A Surprise Visit

Allow me to take you back more than 12 years. We were newly wed. My wife gave me something that she wrote for me before we married but did not share with me at the time. I only received this much later. This was her fantasy ….

I decided to take some of my toys to my office because I am always alone there. There are so many sensual thoughts in my head that my pussy has to have some attention every day. I keep the toys locked up in my bottom drawer.

Today is one of those days again. My work is completed. I have time to think about you and all the things that I am planning to do to you. I was very busy with one of my toys while I pondered this story. My little oyster was nice and wet and so hungry for your hands and mouth….

Here is my fantasy:-

Why should I sit and play with myself if I could get you to be part of the game. I decide to surprise you, so I put some toys in my bag, climb in my car, and head to your apartment.

I use my key to open your door and walk in. I am dressed with high heels and a very sexy little dress. It is a little bit too short to cover everything that it’s supposed to. You, being the gentleman that you are, hug me and kiss me with eagerness. Then you offer me some coffee. As we sit down and you start to enjoy your coffee, I put my plan into action. Without a second thought, I put my mug down, walk over to you, and kneel between your legs. I immediately open you pants and take out the object of my desire. My mouth is watering and I have such a desire to taste you.

You are not ready for this. This is NOT what you expected! Your cock is still soft and this makes me so glad. Now I can have the extra joy of your soft cock in my mouth and the excitement of feeling it growing.

I put my mouth just over the tip. I suck you very gently and use my lips and tongue to push back your foreskin. That opens up the head for me to lick and suck. My excitement grows as I feel you getting harder and you start to fill my mouth. I love this part of foreplay. I think of it as “The Awakening!”

My wetness has increased to the point that I cannot resist any longer. My hand goes under my short skirt. I am not wearing a panty (do I ever?) and this makes me even wetter. My fingers find my slick lips and my middle finger slips into my pussy.

Your cock has grown to full size before you even realize that you are still holding your coffee in your hand. My tongue goes around and around the head of your cock. I find all those little sensitive spots that I know you love.

While I am sucking and kissing you, my other hand finds your balls hanging low inside your pants. I lift them out and they dangle outside your trousers. Now, I can kiss and fondle them. While I’m giving you attention, my other hand is still busy fingering myself. I’m rubbing my clit that is covered with my juices and hypersensitive.

You place your full coffee mug on the table next to you. The next moment I hear the tearing sound as you grab my blouse and start pulling to get it open. My boobs come into the open. You begin to strip while instructing me, “Get naked! Now!”

Our clothes fly in all directions. My blouse is torn and I don’t care. We go down on the carpet. You grab the vibrator that is lying on top inside my bag and press it against my clit. I am on fire!

Next to come out of my bag is the bottle of coconut oil. You pour so much on me that it runs down my body and into my crack. It flows over, lubricating my pucker-hole as well. Waves of pleasure rush through my body. It feels as if I am losing control. You have me on the verge of an orgasm. I start whimpering like a little puppy and cannot stop myself.

And then I start cumming. Waves of pleasure roll over me. Again and again, I peak in another orgasm.

(While writing this for you I have already had a few big ones. I am typing with only one hand.)

Back to my story.

You feel and hear me cumming. I try to hide the fact that I am having so many orgasms, but you know my body so well. You know what is happening in my wet little pussy. I see your excitement and can feel it in the hardness and swelling of your cock.

You pull me onto your lap, facing you. I feel you slipping the vibrator into me from the back while you slide your cock into my pussy. (I am so thankful for the oil that I brought along.) The feeling is incredible. Both holes filled at the same time. I start riding you while you manage the vibrator in my back door. It feels like your cock and the vibrator are touching inside me. I can feel another orgasm rushing into my entire body. I can hear from the grunts coming from the depth of your stomach that you are starting to cum with me. I do not know where to focus. Front or back? The sensations are mind-blowing.

I feel you squirting your warm cum into me. I scream and use words that no lady should use as I join you with my own orgasm. The warmth of your cum starts running down onto our legs and I fall against your chest. The day is still young and I am planning more orgasms for both of us.

I must just tell you that while I am writing this fantasy I am playing with myself and cumming over and over. I have my legs spread as wide as possible and I am dripping wet. My fingers are making small little circles over my clit.

I wish you could see my clit right now. It is so large and engorged and the little hood has pulled back all the way. I am touching the tip and keeping myself on the brink of another Big “O”. I would love for you to come and sit between my legs and eat me.

I think I have lost the plot of my story, because now I just want to play with myself.

In my story we are getting into the shower. You are washing me while I have soaped up your cock. I plan to get another orgasm out of you while cleaning it for you. I cannot tell you about it now, though. I am going to play with my pussy while I imagine what you are going to do while you read this.

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10 replies
  1. PacMan says:

    I LOVE stories that include the sexual energy and tension of the pre-marital days. The anticipation and excitement is palpable. (And it’s got my wanker hard down below.) This is a perfect example for singles out there. God made us sexual beings, so it is not “pure” to repress or deny the existence of those feelings… but there is a proper time and place to live it out. But the time and effort Mrs. Climaxx put into fantasizing and personal exploration were a beautiful investment in her future marriage. I hope this post inspires more singles to share their sexual fantasies and even the ways they are managing their sexual urges. It’s all beautiful, and I’m glad this site welcomes such expressions!

    • ClimaXX says:

      Pacman, You can just think what happened the day I received this 'story' from Mrs Climaxx. Thanks for your response. I think all of us who write for MH love to hear that our stories blessed and excited someone. I must be honest that when I wrote this, I had to translate it to English, because English is our 2nd language. Just re-writing it had me typing with one hand while the other had to take care of business below.

    • ClimaXX says:

      Tx Alicia G.M. Why don't you write something as wild as possible for your spouse. These stories really get our blood pumping.

  2. Faith says:

    Awesome story. It inspires me to write my fantasies down to share with my future wife! Maybe next weekend I'll write some stories of mine and even share them on MH. I love to write about fantasies and would like to share them with my future wife.

    When sexual tension builds up, I just imagine all the things I want to do with my love.
    But sometime I am too lazy to write. And sometimes I get carried away, start pleasuring myself and forget to complete the story! Not always, though.

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