Bending Over in the Bathroom!

How great is it to enjoy sexual freedom, express ourselves and just act instinctively with one’s spouse, no holding back, no worry and no fear – just to be able to be yourself? It certainly was not the case with us, only after going through our wonderful journey of marriage have we got to a place where this now actually holds true for us. Working together on our sex life, sexual needs and sexual differences, never giving up through the good and the bad times, and now, after more than 20 years of marriage, it is truly better, more fulfilling and more enjoyable than ever before! It was not easy, definitely hard work from both parties to get here, but so so worth it. Something happened last week, and I will explain what I mean if you will allow me, this is certainly not something that would have transpired 5 or more years ago.

I was off for the day and my sexy hot wife was getting ready for work, she was puttering around the house, doing odds-and-ends, but with just a short t-shirt on, no bra. I was watching her closely, she’s such a pretty lady, her full hips and butt were exposed and her big breasts were hanging freely as she moved around, I could see her perky nipples coming through. Sometimes she would bend down to pick stuff up, which gave me an awesome view of her beautiful pussy and pussy lips. She didn’t really notice or pay any attention to me, but I could feel my cock growing in the constraints of my underwear. I stepped over and in passing gave her a hug, using the opportunity to grope her naked ass and fondle her heavy hanging breasts, telling her how much I love and desire her.

We both moved into the bedroom as she continued doing her thing, except that she then slipped on some underwear, a black lace thong. I love her ass in a thong, it always looks super hot. She took the t-shirt off and I couldn’t help staring at her big beautiful voluptuous tits as they moved and bounced around, I wanted to squeeze them together and slide my cock in between those lovely soft white mountains. We spent a while talking about the day as she was looking for a shirt and shoes to wear. I think she knew I couldn’t keep my eyes off those big tits, so she took a while longer before putting a bra on. By now I was getting horny and my cock was getting harder. She was really teasing me, we ended up in the bathroom while she was brushing her teeth,  my cock started throbbing and my balls needed a release.

After lusting after her some more I couldn’t take it anymore, I was crazy with lust. Without thinking, I sat down on the edge of the bath, pulled my big stiff cock out, clenched it in my hand and started jacking off. I said, “Sorry baby, I know you don’t have time now, but I have to do this.” My cock quickly got super hard and my purple cockhead was swollen and dripping with sperm. I started pumping hard and fast when she suddenly stopped me, “Why don’t you stick it in my pussy quickly,” she suggested.

She bent over the wash basin and dropped the black thong to her ankles, offering her hot ass and pussy to me to take from behind. Needless to say, I was up and ready with my hard inflated cock in my hand, enjoying the best view in the world! I steered my thick manhood in between her soft butt cheeks and into her tight, slick, pink hole. Her pussy was hot and warm, and I was surprised to feel how wet she was, from the first long stroke I felt her juicy pussy make those all familiar sounds of my length driving in-and-out of her.

I grabbed her hips tightly as I looked down on her hourglass figure, burying my cock down to the hilt, driving into her as fast and hard as I could. I noticed her looking back at me in the mirror, she sure was satisfying and serving her horny husband like only she could. It was short and intense and in no time a powerful orgasm rocked my balls and cock.

I didn’t want to send my wife to work with a dripping pussy, so I pulled back at the last second and stroked my cock, splashing my hot seed all over her ass and back! She noticed the expression of pure erotic enjoyment, relief, and release on my face, she waited patiently for me to clean up the huge amount of cum that was spread all over her. I pulled my glistening wet cock out of her tight pussy and gave her a thankful slap on the butt, a wonderful gesture from my loving wife that means soooo much, what can I say……. praise the Lord for blessing me with this hot and sexy wife that makes my cock hard like no other!

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27 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Praise the Lord indeed! I was so excited about reading another one of your stories 😀 Do you have more? That was so wonderful of your wife to do, fulfilling those lines in Corinthians so beautifully! I love it! And this was a hot, passionate story. Your desire for your wife is beautiful to read about too 🙂 May God bless you two with many more years of great sex!

  2. Ben G. says:

    Amen brother! I know what you mean. Very hot story! Feel the need for release after reading this, as precum is leaking from my stiff erection which I hold in my hand. God bless.

  3. OneCouple says:

    Thank you Mrs Harper, glad the story got you exited, I do have a few more cummimg, and yes I agree, nothing hotter than erotic marriage sex between husband and wife, I too love reading how you and your husband cum together, makes me so horny for my wife ! Thanks for sharing and God bless.

  4. OneCouple says:

    Thanks Ben G., glad you enjoyed and hope you came hard with that stiff cock ! PS – The Ben + Gina stories are my absolute favorites on this site, God bless you both brother !

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    You're welcome and thank you too! I'll be the first to read them. "nothing hotter than erotic marriage sex between husband and wife" couldn't have said it better myself! God bless

  6. Truth says:

    Hmmm, your story has made me super horny and rock solid in my pants, presently finished having lunch in the office cafeteria. Will have to relax a bit before I can get up now or else… more stories plssss

  7. OneCouple says:

    Hi Truth, glad the story got you hard, hoping for some fun and relief for you, thanks for sharing and God bless !

  8. Juicy says:

    It is so exciting to read how the sex life of a couple grows, matures, and travels in different paths. It is a real encouragement to see that displayed for others and a testimony of the different facets of a Christian marriage and how that changes over the seasons of life. It is also wonderful to read your descriptions of your wife and the desire that you have for her.

  9. texasman76 says:

    Very hot story. Got me rock hard and needing a release. How did you clean up your cum that you unloaded on her? Did you lick it up?

  10. Ted says:

    You say this would not have happened 5 or more years ago. Why is that? Could you explain what the difference is between 5 years and today is please? And what transpired to get you where you are now? Thanks.

  11. OneCouple says:

    I'm glad the story got you hard texasman76, hope you got a release ! Just used some dirty laundry to clean up all the cum, have never licked up my own cum, maybe I should try it some time ? Thanks for sharing and God bless you !

  12. OneCouple says:

    Hi Ted, what I meant was that I would never just sit down, take my hard cock out and start masturbating in front of my wife. We've always had a pretty good sex life, but there was tremendous growth over the last few years, this site had a big part in us getting more open and free, more playful and confident. We started masturbating with and for each other, taking photos and sexting. Our sexual relationship matured and evolved as we grew as a couple, we were both prepared to communicate our difirent sexual needs , especially myself, I have a substantially higher drive than my wife, but I now openly masturbate solo or in her presence, she loves watching me stroke myself or to give me a hand ! I hope that explains some of what I was trying to convey ? Thank you for asking, God bless you !

  13. OneCouple says:

    Hi Tarellagirl, I did not, however, I did repay the favor during the next couple of days ! Thanks for asking and God bless.

  14. Lovinghusband says:

    Very hot OneCouple! I like how you said – even though she didn't have time right then to fully enter in for her own orgasm – she still enjoyed your cum splashing on her back and ass. Isn't that a wonderful sight always – our white cum on our wife?!

    I like the variety in your stories, too – with the staple being that they are very hot, too.

    This might sound funny – but I was laughingly imagining your wife in such a hurry – that she was still brushing her teeth as you were fucking her from behind!

    Thanks again. LH

  15. OneCouple says:

    Thank you LH, I absolutely agree, love shooting my cum on her, glad you enjoy the stories, I hope to read some from you as well ! God bless you.

  16. Ted says:

    Hi OneCouple, that did answer my question, and I suspected that was the answer. My wife too has surprised me from time to time with sex offerings when least expected but certainly desired! However, she is not comfortable with either of us masturbating in each other's presence. It's been a dream of mine for over 15 years that she would Jill off for me, but she refuses to try, among other things. But on the very rare occasion she might stimulate her clit while having intercourse if we are in a position where it's hard for me to reach her myself and she is "hot" enough to get into it. Sigh. She and I are a work in progress, lol. 😊

  17. OneCouple says:

    Hang in there Ted, I believe that one should never stop growing, personally as well as in your marriage and sex life. A lot of this stuff only happened for us after 15 years of marriage, there are still so much more that I would like to do and try, at least once anyway ! Never give up, just keep on working, praying and communicating this with your spouse, have you introduced her to this site ? Good luck and may God bless your sex life !

  18. Ted says:

    Thanks for the encouragement OneCouple. Truth be told, while I said my dream was birthed about 15 years ago, we have been married for nearly 25 years.

    She is slowly coming around and even surprised me the other night by saying she was doing research on how to have a G-spot orgasm and was willing to do some practice!😊
    I do want to show her this site, I'm not exactly sure how she will react. While the content I think will be arousing, I believe she will be turned off by some of the stronger language as she finds it offensive in general. So for that reason I am reluctant. I found an informative post on here about language and it's usage and abuse that may be helpful. Sure would be nice if a girlfriend of hers could introduce her to the site. Many times I have found if something sexual is suggested by me, she meets it with a critical eye. But if it's mentioned by someone else, she receives it better. Go figure. 😐

  19. OneCouple says:

    You are more than welcome Ted ! All of our marriages are a work in progress, ironically we've had similar challenges than the ones you're facing. Early on in our marriage I was put off when my wife used the F-word when she became highly aroused, these days I use it all the time (just during lovemaking), and she doesn't, only every now and again. Just goes to show how one's opinion can change once you communicate and educate yourself. Please read a story on MH called "Sexy Language is Not Out of Place" by Mentor Love, it certainly changed my perspective ! Try and find a way for her to read this before she dives into this site, I hope you can make it happen, even if she is initially critical, rather be honest and share with her. Good luck and may God bless you both !

  20. Funny Christian says:

    Great story One Couple. Sometimes you just gotta cum. I know the feeling too well.
    Take Care & god bless.

  21. says:

    Great story One Couple I am really hard thinking about having that experience with my wife. We don’t seem to be having experiences like that right now in our marriage. I am living a little vicarious through others stories.

  22. OneCouple says:

    I'm glad the story made you hard a3stranger, and hope you got a release ! I would like to encourage you to be bold and take a chance to promote this type of experiences with your wife, you could just be pleasantly surprised. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you both !

  23. OneCouple says:

    Glad you enjoyed the story chubbycpl, have to agree with you, cumming in my wife's pussy is still the absolute best, thank you for sharing and God bless you both !

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