Nordic Erotica – Sweden

Ah, Stockholm… the Summer Night City so beautiful with all the bright lights.

After our amazing performance at Gamla Stan in 1995, we took some time for a vacation. On this particular day, we went to our favorite food hall to eat, before returning to our hotel. It was time for bed, but for me and my husband? Bed yes, sleep… not yet.

I bought some lingerie, for this trip, and I was going to dance for my sexy husband. I kept one bedside table light on, and I hid behind a curtain, anticipating him. Once he closed the door, I pressed play on the stereo and emerged from behind the curtain, dancing.

My husband watched me dance with undivided attention. As I danced close to him, I allowed him to kiss my cleavage and feel the wetness on my panties. He ran his manly hands up my body until he reached my bra clip, and freed my breasts. My husband loves it when I dance to ABBA topless, and put my hands on his shoulders and parted my legs as I stood over him, twisting my pelvis before embracing him, rubbing my body against his.

When my panties fell off I didn’t hesitate to lay on our bed and allow my husband to strip, and just take me! And that’s exactly what he did! I spread my legs wide, and he entered me slowly, allowing both of us to really feel it. He held me close as he kissed me amorously, thrusting with a passion.

I rolled on him and I thrust while caressing his sexy, manly arms. We kept kissing as I worked the muscles in my vagina to massage his penis, giving some extra pleasure to my sexy hubby. He swiftly rolled on me, and lightly licked my nipples while playing with my breasts. I couldn’t help but moan when I got the tingles, resulting from my husband digging his face into my neck, kissing me there.

I then had a strong orgasm rush in shockwaves as my husband thrust with a passion, throbbing and jerking as he orgasmed himself. Our orgasms were so intense that it was only when we came down that we noticed we were sweating! But we didn’t care about that. We rapidly fell asleep in the position we were in, with my husband still laying on me, resting his head next to mine.

Needless to say, that was a great night’s blissful sleep!

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4 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    What a super EROTIC story Mrs Harper, do you often massage your husband's cock in that manner ?Thank you for sharing and inspiring, it got my cock real hard and ready for when I go home again tonight ! I can see the vision of how my wife will also spread her legs wide for me to enter her beautiful juicy pussy, can't wait to fuck her hard and lovingly ! God bless

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple hi! Yes, I tend to do that, although it happens automatically when I orgasm! 😉 I'm so glad you enjoyed this, it's part of a trilogy 🙂 Finland is cumming next on the 18th! Have fun tonight! God bless, and may He bring you home safely

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