Wedding Night Fantasy (Part 1)

This is Part One of a four-part series, all together about 17,000 words, which is why I broke it up. It’s quite long, but hopefully worth the read! Any feedback on my writing, positive or critical/constructive, is much appreciated!

This is a fantasy story of how I imagine my wedding night might go with my future wife. The characters’ names are made up for the story (they don’t belong to actual people). Chapters 1-3 are background, and chapters 4-7 start the action if you want to jump right in. It is my hope and prayer that this inspires the couples and other singles of MarriageHeat, and that I might one day get to share this fantasy with my future wife.

Without further ado, my fantasy story begins with…

Chapter 1: A Thousand Kisses


The cool late-afternoon breeze made Gideon’s short hair dance slightly as he stepped out of the car. He let out a puff of air and shook his head slightly, having a difficult time believing everything that had happened. Less than six hours prior, he had been standing in front of his whole family and so many close friends, pledging himself to his beloved, barely breaking eye contact with her the entire ceremony. Once they faced each other to say their vows, the only time Gideon could remember looking away was when he sheepishly realized he had mixed up the rings and was trying to put his own on her finger. He grinned remembering the mistake, finding it amusing how nervous and love-struck he had been at the time. He stood with the car door open, staring at the beautiful mountain horizon as these thoughts flashed through his mind in a split second.

Waking back to the present, Gideon closed the door and took a quick look at their home for the next week: a lakeside mountain house that could almost pass for a cabin. He had searched hard to find the right place and discovered this location with the perfect balance of modern comforts and rustic simplicity. He circled the car to open the passenger door for his new bride, Annabelle. As he moved, he observed that the adjacent properties were spaced far enough apart that they were mostly obscured by the trees. “That’s good, just in case things get a bit noisy tonight,” Gideon chuckled to himself. Admiring her again for roughly the 500th time that day, Gideon helped Annabelle out of the car. Like Gideon, she had remained in her wedding attire for the short drive from the venue to the vacation home. Her dress wasn’t overly ornate, yet it was beautiful in its simplicity. Both of them cared little for fanciness and besides, their main interest was in each other.

Always a joker, Gideon put on his best impression of a stereotypical English butler and addressed his bride: “Welcome to your home for the next week, Ma’am. I will have your bags moved inside shortly. Might I be of any further assistance?” With a look of playful exasperation, Annabelle gave him a quick kiss, started toward the house and replied, “Come on, you big goof, I’m getting hungry.” Gideon shivered slightly as energy from her kiss bounced around inside him. They had both been very shy and had never actually kissed before the wedding. This was a new thing for him, and he loved it. All 13 times it had happened earlier in the day, he got the same adrenaline rush, and the 14th time was no different. And yes, the crazy man was counting. But by the end of the night, he wouldn’t have been able to say whether that number was 100 or 1,000.


Chapter 2: More than One Kind of Hungry


Inside the little house, Annabelle explored the kitchen as Gideon brought their bags inside. They had packed lightly, so the task took almost no time at all. Having spent the past half day in dress clothes, they were both eager to get into something more comfortable. After a brief tour of the house together, Annabelle picked up her bag and headed for the bedroom. When Gideon began to follow, she suggested, “How about we change separately? We really don’t need to delay dinner any longer.” Knowing that watching each other change had the potential to be just a bit distracting, Gideon replied, “I guess you’re right… just a peek for now?” She began moving again, saying, “We’ve got all night, you’ll see everything soon enough.” With a wink, she turned and continued on her way. Gideon laughed, calling after her, “You’re such a tease!”

As there was only one bedroom in the cozy little home, Gideon decided to simply change in the living area next to the kitchen. Naturally, he finished changing first, opting for boxers, shorts, and a T-shirt. He hung up the various pieces of his suit, then went to check on Annabelle. As he approached the door, he realized it was open just a crack. The sound of clothing shuffling about was audible through the slight opening. Gideon moved right up to the door, careful not to make any noise. He could see his wife’s wedding dress laid out over the bed, but the door wasn’t open enough to get a view of the whole room. He shifted to the side slightly to change the angle and found what he was looking for. She was standing at the foot of the bed and beginning to dress herself. Gideon wished he had been a few seconds earlier. Annabelle had just finished putting on a very skimpy, partly sheer black bra and pantie set. He had just missed her being entirely nude, but even so, the view was spectacular. She was facing away from him, so the bra couldn’t be fully appreciated, but he got an eye full of her backside. It was a perfect balance of plump and firm, magnificently framed by the dark panties contrasting with her light skin.

As he admired Annabelle’s beauty, she put all the other clothes away apart from athletic shorts and a T-shirt, which she pulled on over the sexy undergarments, and turned to leave the room. Gideon reflexively pulled back and took a few hurried steps away from the door. Annabelle exited the room, saw him nearby and put two and two together. A knowing smirk broke out on her face, and with a hand on her hip, she asked, “Were you watching me?” Caught red-handed, Gideon admitted with clearly false reluctance, “Yeah, I was…” With a bit more sincerity, he continued, “Sorry, I know you wanted some privacy.” She was silent for a moment, so he added, “You’re really hot by the way.” Her grin grew bigger, and slowly walking up to him she replied, “Naughty boy.” Gideon embraced her, and to his surprise, heard a whisper in his ear: “I left it open on purpose, you know.” With a bit of a giggle, Annabelle kissed him on the lips, sighing slightly. After just a few seconds, she broke the kiss, saying, “Come on, let’s get something to eat.”

As they began to prepare the meal, Gideon walked up behind Annabelle and hugged her around the torso, just underneath her breasts. “You know,” he said in a mildly suggestive tone, “I’m getting hungry in a couple of ways.” Laughing, she pushed him off, saying, “Then keep helping me with this!” She turned to face him and pressed her body into his, picking up a suggestive tone of her own. “Besides, you need to take in some calories if you’re going to burn a bunch tonight.” Agreeing with her reasoning and appreciating her playfulness, Gideon set himself to work double time. Viewing that food as fuel for sexy time suddenly made it much more attractive.

All throughout dinner, Gideon’s heart rate was considerably higher than normal. Though the conversation was notably devoid of innuendo, he could tell Annabelle was slightly on edge. No doubt she was feeling the same anticipation he was. Gideon had to continuously remind himself to slow down, relax and actually chew his food.

After the newlyweds had finished eating and cleaning up the kitchen, they both stood still for a moment, wondering what was next. Gideon spoke up. “Well, dinner was great, thank you for another wonderful meal… do you want to head to the bedroom now, or do something else for a while?” At a slight loss for words, Annabelle responded simply, “No, bedroom’s good,” and started in that direction. Gideon could tell she wasn’t quite herself. He went after her, touched her shoulder and stopped her. “Hey, is everything okay? Are you doing alright?” She turned and embraced him, resting her head against his shoulder. With a bit of tightness in her voice, she said softly, “I’m fine, just…” Gideon took advantage of the break in words and asked jokingly, “Did I do something to the food?” She laughed, feeling the mood lighten a bit. After a brief pause, she finished, “Honestly I’m getting nervous now.” Gideon moved back from her slightly to look her in the eyes. “Hey, don’t worry. I am too. There’s no rush, we’ve got the rest of our lives together.” He pulled her close and hugged her once more. Letting out a sigh, Annabelle spoke again, a fraction of the tightness in her voice still remaining: “You’re right. Okay, let’s go, we’ll figure it out.” “That’s my girl,” Gideon said approvingly. Breaking their embrace once more, he bent down slightly, grabbed onto her legs and back, and carried her into the bedroom, setting her on the bed. Gideon put his fingers under her chin, lifting her head up for a quick kiss before turning to close the bedroom door, resolved to allow Annabelle to open up at her own pace.


Chapter 3: God’s Gift


Gideon returned to the bed and sat next to his beloved, reaching his arm around her and beginning to gently caress her shoulder and play with her hair. He spoke gently to her, saying, “There’s no rush baby, I won’t put any pressure on you. We don’t have to do it tonight, or even tomorrow if you don’t want to.” Staring at the floor in front of her, Annabelle said softly, “No, no I want to, I just…” Sighing, she continued, “I was so eager and excited earlier. I was even enjoying messing with you and teasing… Now I’m just feeling so nervous since… well, the consummation, is the next step.”

Gideon was feeling almost the same thing, but working to calm and relax his bride helped him calm himself too. Still speaking softly, he addressed her fears. “Hey, I’m feeling the same things too. I think–I know–this is a normal feeling to have when such a big step is in front of you. Just remember that this is what God wants for us. Remember all the crazy things, the one-in-a-million chances that God defied to bring us together? It’s his plan for us, Annabelle.” Still staring at the floor, she took a deep breath and said with a little more confidence, “Yeah, you’re right.” Gideon kissed her hair lightly and asked, “Do you want to pray about it?” Sitting up a bit straighter, Annabelle replied, “Yes, yes that would be good.”

Still sitting on the edge of the bed, Gideon put his hand over Annabelle’s, which was resting on her lap. He felt the ring he had placed on her finger mere hours before, bringing a smile to his face and his heart. He closed his eyes and began to pray. “Dear God, I want to thank you for the amazing journey you have brought us both on to bring us together and finally join us in marriage. Thank you so much for this beautiful, radiant gift you have given to me today, and thank you for allowing me to be with her. In a lifetime, I could not find the words to describe how grateful I am that you have brought this amazing creature into my life. She is everything I dreamed of, everything I wished for, and I pray that you help me to be the same for her.”

Gideon kept his eyes closed, but could feel Annabelle shift right up next to him. He continued his prayer: “God, we thank you for the awesome gift of sexuality, and the ability to experience joy and intimacy and passion together. We know you created us with a sense of caution to keep us out of sinful or dangerous territory. But now that we are husband and wife, we ask that you please remove these barriers and inhibitions. We pray that you would guide our way as we become fully joined as one, and we pray that you would help us to honor you for years to come in every aspect of our marriage. Please help me to be patient and to be a selfless servant to my wife, and to show her how much I love her by bringing her as much joy and pleasure as humanly possible. Thank you again for the innumerable blessings you have given us. In Jesus’ name, we pray, Amen.”

Breathing in deeply and opening his eyes, Gideon was met with a heartfelt kiss from Annabelle. He kissed her back, caressing her face and stroking her hair. Breaking the kiss, Gideon smiled and asked, “Feeling a little better?” Annabelle nodded and smiled back while looking down briefly to brush away a single tear. Gideon felt his own emotions well up as he recognized the profound vulnerability of their relationship. This non-sexual intimacy and closeness was one of the things he had desired most in a relationship for many years. Maybe it wasn’t highest on the list of priorities for most guys, but he didn’t care because it was one of the most amazing feelings he could remember having.

Inhaling and exhaling deeply once more, he wrapped his arm around Annabelle and asked, “You doing okay? What are you thinking?” Clearly calmer than before, she replied, “Feeling better, I’m still hesitant though.” Gideon asked again, “Do you still want to go for it tonight?” She said, “Yes, I still want to try.” Gideon spoke up again: “Well, might I make a suggestion?” Annabelle looked at him expectantly and nodded. “We don’t have to move right to the main event. How about we freshen up and shower together first? That way we can get used to being, well, without any clothes together. ” Annabelle looked off to the side, then after a short moment she looked back and said “Sure, that sounds okay.” Gideon smiled, leaned in and gave her another kiss. Pulling back only an inch, he stared into her eyes at point blank and whispered, “I love you, Annabelle.” Pressing her forehead against his, she whispered back, “I love you too.” She gave him another quick kiss, then stood up to head towards the master bathroom adjacent to the bedroom.

She took two white robes from a nearby hanger, brought one to Gideon and took hers back into the bathroom with her. Just before she closed the door, Gideon called after her, “Be with you in a minute, my beautiful queen.” His gift from God turned and looked back at him through the six-inch gap, smiled and slowly closed the door.


Chapter 4: Skin to Skin


Once his bride had disappeared behind the door, Gideon wasted no time stripping down to his boxers and throwing the robe on over them. To mitigate any mess they might make on the bed later, he laid out several soft towels. They would be comfortable to lay on, but would also keep everything off the sheets so they could sleep comfortably and not have to change them. Then he laid down on the bed to wait a couple of minutes in case Annabelle wanted a bit more time. Gideon spent the time breathing deeply, trying to keep his cool and thanking God again for granting him one of his greatest desires. When he was reasonably sure enough time had elapsed, he made his way to the door. He rolled his shoulders and stretched out his neck first, feeling some apprehension. Taking another deep breath, he knocked quietly two times and asked, “Hey, can I come in?” With little delay, the voice he adored so much sounded from the other side: “Yep, I’m ready.”

Gideon turned the handle and stepped inside. Annabelle was standing next to the double vanity in her white robe. He could see her shorts and shirt folded neatly just underneath the single large mirror that spanned the length of the counter. He immediately noticed that the lingerie he had seen her in earlier was not with the other clothes. Gideon concluded she must be still wearing it under her robe; a thought which somehow turned him on even more than the thought of her being naked underneath.

They both looked at each other for a moment, then breaking the silence, Gideon asked, “What do you say we freshen up, brush our teeth and all that?” He dropped his voice into seductive tone and moved right up to Annabelle. “Might be a good idea since I’m expecting a whole lot of kissing tonight.” She agreed with a smile, and they did just that, checking each other out in the large mirror the whole time.

When they had finished, Annabelle came out of her shell a bit and said jokingly, “Come here and let me see if you did a good job brushing.” With that, she pressed her body against his and kissed him deeply, beginning to put some tongue action into it, indicating her increasing passion. Gideon felt no pressure to move on. He was happy to be right there in the middle of their longest, most passionate and heartfelt kiss yet. However, after a minute they both needed to catch a breath, so they broke the kiss for a moment. Gideon took the opportunity to ask, “You want to get started here?” Annabelle still felt some slight apprehension, but smiled and responded, “Yeah, I think I’m ready.”

To take the pressure off of her, Gideon volunteered and grasped the edges of his robe. “Do you want me to go first?” he asked. “Sure,” she replied, backing up a couple of steps to take in the whole view. Now it was Gideon’s turn to be nervous. He was about to be in his underwear, and then totally nude, in front of another human being, and a woman nonetheless! He quickly reminded himself what he had just told Annabelle a few minutes before. We’re married now. She’s my wife, I’m her husband, and this is God’s plan for husbands and wives. Instead of just going for it and tearing the robe off in one go, his goofy jester side took over and turned it into a sort of exaggerated striptease dance. That is if you could call his uncoordinated, jerky movements a “dance.” He knew he looked stupid, and that was part of the idea. He might as well make it fun rather than tense and nerve-wracking.

Beginning his slow movements, Gideon opened the top of his robe, almost down to his boxers, then turned his back to Annabelle and dropped it off his shoulders and down his back to rest on the top of his rear end. Annabelle giggled at his blatantly exaggerated movements. Encouraged by her response, Gideon hammed it up even more. He looked over his shoulder at her, put a finger in his mouth, then began to trace down his side to his waistline. Then he turned to the side, knelt and traced up his leg, pulling his robe up until it barely hid his boxers. Both of the newlyweds were a strange combination of turned on and amused. Gideon only had so many moves to offer, even jokingly, and he soon had his robe removed. He now stood with only his boxers between his total nudity and his wife. He slowly turned to face her, revealing his bulge. It was pronounced and showed part of the outline of his manhood, but so far was only at a fraction of it’s potential. Annabelle’s laughter had gradually faded into aroused, heavy breathing, which was clearly audible in the quiet house as she eyed his bulge, with just one layer covering it.

Now feeling overdressed, Annabelle pushed past her diminishing apprehension and began a similar striptease, albeit with considerably more coordination. She started like he did, opening the front of her robe down to her waist, teasing her cleavage framed by the black bra for just a moment before turning her back. From there she moved faster than Gideon had, discarding her robe in just a few seconds.

Still facing away from him, Annabelle put a hand on the top of her cheek, looked over her shoulder seductively and asked, “Is this what you saw earlier?” Not needing to directly answer, Gideon replied, “You’re making it look even sexier now.” Beginning to turn, she asked, “How about something new?” Now facing Gideon again, Annabelle displayed her breasts to him. For a few seconds, he simply stared, taking in the delicious view. Breaking out of his trance, Gideon told her, “They’re gorgeous. You’re gorgeous.” She smiled, saying “Mm, thank you.” Annabelle stepped right up next to him and kissed him again, pressing her breasts up against his chest to let him feel them. Feeling the bulge in Gideon’s boxers grow stiffer, she moaned lightly into his mouth, making it stiffen even more.

Pulling out of the kiss, Gideon looked her in the eyes and said genuinely, “Thank you so much for giving me this gift, for giving yourself to me.” Annabelle smiled and said, “You’re welcome, baby.” Moving things forward, Gideon switched back to a tone full of innuendo and asked, “Now, do you mind if I finish unwrapping my gift?” Annabelle held her arms out to the side with her hands open, giving full access to her breasts and saying, “Please do. I’m ready when you are.”

A wave of energy sprinted through Gideon. In a few short moments, he would be seeing his wife, his lover, his queen, totally nude, and see her in her most physically vulnerable state. The profound realization, mixed with arousal, was a feeling unlike any other.

Setting himself to the task, Gideon first ensured his wife’s enjoyment of the process. He kissed her heavily on the lips, then down her neck and throat before arriving at her breasts. There he continued kissing, using only his mouth as his hands reached behind her to stroke the smooth skin of her back and pull her close. Having his face in contact with her plump, perfectly formed breasts was an immense source of arousal. Breaking contact with her skin for just a moment, he looked up at Annabelle and said, “You would not believe how sexy you feel right now.” She hummed her approval and continued enjoying the new sensations.

After kissing and lightly using his tongue to tease the parts of her breasts peeking from the top of the bra, he began to remove one of the cups to gain more access. Continuing to push deeper into new territory, Gideon beheld her fully bare breast for the first time. He hadn’t known what to expect, so he had avoided fantasizing too deeply about what her breasts might look like in the years and months leading up to their marriage. But now that he could actually see for himself, he knew they were perfect for him. He looked Annabelle in the eyes again and said softly, “You just keep getting more and more beautiful.” As he finished speaking, he began tracing her areola with a feather-light touch, causing her to shiver slightly and moan, “Oh-h-h.” Knowing she was having as much fun as he was, Gideon gradually tightened the circle he was tracing, drawing closer to her nipple. When he first made contact with it, Annabelle gasped slightly and shivered again, another wave of pleasure streaking through her.

Gideon stimulated her nipple for a minute with his finger, occasionally circling her areola or her entire breast. While still drawing invisible, pleasure-inducing shapes on her breast, he asked, “Do you mind if I use my mouth?” Annabelle took a few labored breaths before she managed to get out, “S-sure.” Looking up at her, Gideon saw that her eyes were closed and her head tilted back. She couldn’t see what was coming, and Gideon decided it would be fun to push things along a little faster. Abandoning his excruciatingly slow, methodical approach, he dove right in on her nipple and began licking and sucking to his heart’s content. Annabelle gasped with both surprise and intense pleasure, moaning, “Oh, oh! Oh my gosh.” Her breasts moved slightly as breathed rapidly, only adding to the stimulation. Gideon was happy knowing that he had the opportunity to bring his wife such pleasure, and he himself moaned with satisfaction, adding a new layer of sensation for Annabelle.

Although she was clearly enjoying his work, Gideon gradually slowed down. There was lots more to get to this evening. When he finally pulled away, Annabelle sighed heavily, opened her eyes and attacked Gideon’s mouth with her own, kissing him briefly, but with incredible passion. She told him, “That was amazing… I… I don’t know what else to say.” Absolutely beaming at his success, Gideon told her, “You don’t need to say anything yet, we’ve still got more to get to.” Realizing that her bra was still partly attached and covering her other breast, Annabelle rapidly finished stripping her upper body and kissed Gideon again, pressing their bare upper bodies together. Then she pulled back and put her hand under her other breast, lifting it up and saying with a fake disappointed tone, “We can’t leave this one out of the fun, can we?” Gideon played along, rolled his eyes and answered, “Oh, fine, if you insist.” He proceeded to give her other breast a similar, though abbreviated treatment, which Annabelle clearly enjoyed just as much.

At this point, Gideon was eager to keep things moving along. His patience was holding for now, but the beast in the boxers was growing uncomfortable in its restrictive cage. He wanted all of his focus to be on Annabelle and to continue introducing her to all the new, delicious sensations. So without waiting, he quickly yet smoothly pulled his boxers off and set them on the counter. Before she could take in what was happening, Annabelle had her first glimpse of her husband’s penis, apparently well on it’s way to a full erection. Below the shaft hung his balls, both clearly visible in their sack. These highlights were surrounded by neatly trimmed pubic hair, short enough to stay out of the way, yet just long enough to not be prickly. But before she could react to this scrumptious new sight, Gideon knelt down in front of her, placed his hands on the edges of her panties and asked, “Can I take these off now?” Still eyeing his newly-revealed package, she quickly nodded her approval, eager to give him a view of her corresponding anatomy.

Annabelle saw his manhood, now fully erect, begin to rise towards her as Gideon stood up to start all the way at the top with another kiss. As their mouths danced, expressing their love for each other, Annabelle felt the tip of Gideon’s shaft tickling her her thighs. She squealed slightly as she felt it brush over the outside of her black, semi-sheer panties. Gideon chuckled, knowing she was enjoying their flirting and foreplay as much, if not more than he was. He planned to drag this out for a while, getting her as hot and bothered as possible. They had plenty of time that night, and he was determined to use every hour to bring continual pleasure to the woman he loved.

Now beginning the next round, Gideon relocated his kisses to her cheek, moved slowly down her neck, and between her breasts. Kneeling in front of Annabelle, he continued kissing over her stomach. With his face mere inches in front of her panties, he lightly touched her through the thin layer. Gideon immediately felt that the semi-sheer underwear was noticeably damp, making his manhood twitch as another wave of arousal poured over him. He gently and slowly brushed across the fabric, feeling her through it. Annabelle could feel him too, and it was made clear in her whimpers of pleasure as she enjoyed the sensations. Her lips were aroused and engorged with blood, making their outline clear under the thin underwear.

Going the whole way now, Gideon hooked his fingers into the sides of her panties and ever so slowly pulled them down while kissing her just below the belly button. At last, he pulled back to observe Annabelle’s most secret place unobscured for the first time. Her pubic hair was trimmed similar to his, close enough to allow unrestricted access, yet just long enough to avoid being sharp. Gideon had never quite understood the sentiment of calling a woman’s vagina her “sacred garden” or other special names. But as he beheld his bride’s luscious lower lips for the first time, he saw how their beauty could be regarded with a certain reverence. They glistened with her natural lubricant, confirming that Annabelle’s nervousness had been replaced by sheer excitement.

Gideon briefly explored his new treasure with his eyes, then looked back up at her face. Running a hand down her leg, he said softly and simply, “You’re beautiful.” Annabelle felt so much love and vulnerability in that moment, and she blushed slightly, red rushing across her cheeks as her husband knelt in front of the most special part of her anatomy. Gideon ran a finger along the inside of her lips from bottom to top, ending with a quick brush of her clitoris that made her inhale sharply. “You okay?” Gideon asked just to be sure. “I’m good, very good,” she breathed in return. Almost rhetorically, he asked, “Do you want to start the shower now?” Not wanting to stop just yet, Annabelle said, “Um… No, I’m okay sticking with this for another minute.”

Gladly setting back to work, Gideon continued gently exploring and massaging all around her glistening lips, and even an inch or so inside. He made sure to return to her clit several times, and Annabelle gave the same gasp of pleasure every time. All the while, Gideon massaged her nicely rounded rear end with his spare hand. Gradually slowing down, he planted one last kiss on her mound, just above her clit.

Annabelle pressed her entire body into him, pushing his shaft up between their bellies and mashing her breasts into his chest. “Thank you, baby,” she whispered, wrapping her arms around her husband. “That felt amazing.” And for a few peaceful moments, they stood with the soft rug between their toes, skin to skin, mouth to mouth, chest to chest, arms encircling around each other, at last with nothing in the world between them.


Part 2 now available here!


Thank you for reading! I know I tend to write in a very long fashion with lots of details, so I would appreciate any feedback on how I could improve my writing. Any suggestions are very much welcome!

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7 replies
  1. Chesed says:

    PatientPassion, don't change a word! Although our wedding was 23 years ago, I remember it like yesterday. You describe the nervousness, excitement, uncertainty, arousal, newness and just plain "rightness" perfectly. Cant wait for the further chapters.

  2. Juicy says:

    Worth every word! It is such a beautiful fantasy and I hope that something like that will come true for you. I know that a fantasy like that is one that I would like to experience. I can't wait for the other parts to be published.

  3. ET says:

    Beautifully written with well described emotions and feelings. One would think you were an accomplished author. A detailed description of one great gift of God that has been ignored for generations.

  4. Adam Rose says:

    This is amazing. Well written. Well paced. And very well executed overall.
    I have my own wedding day fantasy that I've been on the fence about weather or not i should be writhing.
    You have inspired me to overcome my shyness.

  5. PatientPassion says:

    Thank you all for the positive feedback! I'm glad it was enjoyable. The next parts are each scheduled about a week apart, so the next one will be coming very soon! I actually have a couple more series planned that outline some of my other dreams for married life.

    Adam, I would definitely encourage you to write your own story if you get the chance! I think describing your dreams in detail is useful in so many ways, which is part of the reason I wrote this series! I wanted to see my dreams in higher definition so that I could understand them better myself, and so that I can communicate them to my future wife more effectively when that time comes. It's probably good for everyone to do!

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