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The Noise Notice

Due to our relocation, we moved from a house into a very nice apartment complex. We forgot just how thin the walls are in these things and eventually we got a friendly reminder.  Returning home from a week long business trip, my wife reminded me to call her once I got home and parked. She claimed […]

Adult Spring Break: Punta Cana

Last month as part of our anniversary and birthday milestones, my wife and I decided to spend a few days at an all inclusive adult-only resort in Punta Cana. It was our first trip outside of the US and it was one for the books. I documented the progression of this mild mannered, home-body mom of […]

Adult Spring Break: New Orleans

Let me start first saying my wife is “normally” very reserved. She dresses very conservatively and keeps to herself. What most would call a homebody. I, on the other hand, well, just say that  those same words will be spoken at my funeral. This is what made this trip entertaining, sexy, funny, and romantic. Day […]

Adult Spring Break : Vegas

Prior to the birth of our first child (9 yrs ago),  Wife and I decided to go on our final childless-couple adventure. We took a rather large but surprisingly empty plane for the non-stop four hour long cross-country flight.  As we hit cruising altitude, I leaned my back against the window and settled in. We had […]

Wife’s Fist Sexting Attempt

A new location, new apartment, new jobs! My wife needed a break from us boys.  My wife had been doing a long stint of running reports and working herself silly for her new company. Moving into a small apartment from a spacious house because of relocation months earlier only compounded matters. Having two extremely active […]