Snore All the More My Sweet

I have always slept in the buff and love it when Denise does as well. Most nights when we are actually trying to sleep there is no skin to skin contact. There may be the occasional spooning with an arm around the body for a few minutes, but that is not how we sleep. Last night after midnight I woke to the sound of Denise snoring like a little puppy.  Often, I will slide my feet over and tap her gently to rollover, but this time I did something else. I slid my hand under the cover and found that she was indeed facing my direction and she was totally nude. I rubbed her muff for a moment thinking she would rollover, but she just continued to snore.

For several moments, I just held my hand there enjoying the warmth.  Then I moved my fingers further exploring the folds of her pussy. I found her clit and gently massaged it. This was an incredible turn-on as Denise is so ticklish that normally I can only touch her clit with the full palm of my hand and only briefly. But now as she lay beside me in deep sleep I could fully enjoy this sweet little bud of joy inducing flesh.

I slowly pulled my hand away and licked my middle finger, I wanted to explore further. Quietly, I slipped my hand back under the cover and continued. I found the entrance of her flower and methodically moved the middle finger through the entrance.  By this time my cock was rock hard and I was having so much fun.

Certainly, if this had been happening to me I would be having one incredible wet dream and I fantasized that Denise was doing the same. All I knew for certain was that she must have been very tired, because she was out like a rock. So, I simply continued my play and her pussy became much easier to explore as her body naturally began to respond to the intrusion by releasing its sweet nectar. This action continued for several minutes and was tremendously erotic.

Finally, Denise stirred and I whispered, “I hope you were having a wet dream.” She responded with a groggy, “Uh.” I told her that I had been feeling her off as she slept and that I have never been so horny in all my life. I pulled the sheets back and entered her ready and waiting pussy. “See how wet you are.”

She willingly accepted the package and we moved in unison together for just a few moments. Then I whispered, “I have no intention of finishing now. Go back to your dreams and tomorrow you will be fully conscious when I take you. Good night dear, I love you!” It is now 9am and I can’t wait till Denise wakes. For now, snore all the more my sweet.

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6 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    That's one cliffhanger! Is there a sequel? If there is, I'll be reading it with anticipation! God bless you two 🙂

  2. Sarge says:

    I rarely slept nude because of my military paranoia about security. Never wanted to run down the street naked after anyone. But the two things I miss the most about my late wife is first, I really miss her hugs. My wife was a grand total of 5' 1" tall, while I'm 6' 1". But that little thing could give the best darn hugs ever. The second one is naked spooning after sex. I so miss the feel of our warm bodies pressed together after a tussle in the sack. It's weird how it's not the sex itself I miss the most, but those two things that I can only now imagine 4 1/2 years later.

  3. Juicy says:

    It is so great to read another submission by you two! I am hoping that you will have a part two.

  4. PassionateForChrist says:

    @Sarge – That was heartwarming! Thanks for sharing about what you miss most about your late wife! Being 5'1" myself, I can only hope that the one, who would go after my heart and get to keep it, would himself cherish in such sweet ways all these precious moments of mutual tenderness and meaningful togetherness. God bless you, Sir!

  5. Sarge says:

    PassionateForChrist. Thanks, and I hope you find that person too. Before my wife passed away, she was having multiple health issues which made intercourse impossible, but we found masturbation to be a wonderful tool. But still I do truly miss the hugs and bare flesh the most. God bless you on your own journey.

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