Welcome Home, Pastor

I was ordered on all fours. With her right hand she slapped my ass and with her left hand she stroked my cock. Never before had I felt so violated and yet so full of pleasure.

I had just returned home from a week-long trip. Dressed as a chauffeur named Hilda, my wife picked me up from the airport with strict orders that I was to do everything she said. Failure to do so would result in discipline. The sound of being disciplined actually made me want to disobey to experience the consequences.

Arriving home, I was ordered to shower and then return to the bed. At that point, I was ordered to get on the bed, positioned on all four steps while Hilda “the Chauffeur” positioned herself behind me. With oil, she began to rub my backside and worked her way delicately and then forcefully into my playhole. At that point, with unexpected delight, she raised her right hand and slapped my ass with a firm, but loving stroke. In all our years of marriage, she had never struck me. But this was a slap that sent shivers through my body and pleasure filled my cock which was ready to explode. The slap was, of course, consensual and I had welcomed it through text messages the week before. But since it was so out of character, I was left stunned and breathing with deeper amounts of pleasure. She was dominant tonight. I was submissive, and gladly so.

The pleasure would continue and so would the dominant slaps on my ass. 5 more times during our 2 hour lovemaking she would discipline me for not strictly following her orders. And every time was a delight to my body. Finally, after she “forced” me to give her an orgasm, Hilda climbed on top of me as my cock slowly rubbed against the backside of her body. She exclaimed, “Oh, your penis is going into my ass!”  Another first for us!  And with that I exploded a cum shot all over Hilda’s backside, dripping pastoral fluid between my legs, and making me feel the fulfillment of her dominant desires. It was a night worth remembering. A true welcome home, from the worlds most dominant and sensual pastors wife.

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