Pastoral Cum Shot

The hot shower drizzled on my back. My right hand stroked my cock. Seven ropes of cum shot out as I caught the white pastoral fluid with my left hand. And I licked it up, imagining myself with my hot wife.

Here is the back story. Truth be told, I don’t enjoy masturbating, but I love it when my wife does. Something about those tender female fingers touching her rosy pussy drives me crazy. But on this day, an exception would be made as my wife encouraged me to pursue my pleasure.

We had been separated 5 days. I was on a road trip in the mountains as she stayed home with the kids. During those days, she stroked her pussy, explored her pleasure, texted me things she would like to do to me, and had multiple orgasms. I was heated with pleasure by my wife and overflowing with passion. So she texted me that it was her desire that I  pleasure myself.

Returning from the mountains I retreated to the shower. I was physically exhausted but sexually charged from 5 days of flirtatious chats with my wife. For 5 days my mind had been wild with imagination about her pussy, but with no release. The thought of her having several orgasms over the last few days, rubbing her pussy, playing with her play hole, and reaching climax drove me crazy. That day in the shower I engaged with her in sexual fantasy although she was not present.

Sitting on the floor of the tub, with hot water drizzling over me, I took a bar of soap and shampoo and lathered up my hands so they could slide across my manhood. Taking my erection in hand I began to caress it back and forth. My mind was thinking of my wife – going down on me and giving me a blowjob. I love how she takes my cock in her mouth, licking the spot under the tip which drives me wild.

After a minute of stroking, I lathered up my left hand with lots of soap. With the right hand still stroking, my left hand reached around my leg to my back hole. At this point I was leaning way back, legs spread open the way she opens for me, and getting sprayed with water all around. With my index finger, I began to run my hole with a decent amount of satisfaction. I was imagining her sucking my cock and at the same time with her hands beneath me rubbing me with deep pleasure. And then “she” took her ring finger and inserted it in my play hole…just a little bit….until I opened up – and then all the way in. She fingered me, like a dominant taking advantage of her submissive. She stroked me and penetrated me simultaneously causing me to gasp with pleasure.

With the climax coming, my imagination took over and I did something I’ve never done. Standing to my feet “she” stroked me with her hand as I blasted a HUGE amount of cum…a build up of 5 days of excitement. But…I caught all of my pastoral fluid in my left hand! Squirt after squirt. About 7 ejaculations filled my hand with white cum. I have never held my cum in my hand. This is the fluid which she longs for. The fluid which impregnated her. The fluid which she has tasted with her mouth and swallowed. And as I stood in the shower, I thought of her and I sharing my fluids together. Lifting my hand I licked my cum, imagining I had filled her pussy with a load, then went down to lick it out of her, and then returned to her mouth to exchange the fluids in a passionate French kiss.

A tribute to my wife, who drives this pastor mad with sexual passion.

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7 replies
  1. Tulsa says:

    I've never done that before! hadn't thought about it either.
    Out of and off my wife's pussy, off her nipples and tits and other places…..a kiss after a BJ, but not my own hand. Interesting though, since she often with slip a couple fingers in herself and lick them, or slip them into my mouth for me to taste, or sometimes wiping her girl cum on her nipples for me, and her to lick off.

  2. texasman76 says:

    Man, I thought I was the only one that fantasized about my wife like this. My cock is super hard after reading this since I can relate so well to the story. Conner, I agree with you on it increasing virility,

  3. hornyGG says:

    Very hot story Pastor &wife! My husband Ben sometimes likes to taste his own cum. Sometimes after he has cum in my mouth, I will save a little and feed him some with a kiss. He also enjoys watching me masturbate and often joins me. I find it so hot to watch him jack off as well. God bless and stay horny always!

  4. texasman76 says:

    Dean316, eating your cum is not gay/homosexual at all anymore than masturbating is. It's a part of loving and appreciating yourself and your masculinity. God designed us as sexual beings to enjoy ourselves and our spouse's bodies without shame. Now, if you desired to taste someone else's cum that is a totally different story. That would be homosexual and inappropriate.

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