Wife’s Fist Sexting Attempt

A new location, new apartment, new jobs! My wife needed a break from us boys.  My wife had been doing a long stint of running reports and working herself silly for her new company. Moving into a small apartment from a spacious house because of relocation months earlier only compounded matters. Having two extremely active boys running around a house drove her to the brink. She needed a break. I could see it. So on Friday after I got off from work, the boys and I packed up and went to visit my mom who lives a few hours away.

Saturday morning.
I was sitting on the old faded brown and black couch in my mom’s living room watching a ”Gun Smoke” marathon with my dad. The kids were doing their usual routine of running around like wild animals. Mom was in the kitchen enjoying the loudness of her grandkids. During a commercial, I decided texted my wife. “Hey, what you doing?” Typically, my wife would not answer text messages for an extended duration, as she almost never has her phone near her. To my amazement, my phone immediately went “ding.”  A response? I looked at the screen. It was short and direct. “Go into the bedroom alone and lock the door.”  Puzzled, concerned and curious, I got up from the couch, casually made my way to the bedroom and quietly locked the door. I texted her back “What’s going on?” Almost a minute passed before I heard the next “ding.” I looked at my screen and it read “Image.” I clicked on the small icon and to my surprise; there was a picture of a Mr. Dildo firmly implanted between two silky smooth brown thighs. This was a first for her. As a husband who travels, I have made multiple attempts at “sexting” with my wife. Moreover, every attempt had been shot down. Partly because she is terrible with taking pictures and at technology and partly because she is usually modest when it comes to things of that nature.  I, however, am not and I immediately text back “Got any more?” It took some time before I heard that familiar “ding.” She replied, “Give me a few minutes.” I could barely contain myself wondering what she was doing. My cock was growing strong and throbbing. It was getting hard to breath. “Ding.” Now a video had arrived. The images were dark and grainy but what I could make out was that she had positioned herself on all fours over her camera phone. She had on an old cut off grey tank top. With one hand supporting her weight, the other hand worked her dildo inside of her. Around 8 seconds had passed and a creamy white juice starting to appear around the outer edges of her thighs. I was anticipating what was happening. Then the camera went black. Damn it, damn it, damn it!!!

She texted back “Did you like the video? I wish I knew how to make you a longer version.” I replied, “Honey, that was amazing. But the image quality was not very good.” She replied, “Hold on baby.” Her next attempt was much better. This time the 10-second video was of her in downward facing dog. That brown firm ass to the camera and once again, Mr. Dildo was deep inside. She moved it in and out and made circular motion all the while. With each thrust, with each retraction, her wet moisture could be heard slurping the dildo back inside of her. That was awesome I thought. I immediately texted her approval and she responded, “Last one coming.”

It was torture. For three grueling minutes, I had to sit on the edge of that damn bed, dick harder than frozen sausage, waiting to see my wife’s surprise. “Ding!” Another video! This time lying on her back, long legs open wide, hairy wet plump pussy exposed. She was fingering herself and you can clearly see the moisture on her fingers and the sounds of her wetness played softly over the phone speakers. On the video, I could hear her say, “One more surprise!” As I was watching the video on loop, my phone rang. It was a Google Hangout video request. I immediately accepted.
“Video’s suck and are too short so let’s see if this works. First, are you in the room alone, and is the door locked?” I said, “Yes.”  She said, “Good, watch this.” She propped up her camera phone at the end of the bed. It gave me a full view of our bed and her long luscious body. She got up on her knees, grabbed the sides of her grey tank top and slowly took it off. She was now completely naked wearing just a smile. She grabbed a nearby pillow and placed it behind her head and laid back. “Care to join me?” she requested. I pulled off my short pants and took off my underwear. I placed my phone camera she could see my manhood. “Oh, that’s what I miss,” she said as she spread opens her long legs, rubbed her clit. She reached over, grabbed her dildo and pushed it deep inside. She let out a slow moan. Her back arched and her eyes closed. I watch as my wife pushed it deeper and deeper inside of her each time moaning with excitement. I could hear the sounds of the dildo slapping against her thighs. For several minutes, we both masturbated. White cream gathered around here swollen lips and with each thrust droplets dripped down silky thighs to the bed sheets. She let out another long moan and her leg straightened out flat against the bed before slowing rising up and shivering. I know my show was over as I came a few seconds later. I was amazed, horny and pissed I had another day before I got home. “Thank you, babe,” I said. “No worries, there’s more waiting for you once you get back home”…

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  1. OneCouple
    OneCouple says:

    I think it's so hot that your wife took the initiative and showed the confidence using the dildo and fingering herself while recording it for you tgrcpl ! Very, very intimate and erotic, something the wife and I could be doing very soon I hope !!!

  2. Sarge
    Sarge says:

    I've often wished that iPhones had been around while I was in the Air Force. My wife and I would talk out sexting, but my old cell phone didn't have any of the features they have now. I loved the story, and I'm happy that your dear wife has been able to open up to you in this way. I find it funny how common oral sex is, and how open most couples are with its, awesomeness! But yet masturbation is a hangup for so many. I hope you both can explore this many countless times. Stay horny my friend.

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton
    Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    I'm glad she finally opened up a little more. And that was hot! I hope you'll tell us what happened next! God bless

  4. Lovingcouple920
    Lovingcouple920 says:

    This was hot! I love sexting with my husband. I have never used Google Hangouts but thank goodness for FaceTime 🙂

  5. tgrcpl
    tgrcpl says:

    Thanks everyone. This is my first time every posting. It was definitely way out of her comfort zone. I had been able to get her to open up a little more and ever so often we have an adventurous (not out normal self) time. I'll make sure my posting is much better.

  6. The Rose
    The Rose says:

    Hot! Hot! Hot! My wife and I just love Jacking and Jilling together. We set up two comfortable chairs in such a way that we can put our our feet on the other's arm-rests and she uses her fingers and toys while I use a lot of coconut oil and my hands and then we have lots of fun. She is Super Multi-orgasmic so I need to use lots of control not to cum qiuckly to allow her MANY orgasms before I allow myself to cum. This is one of the greatest gifts a wife can give her husband…. to masturbate for him to enjoy.

  7. PacMan
    PacMan says:

    Wow. So hot! My wife reluctantly let me film her masturbating last week. That was a first. But we haven't done sexting or skype sex. Both are high on my bucket list.

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks guys and gals. I have a few more stories I'm working on. Hopefully I'll have one posted soon. It's a joy to see my wife pleasure herself. She very very very rarely does. When she does however, whooohoo.

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