperated, but secretly loving it, Gideon complained, “Oh, you’re such a tease.” Still in a sexy and amiable tone, Annabelle countered, “Hey, you took forever getting to my sexy spots, so it’s only fair I treat you the same.” She snuggled up to his front again and said more quietly, “I liked that, by the way.” Gideon was happy to see she was rapidly gaining confidence, and becoming more playful and uninhibited. Giving her a quick peck on the lips, he encouraged her forward by saying, “And I really like what you’re doing now. I’m all yours, please continue.”

And continue she did, shampooing his hair and rinsing it thoroughly. Finished with that task, she announced, “Alright, now we can move on to the more fun part.” She maneuvered in front of Gideon and bent down slightly. For the first time, she allowed herself to spend focused time taking in the details of his manly parts. His shaft was rigid due to their copious foreplay and tipped by a soft, swollen head. Looking at it straight on, she could see that it curved ever so slightly off to his left, an interesting little quirk that she appreciated for some reason.

It was a bit surreal, not to mention exciting, for her to see aroused male genitals up close. After years of not allowing herself to dwell on sexual thoughts of men she found attractive, Annabelle felt weird, yet incredibly liberated, being free to so closely examine the portion of the male anatomy that had been off limits just yesterday. Reading her intrigued facial expressions, Gideon asked, “Is it sort of what you imagined?” She responded, “I don’t know what I imagined, but it’s hard to believe something that big is supposed to fit in me!” Looking up at him seductively, she finished, “and that’s definitely a good thing.”

After kneeling down, Annabelle put her interest into action, first touching him with only the soapy wash rag, rubbing lightly. Gideon’s penis eagerly welcomed the stimulation that it had waited so patiently for. She soon shifted technique, using her bare hand to hold the tip, steadying it to make rubbing the shaft easier. Her fingers in contact with the sensitive head sent another shock of arousal through Gideon. Annabelle could tell from his body language that he was enjoying her work, but she wanted him to feel what he had made her feel a few minutes before when he had fingered her clit and inside her lower lips.

She started by taking a single finger and running it underneath his shaft, just below the head. During her preparation for this night, she had read this was a nice pleasure spot for some guys. Based on Gideon’s reaction, it certainly was for him. Intensifying her approach, she then made a sort of tube with her fist and wrapped it around his shaft. With the soap lubricating, she moved her hand down the shaft all the way to the base, back up again over the head, and slowly repeated. Her other hand gently fondled his balls, careful not to be too aggressive with them. “Oh, ‘Belle,” Gideon breathed. She asked almost rhetorically, “Is this okay?” She already knew what the response would be. “More than okay, it feels amazing.” She smiled, pleased that she could do the same thing for Gideon as he had done for her. Adding another trick to her repertoire, she occasionally reached a couple of fingers up between his legs to massage behind his balls.

After a couple of minutes, Gideon tensed suddenly and whispered urgently, “Stop, stop!” Concerned, Annabelle looked up and asked if everything was alright. “Yeah,” he answered, “but if you keep going I’m going to cum.” She asked quizzically, “Why is that a problem? Didn’t you tell me you learned a way to keep going after you orgasm?” Gideon knew what she meant. “Yes, I just don’t want to risk having it not work and having to wait to continue.” Annabelle playfully pouted and said, “Well I want to keep playing with my new toy. Besides, even if you cum, we’ve got all night to go again. And I know you’ve practiced enough to make it work.”

Gideon was still hesitant, but Annabelle would have none of it. Without waiting for any further response, she took hold of his shaft again, this time near the base. Repositioning herself slightly, she rubbed his tip all over and between her breasts, clearly no longer nervous about being embarrassed. Slowly gliding her hand up and down his shaft and up to the head, she teased her own nipples with the tip, which was an indescribably sexy sight for Gideon. The thought crossed his mind that she might have learned more in preparation for tonight than he first imagined. For being a virgin, she certainly had an excellent grasp of the things that turned him on. The slow, steady, rhythmic stroking motion steadily build up energy in his genital area. He knew orgasm was just around the corner. “Tell me when you need me to stop,” Annabelle said, knowing how Gidon’s skill worked. “Uh huh,” Gideon mumbled in return, too far lost in pleasure to form a coherent response. Closing his eyes and breathing as slowly and deeply as he could, he delayed the inevitable, allowing the energy to build even higher. He could feel every cell of his body vibrating with the accumulating energy. Electric ecstasy radiated through him, and he could feel it was about to release.

After a few more strokes, Gideon said hastily, “Stop, I’m cumming!” Annabelle promptly and smoothly removed her hand, cutting off the supply of new stimulation to give him an easier time. Gideon tensed slightly, contracting his PC muscle as hard as he could and holding it as the wave of orgasm overtook him. Concentrating and continuing to breathe deeply, he stood there for five, then ten, then fifteen seconds, yet he didn’t ejaculate. Finally, he let out a sigh and relaxed. After waiting a few moments, they both confirmed he had kept his erection, which was as hard as ever. Annabelle said proudly, “Looks like you did it, baby! Good job!” Gideon smiled at her and heaved another sigh, savoring the last of the fading orgasmic feeling.

Returning fully to his senses, Gideon was grateful for the depth of his preparation for this night. He reviewed in his mind how he had both extended his orgasm and kept his erection. Breathing slowly and deeply had helped him stave off his orgasm just a few seconds longer. Just as he hit the point of no return, he asked Annabelle to stop the extra stimulation that might throw him off and clenched his PC muscle as tightly as he could for as long as possible. That contraction blocked a duct somewhere inside, preventing him from ejaculating, which would trigger his refractory period and deflate his erection. By doing this, he got to have his orgasm and keep his erection. His understanding of the process wasn’t very scientific, but it worked, and that was all he cared about.

Caressing his wife’s face and gazing into her eyes, Gideon said sincerely, “Thank you, Annabelle. That was amazing.” She offered him another kiss, then said, “You know, I still need to be washed.” Gideon needed no more explanation or invitation. He took the soap from the little shelf and began lathering her up with just his hands, paying special attention to her breasts and butt, and a little extra to her vagina, which was dripping wet in more than one way.

After her body and hair were washed, Gideon spent extra time playing with all of her sexy spots. He started again with her breasts, latching his mouth onto one of her nipples, brushing his tongue over it and swirling around it. He massaged one breast in each hand, giving some love to the other nipple by twisting it between his finger and thumb. Occasionally, he glanced up at Annabelle with a lustful look in his eye, which she found engaging and extremely sexy. When Gideon sensed she was getting a bit too excited, he lowered the intensity, turned her around and knelt down behind her. She was disappointed that her hot spots were no longer being stimulated but knew there was much more to come shortly.

As he began lustfully smooching and licking her butt cheeks, she kept up a playful attitude and asked, “You like this ass, don’t you baby?” Without the work ceasing on her glorious mounds, Annabelle heard a muffled “Mm hmm” full of desire behind her. As Gideon switched to taste her other cheek, he ran a soapy hand up her crevice, just brushing the very opening of her ass hole as he did it. He considered sticking a finger inside but decided to leave that for a different exploration session and contented himself with her external features for now. He went at her shapely mounds with such gusto that Annabelle was fairly certain her new husband had a bit of an ass fetish, and she was right. She craned her head around to watch him. Even though she received little direct sexual stimulation, the feeling and sight of his slippery tongue, soft lips and massaging hands in places that were previously unexplored by any man was enough to keep her arousal at a considerable level.

Even though Gideon would literally be content to keep his face in contact with his wife’s steaming hot backside for hours, he knew there were other things to get to. They had already been in the shower for a while, and he wanted to keep moving towards the main event, but there was one last task to accomplish before shutting off the water. Annabelle had already given him an amazing orgasm, and he wanted to return the favor. A smirk crossed Gideon’s face as he realized he could make this even more fun.

He spun her around again, still kneeling and immediately implemented his plan. Without warning, he slide his first two fingertips into her vagina about three-quarters of an inch with his hand palm up. He rested his thumb on top of her clitoris, brought his fingers up underneath, and for about two seconds gently rolled it in between. The sudden shock of sexual energy that shot through Annabelle left her breathless. She barely had time to react before he pulled away and simply traced the outside of her lips with one finger, staying clear of her clit. “Oh my gosh, do that again!” she exclaimed. “Do what again?” Gideon asked, playing ignorant. “With your fingers, a little inside, do that again!” she said, still breathless. Gideon wanted her to describe exactly what she wanted him to do. He shook his head with a clearly insincere frown and apologized, “I’m sorry, I don’t know what you mean. You’ll have to be more specific.” Catching onto the game, Annabelle instructed him in a voice full of desire: “I want you to put your thumb on my clit, your fingers inside me and make me cum all over your hand.”

Gideon was pleased that she was willing to play along and promptly started to work, saying, “That’s what I needed to near. It will be my pleasure, my queen.” Still kneeling, he inserted his two fingers between her very well lubricated lips, rested his thumb on her clit and began his slow, gentle movements. Annabelle gasped as the shock wave of pleasure returned and blasted through her. She had experimented with masturbation in the past, but her own fingers had never been as effective as Gideon’s were in that moment. Annabelle was speechless with pleasure and Gideon was content to watch that pleasure manifest in her facial expressions. They used no words but conversed only in involuntary sounds of pleasure, expressing their love for each other in heavy breathing, whimpers, and moans. Still on his knees in front of Annabelle, Gideon cupped one of her ass cheeks with his free hand, pulling her ever so slightly towards him.

As her pleasure intensified further, so did her vocalizations. Gideon could tell she was very close to crashing over the edge. Annabelle finally peaked and burst into orgasm, somehow finding the wherewithal to hurriedly say, “Baby, hold me, I’m cumming!” Gideon continued pleasuring her clit, wrapping his free arm further around her back to keep her steady as sheer ecstasy pulsed through her. Hoping to intensify her orgasm even more, and feel more connected to her, Gideon leaned in and ran his tongue up her abdomen repeatedly, from just above her vagina to her belly button. She squealed anew as his tongue made contact, the slippery sensation blending wonderfully with the bliss she was already experiencing. It seemed like an eternity that she was standing there with the water running down her nude figure, experiencing her first orgasm with her husband. After what seemed like an eternity in bliss, she began to regain her senses. Barely able to speak,  Annabelle looked down at Gideon and demanded, “Get up here.” As soon as he stood, she urgently grabbed the back of his head and hauled him in close, kissing him as if she were trying to suck out his tongue. Pulling back to get some air, she said in a breathy voice full of passion, “That was so good, so hot. Thank you so much!” Gideon smiled and stroked the side of her face lovingly, saying, “You’re welcome my queen.” The passion running strong between them, the two lovers embraced beneath the warm water and simply enjoyed being close to each other.

After a moment, they decided it was time to end their shower session and rinsed off. Gideon turned off the water and wrung out the wash rags as Annabelle stepped out to grab a couple of towels from the bathroom rack. They proceeded to dry each other off just as they had washed each other, paying special attention to every little area.

When they were done, Annabelle laughed mildly and stated matter-of-factly, “There’s one spot I don’t think you’re going to be able to dry.” She sent her point home by running her hand through the neatly-trimmed hair above her lower lips. Gideon playfully challenged, “Oh really?” He cupped his hand against her vagina and found that she wasn’t just wet, her lips were absolutely soaked in her own lubricant and cum. It was a testament to how hard she had orgasmed a couple of minutes before. His hand was coated with her juices when he pulled it away. Bringing it to his face, he smelled and tasted her delicious liquid, licking up as much of it as possible. Then he kissed her so she could taste. Annabelle hummed with surprise, saying “Hmm, I taste nice, don’t I?” Gideon wholeheartedly agreed, “Absolutely delicious.” Without the slightest thought of clothing, Gideon lifted Annabelle into his arms and carried her out into the bedroom, her lovely spring still dripping with desire.


Part 3 now available here!


Thank you for reading! I know I tend to write in a very long fashion with lots of details, so I would appreciate any feedback on how I could improve my writing. Any suggestions are very much welcome!

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  1. Dean316 says:

    Oh my goodness that was HOT!! Gideon didn’t cum but I certainly shot a good load cause my cock was so hard reading this sexy part of the story! The husband and wife pleasuring themselves and each other in the shower really got me hooked in as well as the lovely passion! Pretty erotic seeing Belle being so mesmerised by Gideon’s cock and her explosive orgasm. I’m a single man and this gives me great hope for me and future gal. I jacked off to this thinking of sex with my future beautiful wife in our marriage. Sex in marriage is one of the greatest gifts of all from God.

    Great read so far! Look forward to more.

    God bless,


  2. Chesed says:

    Your storytelling is vivid, intimate and HOT. Can't wait for Parts 3 and 4. You got me thinking that it's been too long since we each washed the other. I predict copious cumming in the shower tonight.😜

  3. Old Lover says:

    For newlyweds, Gideon and Belle are far better controlled than my Anne and me after decades of marriage! Once she gets her hands on me in the shower, she skillfully and relentlessly jacks me off until I cum hard for her and me!

  4. PatientPassion says:

    Thank you all for the feedback! I'm glad it was enjoyable. In my opinion, the best is yet to come! The next parts are scheduled for Nov. 9 and 17.

    Old Lover, my lack of experience with wedding nights probably results in some elements of the story that might not be strictly realistic. I expect it's pretty likely that my future wife and I won't have quiet such good control and patience when this night finally comes around!

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