Office Surprise

I have always been the adventurous one in the bedroom. Carrie has been very accommodating of my sexual desires, but has always had her limits. One idea that I have been tossing around for quite some time was to take pictures of our bedroom activities. She has always turned me down when I have suggested this and I have always respected her decision.

Then just yesterday, I got the surprise of my life. I was at work trying to get through another mundane 8 hours and get back home. I had been extremely horny that morning but Carrie was not in the mood to be awakened for sex so I grudgingly had dressed and headed to work. Well, as I was working on a yearend evaluation report, one of my least favorite things, I heard my E-mail alert notifying me of a new message. Seizing any opportunity to take a break from what I was doing, I clicked into my mailbox to see what was there. It was a message from Carrie and the subject line said “FOR YOUR EYES ONLY”.

This was very intriguing to me, so I made sure nobody was around, and opened the message. The message simply said “be sure you are alone and won’t be disturbed for at least 10 minutes”. Well this was now getting extremely interesting. I got up and quietly closed and locked my office door. I called the receptionist and told her I would be in an internet conference and was not to be disturbed until further notice. Then I sat back in my chair in front of my monitor and got ready for the ride.

The attachment was a video file. I opened it and waited for it to download. It seemed like it was taking an eternity to load, but in actual fact it was only about 2 minutes. When it had finally finished, the opening shot was of our bed and nothing more. I excitedly clicked the play button and was not disappointed.

I saw Carrie crawling onto the bed in nothing but an old nightshirt of mine and some very sexy underwear. When on the bed, she looked directly into the camera and began to slide her hands up and down over her body. Slowly and deliberately she began to concentrate her movements to her breast area and every so often I got the briefest glimpse of a nipple as her top would slip down a little too far. Next, button by button she opened her top being very careful not to fully expose herself just yet.

I felt a growing tightness in my pants and decided that it was too uncomfortable so I eased the restriction by undoing my belt and unzipping my pants. I slid my hand inside my pants and eased out my ever hardening cock. Then I concentrated back on the show.

Now she was turned around with her back to the camera. She still had the shirt on and had not allowed full disclosure of her beautiful breasts. Her hands slid down her sides and lifted the shirt tail just enough to expose her perfect lace covered ass. I saw her thumbs hook the sides of her panties and slowly begin pulling them down. Now things were going to get interesting. Slowly and seductively, she pulled her underwear off, but as it came off, she allowed her shirt to fall back into place so I still didn’t get a good look.

Now with her sexy lace panties in her hand, and my now fully rock hard penis in mine, she turned back to the camera and looked straight into my soul. Slowly swaying back and forth she began to pull back her shirt. She slid it down off her shoulders and nearly let it fall, but she caught it before it exposed her breasts again. I was beginning to get impatient with the tease, but I’m sure she knew that.

Finally, she slid the shirt down and gave me what I was waiting for. Her beautiful, firm, perfectly sized tits fully exposed just for me. I also noticed that she had fully shaved her pubic area, another thing I had been wanting but so far had not been granted. The site of her naked and unashamed is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

She then took out her bottle of massage oil and began caressing her entire body with it. I could she the shimmer of it on her breasts and watched as it ran down over her belly and between her legs. I watched as her hand began to slip between her legs as she caressed and then I could she her fingers spreading her lips and dipping into her vaginal opening.

I was now slowly stroking my cock, but trying not to go too fast as I wanted to see the rest of the show. Carrie lay back on the pillows on the bed and spread her legs for the camera. Her fingers were skillfully massaging her pussy lips and her engorged clitoris. I saw her reaching for something and then I saw her pull out her “pleasure chest”. She opened it and pulled out her 2 favorite toys. One was a very simple vibrator and the other a quite large dildo. She applied a generous amount of lube to the dildo and slowly began working it up and down the slit between her lips. Slowly, just an inch at a time, I saw the dildo disappear into her now sopping wet vagina. Once she was fully penetrated, she pulled it out and back in several times and I could see the expression of pure pleasure on her face.

I then saw her turn on her vibrator and begin to pleasure her clitoris with the tip of it. I knew from experience that she would be in full multiple orgasm very quickly now, so I began to stroke my penis more decisively so I could cum at the same time.

She was now stroking the dildo fully in and out and getting more forceful with every penetration. She pressed her vibrator harder against her clit and her eyes closed and could see her breasts heaving with every breath. Faster and faster she stroked and I stroked in time with her. I saw her hips arch as she pressed into the dildo with everything she had and I knew this was the climax she had been working for.

At that moment I also reached my climax and I’m sure I let out some groans that were louder than was appropriate for my location. I saw wave after wave of orgasm surge through Carrie’s body and I saw the dildo disappear into her vagina with every wave.

Then, she was done. I saw her fall back on the bed and slowly pull the dildo out of her spent vagina. She looked into my eyes and smiled a wicked little smile, then got up and shut off the camera. I looked at the mess I had become and cleaned up as best I could with the limited supplies at hand. I sneaked off to the bathroom to more adequately put myself back together and returned to my office to try to get some work done. Surprisingly, or maybe not, I had a lot more ambition and I got a ton of work done for the rest of the day.

I was running through what had happened all the way home, and what happened after I arrived home was something else. But I will make that another story.

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