Adult Spring Break: Mexico – Part 1

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I like to share my real life experiences. Every year the wife and I go on our kids-free “Adult Spring Break”. This year we went to Cancun, Mexico, for a 5-day stay at a lovely adult-only, all-inclusive resort. We thought it would be fun and entertaining if we shared a few of our favorite moments from this trip.

“Please, remove all your clothes. Including underwear and socks. Your masseuses will arrive in a few minutes.”

My wife and I must have looked like deer in headlights after those words. We’ve never experienced a professional massage so we did not know what to expect. Not being the shy one, I went first. I pulled my tank top over my head then released the tie to my swim trunks.

“Need some help?” Tee offered.

She squatted down in front of me, her face directly in front of my manhood. Her arms reached up and soft fingers tugged my waistband downwards. They fell to the floor around my ankles. My excitement grew, literally and figuratively.

“You next,” I said.

Tee grabbed my waist for support. She extended her tongue. The tip licked my member from the mid-shaft to the tip as she stood up from her squatted position.

She pushed the straps of her sundress over her shoulders. The cream-colored sundress floated gently to the floor around her feet.

“I see someone isn’t wearing any underwear,” I said.

The sight of my wife always excites me, and this time was no different. We stood naked in a strange room in a strange country. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her towards me into a gentle embrace. My hands drifted from her waist and down to her hips. I slid them around her body before dipping down and settling in for handfuls of soft delectable ass.

I squatted down until my mouth could reach her breast. I began tracing the outlines of a nipple with my tongue. I moved my hands from her butt and cupped both her breasts. I suckled on one while my thumb made gentle circular motions over the other. Both nipples became erect.

She placed a hand under my chin. Raising my head to meet her gaze, we began kissing. I instinctively began kissing below her earlobe with firm nibbles. Then I worked my way down the side of her neck to her shoulder. Firm but gentle nips on her sweet spot always drives her wild. This time was no exception. A low moan rolled off her lips. She took a lateral step, opening her legs shoulder width apart. She guided my hand from her breast, down her chest, and over her stomach. Finally, she placed it palm down to her freshly waxed pussy.

My middle and index fingers flexed upwards. Several passes, each with a little more pressure then the last. My fingers were engulfed, taking a slippery slide across her clit. Her warm hand reached down and forcefully grabbed my cock. She stroked my shaft up and down several times with a firm grip before tugging my cock towards her pussy. Raised up on her tiptoes, she tapped my tip against her clit.

“We can’t do this. We have company coming soon!” my breathless wife said reluctantly.

Reality sank back in and we let go of our embrace. Hand-in-hand we walked over to the twin massage tables. I pulled back the thin tan sheets, revealing the brown leather skin of the table. She laid down face-first, arms crossed underneath her head. Her legs were partially open, exposing her pussy to the warm air. Her body still showed signs of excitement.

I couldn’t resist. I placed the palm of my right hand on her left inner thigh. My lips met the back of her neck while my hand slid upwards. I pressed my thumb on her perineum and slid two fingers inside, curling to her g-spot. Her hips lifted off the table, her arms outstretched. My fingers hit her spot several times and a low moan rolled off her lips. Her legs spread wider. Wide enough so that she was straddling the table. Her feet were now hanging off. She buried her face in the table’s leather headrest. A few more taps to her inner walls and then I pulled away. My two fingers were soaked with her juices.

“I’m going to get you back before we leave this place,” she said.

We laid on the table for a few minutes. Then two young female masseuses entered and introduced themselves. “How has your visit been so far?” one said in broken English…If only she knew.

To be continued…

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