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Welcome Home, Pastor

I was ordered on all fours. With her right hand she slapped my ass and with her left hand she stroked my cock. Never before had I felt so violated and yet so full of pleasure. I had just returned home from a week-long trip. Dressed as a chauffeur named Hilda, my wife picked me […]

Pastoral Cum Shot

The hot shower drizzled on my back. My right hand stroked my cock. Seven ropes of cum shot out as I caught the white pastoral fluid with my left hand. And I licked it up, imagining myself with my hot wife. Here is the back story. Truth be told, I don’t enjoy masturbating, but I […]

Needy Pastor’s Wife Explores

My wife is an amazing pastors wife. Godly, yes, but also with a sexually active pussy that longs for attention. Our sex has grown increasingly over the years and has thrived even more since my wife started pleasing herself. She never did as a young girl, and never did for years of marriage, but in time […]

Pre-Wedding Pastoral Pleasure

The wedding was to start in 45 minutes. I was officiating. And yet here I was, dragged in a private room with a woman bent over in front of me, suit pants around my ankles, plunging her pussy from behind with a pre-wedding orgasmic celebration. As a pastor, I’ve had the pleasure of officiating about […]

Pastor Gets a Lap Dance

The evening ended with the pastor sitting in a kitchen chair while Amazing Sonja seductively teased him with a belly dance, straddled him, riding his cock, and in one last flick of her hips drew out his cum at the final note of the song. But, I digress. I won’t bore you with a lot […]

Bored Pastors Wife

It was a hot, humid Sunday afternoon. The kids were dispersed at camps and grandma’s house. Her husband was away at a boring elders meeting. And she was alone at home with an insatiable desire throbbing in her pussy. Taking off her clothes she lay naked in the bed, closed her eyes, and began to […]

A Christmas Seduction

It was Christmas time, and my husband and I rented a large house to accommodate not only our family but my parents, sisters, their husbands, and their kids for this week-long celebration. My husband is an introvert and more of a quiet person so this environment was difficult for him. For me, it was super fun, […]

Pastoral Blow Job

My fingers ravished my wife’s pussy as her head bobbed up and down my cock until I exploded a cum shot into her mouth. She gave her pastor the best blow job I’ve ever had. Let me back up a bit. My wife and I recently took a trip to Colorado, leaving the stress of […]