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Snore All the More My Sweet

I have always slept in the buff and love it when Denise does as well. Most nights when we are actually trying to sleep there is no skin to skin contact. There may be the occasional spooning with an arm around the body for a few minutes, but that is not how we sleep. Last […]

Meeting with Professor Part 2

This is a role play between husband and wife. For context be sure to read part one. “Denise, you are a lovely young woman. You are also my student and you know we can talk about anything in a human sexuality class, but…” “But Professor that is why I am here. In the reading, you […]

Meeting with Professor

Denise played basketball in high school and could always whip me on the court. While she hasn’t played on a team in over 35 years, we do occasionally shoot hoops with the boys and I am always glad to have her on my team. Recently for Valentine’s Day, I surprised her with a skimpy Lakers […]

The Counselor

I was rather uncomfortable as I waited to see the counselor. After all, Lou and I will be celebrating our 30th anniversary the very next day and we both agree that we have a wonderful marriage. But I also knew that Lou had been pleading with me to try and spice things up.  So when […]


I knew after our first date that I would one day marry Denise. We were engaged two months later and married nine months after that.  We moved the wedding up three months due to the raging hormones (mainly mine). Denise wanted to give me the gift of her virgin pussy on our honeymoon. It was […]

What is Hot Sex? Difference of Perspective

We are writing this as a couple seeking the counsel of the collective Christian community. We have been married for 30 years and have four grown sons. We have weathered many non sexual storms in our marriage and have seen the glory of God revealed in all of those tough times.  Perhaps the most difficult […]