Summer Dress

The Lord has blessed me with the most wonderful bride. Truly above and beyond all I ever asked for or dreamed about. She’s intelligent, funny and hardworking. We have fun together and enjoy good conversation. She loves Jesus and is deeply committed to Him. She truly shines bright, and is a wonderful mom to our two little ones. She is a sweet, godly woman.

And…She’s a stunning brunette with a body that makes my bulge grow just thinking about it! She’s a godly woman in the streets, and a freak in the sheets of our marriage bed. For the eyes and cock of her loving husband exclusively! I praise the lord for her, and drink deeply from my well.

We recently took a much needed vacation without the kids, just the two of us. The day we arrived was beautiful. Sun shining and blue skies. While we were checking into the resort I couldn’t help but check her out as she leaned over the counter to sign us in. She was wearing a white summer dress that showed off her gorgeous long legs. She noticed me notice her and gave me a wink. I picked up our things and we headed to our room.

“Why don’t you walk in front of me baby,” I said winking back at her. She smiled and ran her hand along my chest as she walked in front of me, swaying her hips to drive me wild. I adjusted my pants to try and hide my growing member from innocent bystanders and followed her eagerly to the room.

“This is so nice,” she said as we walked through the door. She continued into the suite while I set our luggage down in the entry way. When I stepped into the main part of the room she was falling down backwards onto the bed. “I love it here,” she said smiling up at me. “You know what else I love?”
“What’s that sweet girl?”

“I love the way you look at me,” she said in a suddenly seductive tone. “And the fact that we’re here all alone…no kids to think about,” she sat up leaning her back against the headboard.

“Oh yeah?” I said as I walked up to the foot of the bed. “Are you horny for me baby?” she said as she slowly spread her legs placing her feet on the mattress so that her knees came up to her sides. “You know I am,” I said taking off my shirt and realizing she wasn’t wearing any panties. My dick twitched in my pants and she raised one eyebrow moving her eyes down from my face until they were locked onto my crotch. She lifted her dress up to her waist to give me a better view of her pussy. I wanted to lick her so bad. I leaned forward to do so and she stopped me.

“Easy tiger,” she said in a mischievously seductive tone. “Not yet, I wanna see you stroke it for me, stud. Take off your pants.” I did as she said and kicked my pants to the side standing completely naked before my bride at the foot of the bed.”Jerk it for me” She said as she began to finger her clit. I began to stroke my hard cock and she moaned. Watching me jerk off is one of her biggest turn ons and the look on her face while she watches is one of mine.

“That’s it, baby, jerk it,” she said biting her lip. I hopped up to the bed on my knees in front of her for a closer look as I continued to stroke.

“You wanna lick my pussy don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am, I need it!”

She licked her own juices off of her finger while looking me square in the eyes. “You want to taste me, don’t you?”

”I want to so bad,” I said vigorous stroking. My cock was so hard in my hand as I pumped it for my wife.

“Get it, baby, lick my pussy” she said.

I practically dove down and began to perform on her. She ran both her hands through my hair as I did and let out a loud moan. “That feels so good! Don’t stop!”

I didn’t stop. I feasted on her sweet pussy. I loved the salty tangy taste. The smell and the sound of her moans. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck,” she said rapidly.

“Give me your dick!” “Easy tiger,” I said even though I wanted her pussy as bad as she wanted my dick. I wanted to make her yearn for it, and beg for it. Even if it meant waiting myself.

“How bad do you want it?” I said before continuing on her with my tongue.
“I want it so bad, baby! That feels so good but I need to feel your dick inside me! Please give it to me, please!”

I decided to give us both what we really wanted and quickly thrust inside her. She was so wet, and so warm around my cock. “Mhmmm, that’s it,” she moaned as I started to slide in and out of her. She began to rub her clit while I thrusted. “Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m gonna cum!”

She began to shudder and shake with a powerful orgasm. “Get it baby” I grunted in her ear.
Yessss! Ahhhhh!” she screamed!

I slowed down and she grabbed my head with one hand pulling me in for a kiss. “Thank you, Babe that was so good, I love you.”

“I love you, too, baby.”

“Now, I need you to cum inside me, sweetie,” she said pulling me back deep inside her. “Fill me up.”
It didn’t take long, within 10 thrusts I began to shoot my load deep inside her. “Yes,” she said sweetly as I came. “Give it to me, love.”

All I could do was grunt and moan as I emptied my balls inside my wife. I slowed to a stop, and we shared a passionate kiss with my cock still deep inside her.

She smiled and then giggled and, running her hand along the goose bumps on my arm, said “you’re so sexy baby.”

“You, too, love,” I said as I withdrew.

I plopped down on my back next to her. She turned to me and gave me a peck on the cheek, “This is gonna be a fun weekend,” she said, and gave me another wink ;).

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  1. Old Lover says:

    Sexy story, J. When I read, ‘Watching me jerk off is one of her biggest turn ons and the look on her face while she watches is one of mine,’ it made me horny for my Anne who is at a meeting all day. My Anne loves to watch me jerk off and asks me to do it for her, and she never turns down my request to masturbate for her. Can’t wait for her to get back this afternoon!

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